Persuasive Techniques- Slogans

     Today in Exploratory Writing, we had a very small quiz about slogans. We learned that slogans have a pretty big impact on the ad and the product that the company is trying to sell. We divided into teams and had to discuss about the slogan and give detail. Our group had “Eat Fresh” by “Subway”. The first thing that I’ve noticed was that the slogan was below the logo. In advertisements, companies are trying to tell/sell something to the customers. When it says “Eat Fresh”, people will think that this company persuades us to eat healthier and because “Subway” is a food selling company, people will know that the food they sell is always fresh and healthy for the customer to eat. The next thing that I’ve noticed is that the slogan (“Eat Fresh”) is in the color green. It makes me think of vegetables, healthiness, and environmentally good. A few weeks ago, I’ve learned that color does a big work on the advertisement and what the ad is trying to tell us. For example, the color red makes me think of love, heart, passion, and more.

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3 thoughts on “Persuasive Techniques- Slogans”

  1. I like the way how you thought of the word vegetables and healthiness because I thought of a totally different word! Also, I agree that the slogan Eat Fresh matches with the color green. I also think that this slogan makes people eat healthier. I like how you think about this slogan!

  2. Hi Soyoung,
    Interesting how you weave your learning in with the analysis – unnecessary but helps me see how you’re connecting the dots!
    The linguistic analysis is very good, especially for a first attempt.
    Mrs Bailey

  3. Hi! It’s Chowon. I’ve read your blog and I saw that you said the slogan means the food in Subway is always fresh and healthy. I also agree with what you said but you didn’t actually wrote more deep meaning. But anyway, it was nice!

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