Recently in 5th grade, we have been doing a ecosystem unit.  At the very beginning of this unit, we got to choose our ecosystem topics.  For example, pygmy loris, overfishing, water pollution, and many more.  I chose golden-cheeked gibbons.  My teammates were Crystal and Ethan.  I was relieved that I had Crystal and Ethan as my group, because Crystal is very detailed, and Ethan is a good video editor.  We started with making questions for our presentations. Those questions were very helpful for the essays that we wrote individually. The most interesting thing that I’ve learned about my topic during my research, is that some people actually eat gibbons!  From that information, I noticed that people eat almost every animal. During this project, I’ve also learned new skills that I’d never thought I would learn. For example, filming Green Screen and editing from I-movie, using the I-pad stand, and more.  My best part of this project was filming the video with Green Screen.  I liked the filming part the best, because we changed and used props that made us look like real newscasters. In addition, there were also lights, so it actually felt good to feel like an reporter in a news studio.  I would like to try Common Crafts next time.  I think it would be fun making crafts.