PIE is the title of the book that I’m reading now.  The main character is Alice, and her loved aunt Polly makes the best pies in the world.  That’s why Polly has 13 Blueberry Medals.  A Blueberry Medal is an award you get when you win the Best Pie contest.  Aunt Polly was the only person that was kind to Alice and trusted her.  

          Everyday Alice would go to the Pie shop and help aunt Polly with little things like washing the peaches and taking off the ends of berries.  When Alice said she wanted to be a butterfly, everyone laughed- even her parents.  Aunt Polly was the only person who didn’t laugh.  She listened to Alice carefully and always believed Alice.

But one day, her aunt Polly dies.  Alice was sobbing all day thinking about all the wonderful pies she had made.  ‘ Who makes the pies for us now? ‘  ‘ I wonder if anyone can make a peach pie? ‘  ‘I’m hungry.’ Soon Alice was called to the police and found out that Polly had left her a letter.  It said she had left all her secret recipes to her big fat cat, Lardo!  How will Alice find the secret recipe- with a CAT?

PIE by Sarah Weeks
PIE by Sarah Weeks

Reading Blog Post- Milo

      A book that I recently finished is called Milo Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze by Alan SILBERBERG.  This book is mainly about a boy named Milo Cruikshank (who think that he’s a loser, but actually not.)who is in a new school and doesn’t have any friends at the beginning, but soon has friends.  In the story, he also finds out his inner emotions that were not showed often.  I was really surprised when it said ,’I miss my mom so much.’  Later on, I found a paragraph that was explaining about how his mother died in front of his eyes.  That paragraph made me feel sad for Milo.  He also said that his dad changed a lot.  For example, Milo’s dad didn’t cry in his mom’s funeral, he doesn’t celebrate christmas or mother’s day anymore, and lastly his smiles were rarer and rarer to see.  I would recommend this book to people that like funny books or sad books with a happy ending.  

Milo-Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze.