? Geology: Earth’s Layers ?

     Today in Science, we did an activity to wrap up the Geology Unit. We used Duplo Blocks to model ANYTHING we did in the Geology Unit. I chose to make a model of Earth’s Layers. It was the easiest and the most fun topic we did in class. 

     To start off, I planned out the model in my head. Duplo Blocks are hard, usually rectangular in shape. I had a hard time planning how to model my blocks. I decided to do a semi-circle type of model instead of a circle model because it looked easier. After a lot of thinking and destructing, this is the outcome of my model: 

This is my model of the “Layers of Earth.”

     Now let me explain my model color by color.

  • First off, we have green, which is the crust. Green represents the water and nature on earth’s crust. The earth’s crust is on top of all the layers.
  • Second of all, we have the second layer which are the yellow blocks below the green blocks. The yellow blocks represent the mantle. The mantle is the layer above the inner core and the outer core. I made this layer smaller than the crust (green blocks), because I aimed my model to be a semi-circle shaped model. 
  • Third of all, we have the outer core. The outer core is in the color red. It is below the mantle, and it is above the blue blocks. The outer core is in the color red, because the temperature gets hotter and hotter as we get closer to the core. 
  • Lastly, we have blue, which represents the inner core. The inner core is the hottest layer of all the surfaces because it is the center of Earth, and it is the last layer inside Earth.


SS- Minecraft Project: http://blog.ssis.edu.vn/102480/2016/10/16/ancient-canaan/

PE- Creative Game: In PE, we made a game ourselves! There were types of games and groups were separated according to the type of game.  For example, there was an Invasion team, a target team, a fielding and striking team, etc. I was in the Invasion team, and our team decided to combine battle ball and dodgeball. We made our game name ‘Ten Balls,” because there are ten balls in the middle for two teams to get at the start of the game.

SCI: In Science, we learned many things related to Space and the Universe. We recently learned about moon phases and how they happen. To understand this better, we did an hands-on activity which we used chopsticks and a styrofoam ball. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eKrVFGlR7850LO3Ur9P_CECSy3PLUeQdlayef9aES48/edit

MDARIN:    http://blog.ssis.edu.vn/102480/2017/03/10/my-daily-routine-in-mandarin-%F0%9F%94%86-%F0%9F%8C%83-%E6%88%91%E7%9A%84%E6%97%A5%E5%B8%B8%E8%B5%B7%E5%89%A7/

LA: In LA, we’ve recently had the Dragon’s Apprentice Event (it hasn’t ended yet) and I’ve learned many new things about public speaking, presenting, teamwork, and lots more.  http://blog.ssis.edu.vn/102480/2016/10/05/vlog-reflection/

WRTNG: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MSPH-4lxgT8JWEiDxTKrDIhH2SL_XFvFPBJFi1sYPa4/edit

MATH: (paper in small binder) Assignment.

HEALTH: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1XE_rRpqpGmhojN7py350O0u61TsL0YteAmXil6lT2Sw/edit

My Daily Routine- In Mandarin! ? ~ ? 我的日常起剧

In Mandarin class, we did a unit called ‘My Daily Routine.’ In this unit, we each made a poster and we presented in class and recorded our presentation. I learned many vocabularies and time sequences and the order(s), pronunciation, and more. We’ve practiced and tried out best to speak loudly and clearly. It took a few tries, but at the end, a great video came out. Here’s a video!

Gummy Bear Government

In social studies class today, we did ‘Gummy Bear Government.’ Before we started learning about types of governments, I only knew democracy. I did not know other types of governments. I think it is important to learn about different types of government, because it will help us when we are older, and almost every country has a government. I think democracy works best, because everyone can vote for their lawmaker, and the best lawmaker will get chosen, which means that most of the lawmakers will get eliminated.

This is a scene of a monarchy. The king and/or the queen had absolute power over the country/city-state. They could do anything that they wanted.
This is a scene of tyranny. Tyrants got most of their support and popularity from the military. Tyrants aren’t official kings, and were unlawful.
This is a scene of a representative democracy. Gummy bears are voting for a lawful lawmaker that will bring success to their country/city-state.
This is a scene of oligarchy. Only a few people get to choose the laws. The gummy bears that are working hard are the poor. Oligarchs made laws good for the rich.

Poster Annotation- Writing

In writing class, we learned about how we can recognize and analyze ‘AFOREST’ features in advertisements and use them to create our own posters. Team Atlanta’s products are bath bombs and shower steamers. Main design posts that I’ve noted from my research is color affects the advertisement a lot. For example, the first advertisement that we’ve found used the color black to stand out from other advertisements and to get your attention. Same for the second. How you write your slogan or caption really affects the advertisement and the message that you want your customers to feel. If you observe the second example, its short caption says ‘The original fizzy bathtime treats.’ The word treats makes the customer feel like the product is fun, and enjoyable.

Persuasive Techniques- Slogans

     Today in Exploratory Writing, we had a very small quiz about slogans. We learned that slogans have a pretty big impact on the ad and the product that the company is trying to sell. We divided into teams and had to discuss about the slogan and give detail. Our group had “Eat Fresh” by “Subway”. The first thing that I’ve noticed was that the slogan was below the logo. In advertisements, companies are trying to tell/sell something to the customers. When it says “Eat Fresh”, people will think that this company persuades us to eat healthier and because “Subway” is a food selling company, people will know that the food they sell is always fresh and healthy for the customer to eat. The next thing that I’ve noticed is that the slogan (“Eat Fresh”) is in the color green. It makes me think of vegetables, healthiness, and environmentally good. A few weeks ago, I’ve learned that color does a big work on the advertisement and what the ad is trying to tell us. For example, the color red makes me think of love, heart, passion, and more.

Mummifying ?’s and ?’s

Recently in Social Studies, we learned about Ancient Egypt and its traditions, land, and its social pyramid. In the social pyramid, I learned that priests are in charge of mummifying and traditional ceremonies. And WE! got the opportunity to experience to be like them and be a priest for a class time. Because the priests mummify bodies, we mummified apples and tomatoes. We put them in a plastic bag in a mixture of baking soda and salt. After about a week, we opened the plastic bag and I saw this:


It was pretty cool to see the differences. The color changed, the shaped changed, and of course- the smell changed too. I think this experiment was pretty cool to try out. My favorite thing I liked in Semester 1 was this project, because we actually tried out what the ancient Egyptians did millions of years ago.

?ThE WoNdErFuL wIzArD Of oZ?

Today in ELA, we’ve just finished out second session of Lit Circles out of four. This week, out Lit Circle discussion was very fun, because everyone contributed and asked each other questions and asked what they thought. They also had good eye contact which showed each other that they are respecting you and listening to you. As a result of our discussion, I really look forward to our next Lit Circle meeting and hoping to be as fun as this week’s Lit Circle. For next Lit Circles, I will not forget to do my quotes, and for our team to contribute each other and respect each other as much or more as this week’s Lit Circles!?