My Favorite Book Recommendation

Mr.Louie is Screwy   by  Dan Gutman   If you like funny books, you will love ‘Mr.Louie is Screwy ‘ by Dan Gutman. It is about a character called A.J. and his friends trying to escape from the rumor ‘A.J. LOVES ANDREA!’ There are lots of fun adventures about the ‘Love Potion’ and stopping the marrige. In this book, there lots of funny parts that I love. I would recommend this book to someone that like funny stories. This book’s genre is a fiction book. I love this book because every time I read it, it makes me laugh. I’d give it a top rating 10stars out of 10. It’s such a great book!jpeg

Special Things About Soyoung

Hi, my name is Soyoung. I made a “Me Collage” to show that I’m special. While I was making my Me Collage, I really enjoyed decorating the boarder and gluing the pictures. I learned that showing and telling who you are is a big job. I would like you to notice that our family members are 4 people. I also really liked having a partner to work with. It’s because if I didn’t have a partner to work with, it would have been very hard to record my Me Collage video. I think it would have been more better if I talked more slowly, and more clearly. I am proud of myself how I worked hard on my Me Collage project and how I brought the pictures from home.