First Day Of School @ 5th Grade!

 Wednesday was the first day of 5th grade!  The head grade in ES!   I felt very nervous and excited.  I started my day off with some noise.  The atrium was filled with parents, children, friends and teachers.  It took really long for me to get to Ms. Rayle’s line.  I was really relived that Jeong Min and Jamie was in my class.  I happily greeted Ms. Rayle and Ms. Tram.  When everyone was here, we headed up to the classroom.  It was a long trip to the classroom, because it’s in the 4th floor and the stairs were really high.  It was really, really different from Elementary school.  High stairs, big classrooms, lockers with locks, and the Mac Books were big changes.

Anyway, when we got up, we opened our lockers with locks (that was awesome!) and walked in the classroom.  I was seated in table group C, that had Ducky, Daniel, Tania, and Ana.  I thought, ‘At least I’m with Tania and Ana!’  But I was kind of sad to not have Jamie or Jeong Min in my table.  The first thing that we did in the class was a human scavenger hunt.  You have many different kinds of questions.  For example,’ Who of your classmates don’t like pizza?’ or maybe like ‘Who of your classmates stayed in Vietnam this summer?’ those stuff.

I am asking Ms. Rayle a question.
I am asking Ms. Rayle a question.

The morning passed and it was soon time for PE!  Yay!  Our PE teacher was called Mr. Chestman, and he said we can call him Mr. C.  We played a game called Cat and Mice, and tag.  It was fun.

Time went and it was soon time to go home.  We packed our bags and lined up to go home.  We went down long way and Ms. Rayle said good bye, high fived us and dismissed us.  That day, I found out that 5th grade is going to be fun!