Day 20:

This time my eco-dome only last for 3 days. I think that this eco-dome is the worst eco-dome which I made. I think that there was a mistake while making the eco-dome.


I think the problem was when I placed the carrot in the eco-dome for cricket's food.

Changes need to make:

I tried to place more food for cricket to eat and placed some dried leaves and dirt for decoration. Also, more dirt in case that crickets might dig some holes after few days.


My both crickets died after 3 days and I cannot find dead bodies of the crickets. I think everything worked well, however, I think that the carrot wasn't good for the cricket. Also, there was some mold because the carrot was left. Also, I think that the place where I left my eco-dome has been getting more sunlight than other times. So, I thought that the water compared to the amount of sunlight was very little. Still, I am going to leave the same amount of plants & water to have oxygen in my eco-dome. Also, I am going to make sure that the soil is wet for my plants & cricket.




Going to add to eco-dome:

Material Amount Reason
Dark soil 5 cm
Brown soil handful
Water 10 ml  water for plants
Plant 2
Apple (food) 40.6 g for food
leave & dirt handful for deco
Crickets 2


Day 13:

I found out that my 2 crickets were alive. It was not my best eco-dome but it also wasn't my best. This time there was some smell and some rotten foods left. I was able to find 2 crickets. I concluded that the box is too moist. However, the crickets survived!


I decided to place less water in the container because the eco-dome was too moisture from the water which I placed for crickets. Also, I decided to place different food for cricket this time. I placed apple for the first time, but this time, I placed some carrots. I replaced rocks with more dirt in the container because I thought that there was too less dirt (soil) in the container (eco-dome).

My first eco-dome


My both crickets survived 13 days. I think everything worked well, however, the container was to moisture by too many waters so I might change that while I'm building next eco-dome. Also,  think that there was mold because the apples were left in a humid habitat. Next time I might try 3 crickets but, I think this will make them eat each other. I did some research on what crickets eat and they get water from food which they eat. Because they cannot swim. So, I'm thinking to keep placing apple for cricket's food.


I did some research on cricket’s food, and I found out that crickets will eat almost anything including cornflakes, oats, granola, birdseed, lettuce, or other raw vegetables. So I think that keeping apples as a food resource for the cricket will be fine.


Going to add to new eco-dome:

Material Amount Reasoning
Soil  5cm
 Water  10ml make eco-dome less moisture than last time & for water
 Food (carrot)  20g for food
 Cricket  2 for eco-dome
 Plant  2


This is my first time building Eco-dome and placing crickets into my Eco-dome. Also, I worked by myself so it was kind of busy to prepare to make the Eco-dome.

List of things which I planned to place in my Eco-dome:

  • 5cm amount of soil
  • 1 cricket
  • 2 plant
  • 20ml of water
  • cup to place water
  • apple (food) about 40g



This is a list what I actually used for my Eco-dome:

Material Amount Reason
Dark Soil  4cm of the container  Place for cricket to rest & play
Plant  2  To make oxygen in the container
Food (apple)  15g  To feed cricket
Water  16ml  Cricket's  & plant's water
Papercup  1/3  To place water in the container
Rock  15g  For design
Crickets  2  For Eco-dome project


My first Eco-dome