From today, I learned that the sunlight was really important for our energy. In ecology, we learn about several different animal types and what they do/eat. Herbivores consume energy by only eating plants, and Omnivores consume energy by eating plants and animals. I also learned about the Energy Pyramid and I learned that it shows the energy available for each animal level.

I learned that the carbon cycle could be found in unliving things too, eg.. oceans, rocks, mountains and so much more! I also learned that without carbon we wouldn't be able to live, and there would be no life on earth. All carbons have move in several different ways, but one way is photosynthesis.

I learned that the structure and function of photosynthesis and cellular respiration talks about autotrophs and heterotrophs. Energy is living things that come from foods for energy which comes from the sun. Autotrophs are organisms that use light energy from the help of the sun to produce food. Heterotrophs are organisms that can't use the sun's energy to produce food. The energy of Glucose comes from photosynthesis.

Crossball Underwater

Adaptations for the game 


This week, in swimming we played an underwater game that used balls,  goals, and tubes.

While playing the game, we realized that there were some adaptations to make while playing the game. So in class, we have to choose to participate playing this game that we have renamed to Crossball Underwater.

We also have to go underwater and find coins

After that we have to get the coins and put it into the bucket.


4 fair even teams

Be honest to how many points you score.

When the ball goes in, you can’t take it out anymore.

At the last minute try to put the ball inside the tube.

Don’t aim near the goalie.

Aim for the bars e.g crossbar, and sidebars.

Collect coins in the beginning of the game, put in bucket.

You can only take one coin at a time.


                                                   20 balls

                                                    4 buckets

                                                    4 goals

                                                   18 coins

                                                    4 volley ball

                                                    4 floating rings


Clips of Videos:

- Not inserted yet, because we didn't have the camera - 

The model that me and my partner made was a volcano. Our model represents the inside of the volcano but, in reality people might think that the red part is the lava. As you can see the red part of the volcano is the magma. The green part of the volcano is the sill. It is the outside layer of the volcano. Volcanos are formed by heat and pressure and it changes the rock to melt and then it forms the liquid magma. When it reaches the surface the magma erupts and the lava flows and ash deposits. Over time as the volcano continues to erupt, the volcano will become bigger and bigger. This project was a very interesting project and I am looking forward to experiencing more of these projects. 

What did we do in archery? 

We shot arrows and aimed at our target points. The target we aimed was used for archery. We learn all the basic information from Ms.Liz and we learned that safety was the most important rule.

What is Targeting? 

Targeting is something you look at to aim for an attack.

How do we stand? 

We stand right to our stand with our arrows on the right. Look at the video below⬇️

How do we hold our string? 

We hold our string by using my right arm to stretch it out with my index finger and middle finger to pull. And when you let go it shoots.

What is grouping in archery? 

Grouping is when one person shoots at a target several times. It was really fun 🙂

This is my group picture. ⬇️

3 Slogans I have thought about :

  1. Back to the Basics.
  2. Stress free balls.
  3. Use your hand for stress.

I think Back to the Basics is the best slogan for Stress balls because these days kids have been going into electricity too much and I can't disagree, I LOVE INTERNET. But since simple and casual stress balls can make a big difference to our lives that can help us give all of the stress out it's called Back to the Basics. It has been a long time since they invented balloons and flour are basic ingredients that can be made into so many shapes and designs. I feel like Back to the Basics is the best and I hope my group agrees too. 🙂


In Social Studies we have been learning about the 4 governments. To make our learning fun Ms.Wolf gave us a chance to bring Gummy Bears and make them into the 4 types of governments.



                                                                                            Monarchy is a type of government where the country is ruled by a King or Queen. In this image it shows when the king is sitting on the chair and the citizens are lying down and showing their respect.


                                                                                           Tranny is another type of government. A tyranny is well when mostly it's called a cruel or mean ruler. This photos show where the slaves are honoring the leader and the soldiers (in the middle) are protecting the leader.


Oligarchy is when only a few people rule in the country. This is the picture when the little amount of people are controlling the  slaves.


                                                                                                            Democracy is when the citizens vote for the president/leader. In this photo, it shows when the citizens are watching the 2 people talk to become president.

What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit?            I did not know ANYTHING. When I heard these words when Ms.Wolf was talking I was just like "what?" but now I understand how important this is for Social Studies to know the 4 types of government.

*Why is it important to learn about forms of government?                                                             I feel like it is important because in the future you might go somewhere and they might ask you these questions. I think this is just the beginning to learn about the forms of government.

*Which form of government do you think works best & why?                                                         I think the democracy works the best because the citizens can vote their own thinking and be happy with what they are choosing and can make Earth a better place. 🙂


Before we left for WWW (Week without walls) we did an project/activity on our mummification. There was cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and fruit peels. This was a really interesting time to dig in the insides of the fruits that we mostly eat in our daily lives. We first dig in the inside of the fruits, and then covered them with "a lot" of salt. After that, we wrapped them around with tissue which sometimes we faild because it was a really complicating process ?.  Lastly, with all the mummies ready we put them in a plastic bag which was filled with baking soda and salt, we left it like that for 10 days. When we came back, I couldn't join the "seeing the results" because I was in SISAC for Swimming but, my partener told the results. She told me that smell was horrible so they even had to grab some perfume. And she sent me a picture of the mummification ?. I am sad that I couldn't join the fun, but I still had fun in SISAC!?.

3 things I really enjoyed in Social Studies is the Vegetable mummification that we just did, it helped me really understand the process of the mummies being wrapped up in Ancient Egypt.   Before that, we came across the Minecraft and used that to make Ancient Egypt. It was a really fun experience because have never had my own Minecraft before. I really liked that project ?.  Finally, I really enjoyed doing to News about Ancient Egypt.I found more interesting facts about King Tut and how it's not even proven how he died.

I really enjoy Social Studies and I can't wait for more adventures like this!