Host Country So Far In 4MS

Host country so far is great.  In host country, we learn Vietnamese.  Vietnamese is my 3rd language.  Our teachers in host country is Ms. Ha and Ms. Mai.  We work in 2 groups.  Ms. Ha teaches the group that Vietnamese is not their 1st language.  Ms. Mai teaches the group that Vietnamese is their 1st language.

In host country, we learn many things like saying ‘ My name is Soyoung’, ‘ I like to eat mango and strawberry’, ‘ My favorite sport is basketball’, and many more.

I would like to say a big thank you to Ms. Ha and Ms. Mai for teaching us until now!

My Makey Makey Science Reflection

1. What did you learn about conductors and insulators by using the Makey Makeys?

 I thought that conductors are only iron and steel, but now I know that it could also be more kinds of metal.  Some insulators changed to conductors.  It was really cool for me to see that.

    2. Did you enjoy using the Makey Makeys? Why?

    I really enjoyed the Makey Makey boards and connecting scratch to it.  It is because we used fruits and some other cool materials, which was really fun to do.

   3. Describe the project that your group created using Makey Makeys and coding with Scratch.

Our group has made a project that is called, “Animal Sounds.  It is about choosing the correct cup to make the animal sound that you want to hear..

 4.  Did your project show evidence of what you learned about conductors in our Science unit? If yes, please explain.

   Yes, it did show some evidence.  For example, our group used tin foil for the balls, and water inside 4 cups.

5.  Did your project show knowledge of how to use the program Scratch to code? If yes, please explain.

Yes, it did show evidence.  For example, our group used sounds, and many talking.

6.  Did you enjoy the project? What was great? What was difficult? How would you make it better next time?

  Of course, I enjoyed it!  Because it was awesome to do teamwork with friends and we had 4 brains = smart team.  It was great to do a project that was a combination of science and scratch!  I was super amazed- especially the piano and how it made sounds.  It was difficult for me to do some of the coding, because I am not that used to Scratch and how it works.  I think I could make it better by making it a little bit more interesting, and some more scripts with more cool blocks.  

Math Fraction Unit

          Recently in class, we learned about adding fractions, subtracting fractions, and ordering fractions.  At first, I was a little confused, but my friends like Jeong Min and Hee Woo helped me and I soon understood perfectly.  (P.S.  Thank you

          In this unit, I felt like that I learned a lot more about fractions.  Especialy making a fraction in to a common multiple.  Because I really didn’t know anything about making a fraction into a common multiple and adding and subtracting.  But as I got more help, I started to get it.  🙂

I also made a fraction video about how to order fractions, and how to add fractions with my ipad buddy.  If you want to watch our video, click the video below this text!   😉

‘The Witches’ Book Recommendation

Do you like fantasy books?  Or witches?  If you do, you will love this book.  It is ‘The Witches‘ by Roald Dahl.  

‘The Witches’ is a fantasy book, and it starts with a boy.  But his parents die fast- when he was 7 years old.  So he got to live with his grandma.  Grandma is very interested in witches and she tells many witch stories to him.  One day, he meets a real witch face- by- face…… and what will happen?  If you want to know more, read the book!

The characters in this book is a boy, his grandma, his parents, and his friend- Bruno.

I LOVE this book, because it is very adventurous and has lots of good describing words.  It feels like I’m in the character’s shoes.

This book is very special, because it tells about ‘real witches’.  The deatails in this book are drawing a movie in my mind.  I can visulize the picture very easily.

I would recommend this book to people who hasn’t read Roald Dahl’s books, people who likes witches, and people who love reading Roald Dahl‘s books.  

I would obviously rate this book 10/10!  This book is so wonderful!   😉

'The Witches' By Roald Dahl.
‘The Witches’ By Roald Dahl.

Open Genre Writing Unit


I LOVED THIS WRITING UNIT!  The reason is because it was an open genre unit!  I love writing open genres, because it is like freedom writing.

This is a picture of my blue ribbon open genre.  It means the best.
This is a picture of my blue ribbon open genre. It means the best.

Above, there is a picture of my blue ribbon open genre.  I chose this  page for my blue ribbon open genre,  because I like to write poems and my word choices were great.  This type of poem is called acrostic poems.  I did Ms.Dung’s name, my name, Ana’s name, Hee Woo’s name, and Jeong Min’s name.

I learned that using the same tence is very important.  Because if you use different  tences the reader will be very confused when this event event happened.  I also learned how to spell a hard word.