David M. Schwartz’s Visit!

An Amazing author-David Schwartz visited our school! He told us about his books and how he wrote them.  He told us that when he was young, he loved big numbers like million, billion, and so much more.  When he was in 1st grade, he asked his teachers,” How many gallons would fill up the whole sea?  How many hair do I have?  How many grains of sand is in this beach?” He was also super funny.  I hope he can come again!

Funny David Schwartz!
Funny David Schwartz!

Wrapping Up Historical Fiction

      Recently, our class has finished a Historical Fiction unit. We paired up into partners, and I was with Jeong Min. Jeong Min and I read a book claaed ‘A Lion To Guard Us.’It was about three children called Jemmy, Meg and Amanda.  Amanda is the main character, and Jemmy and Meg is Amanda’s little sister and little brother.  They are trying to meet thier father in Virginia, and they need to protect a brass lion their father gave them that will protect them.  

          After reading this book, Jeong min and I cooperatd with a n another teamthat was reading the same book as us.  It was Ana and Vanessa’s group.  We four did a Reader’s Theater project.  We memorized our lines very carefully.  Ana was the man, Jeong min was the narrator, Vanessa was the cook, and I was Amanda the main character.  Our team was wonderful!  I hope we can do this project again!

Our Reader's Theater Group!
Our Reader’s Theater Group!
Vanessa the cook is scolding Amanda
Vanessa the cook is scolding Amanda!