Learning Journeys!

Last Friday, it was the amazing Learning Journeys! It was so wonderful to have my mom in my classroom and show her what I did in 4MS.  Now I will tell you about it more specifickly.  

It was 9:15am.  We were a little late for learning journeys.  When me and my mom steped in to 4MS, I first showed her my QR code.  I felt very proud of my self of how I recorded it.  My mom said it was great!  (I agree with her!)  After that, we went through all of the steps that I made before learning journeys.

At the very end, my mom wrote me a secret letter, and this morning I read it; I felt so thankful because she said that she was very proud of me and how much I worked hard! It was a AWESOME day after all!♥♥

Mer and My Mom!
Me and My Mom at Learning Journeys!

Music So Far In 4MS

So far, music is great!  In music, we recently learned how to play xylophones and drums with the song; Clocks by Cold Play.  With the xylophones, there are the altos, sopranos, and the bases.  With the drums, we do the juba rhythm. 

Mr. Thompson; our music teacher is very funny.  Ms. Thi is also very kind and calm.  I hope music continues like this!