Science Astronomy Project Reflection

medium_7779289794               My research for this project was based on shooting stars, and before I even started researching, I found out something new, something interesting, something shocking, that Ms. Uemura told me. She said, “Shooting stars are not stars”. It was like learning a new phrase from a foreign language. How can a shooting STAR not be a STAR? However, as I started to search about shooting stars, I learned what the real identity of a ‘shooting star’ is. It is a meteor falling into earth’s atmosphere, and being burned with friction as it falls, which is how light is formed. That’s why it looks like a shooting star, when it’s actually just a meteor falling into earth. As I presented to my classmates, some people asked, “then what if the meteor falls on earth? Like, on land?” Without panicking, I answered “it burns up before it falls, so you don’t have to be worried about being hit by a shooting star one day”. This made me think that I did a fairly good job in presenting. I did not hesitate, answered all questions without panicking, made eye contact, explained thoroughly, and in my opinion, most importantly, I did NOT read off my book. Listening to other people present, I almost fell asleep when they read every single word from their paper. It made me bored because first, I could read it myself, and secondly, there was no eye contact. Another thing I feel proud of is that I successfully answered all my big questions such as “How are shooting stars formed?”. Also, I decorated my book so the cover was attractive, and the other pages did not have too many words that would chase the readers away from the book.


Tteokbokki is a South Korean traditional food that can be made both spicy or non-spicy, but is originally made spicy. What does tteokbokki even mean? Well, the word “tteok” means rice cake, and “bokki” means fried. In conclusion, tteokbokki means Fried rice cakes…I know it seems confusing. Fried rice cakes could mean anything!

For our family, tteokbokki has always been an appetizer, a meal, or even a dessert. You can buy tteokbokki in restaurants, but in Korea, people sell tteokbokki on the streets almost every block. Food on the streets? Yeap, I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, it’s NOT gross.Tteokbokki can go along with almost anything such as tempura, or even rice.

When I was young, well I still do now, I knew the smell of tteokbokki like a ghost. If my mom was making tteokbokki, I could just get the feeling even if I was in an elevator. Why? I’ve tasted it so many times, not just randomly, but with deep purposes. The spiciness and sweetness of tteokbokki was always like a medicine for me. If I was sick, it made me better, if I was sad, it cheered me up. My mom said it might be so because there are a lot of things put into the tteokbokki sauce, even though it doesn’t show. Whenever my mom cooks tteokbokki, I stand next to her and ask: “How do you make tteokbokki?” And this is what she said: “There isn’t a specific way of making tteokbokki. All you need is tteok, water and chili paste, maybe some vegetables if you  prefer. You have to work your way, consistently tasting it, to make it the right taste – not too spicy, not too sweet, not too blunt. Perfect-which is completely up to you.” There’s only one method – stir! Stir until it boils at least twice, and always remember, taste on the way! Remember to stir until the tteok is soft and mushy. Tteok is usually made really long, and it’s made of sticky rice. Since tteok is long, some people believe that it is for longer life, and the stickiness of the rice is for luck. However, in tteokbokki, the tteok is all chopped up. My dad always said that if we eat all the tteok in tteokbokki, it will be a complete tteok, like a puzzle, just that it’s eaten at different times like lost pieces of puzzles. The spiciness of tteokbokki is what that makes it so addicting, so unforgettable, so lovable. But sometimes, people eat it when they’re mad, because the spiciness chases their stress and frustration out. Well at least, that’s how my mom eats it.

You might’ve noticed how different people in my family have different thoughts and feelings towards tteokbokki, but guess what? Tteokbokki has always been a tradition in Korea made for anyone and everyone to eat!

Recepie for normal(not too spicy not too blunt) tteokbokki:

– 3/4 cup of water

– tteok (as much as you want-about half a bag when 1 bag=1kg)

– chili paste (2 tablespoons)

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The Unknown Story Behind Your Clothes

          Look at what you are wearing. Whether you’re in your pajamas, uniform, dress, whatever it is, if I ask you where it’s from, the answer would probably be: “from a shop”. However, there are deep stories behind them. Clothing brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, Esprit, etc. make a high salary from selling clothes. The more they do, the more greed they get for the money. In the article “Clothed in Misery” by M.T Anderson, there has been a collapse in Bangladesh of a clothing factory, due to the number of workers packed in one week building. People killed inside the building were all workers with a low salary, variety of ages, and families working under low conditions. This situation is compared to the collapse of the Pemberton building where the top floors of the buildings were built with cheap materials.The owners knew the building would be collapsing soon, yet they did not do anything to fix it, just for the money. They thought it giving safer conditions to workers would not be an advantage to them at all.

          Anderson’s purpose of this article is to persuade us to reflect on this compression by making public pressure on the companies, in order to provide a safer place for those who made what we are wearing now. “Bargain-hunters at Wal-Mart and haute couture customers on Fifth Avenue alike should shame those companies that pass the savings on to us as they pass the suffering on to others we never see.” This means that companies should not greed the money they earn by selling the savings to us, while giving work to the hard workers that have been workers all their lives.

          We have no idea what the workers had to go through just to make a piece of clothing for us to wear. The money we pay goes into the companies own pockets, and just a portion into the workers and the fabric. They think it’s useless to spend money for the people that actually give them the money. Instead of being selfish and trying to gather so much money, they should think about sudden things that can affect their labor any day. For example, like what happened, about the building collapse. Of course, the people that died are not related to them, and they might think that it’s none of their business since they can hire more people. However, what will happen if it happens repeatedly. Some other people might think that it’s also not any of their own business, but I think it is. Even if we had to pay a dollar more for our clothing, but if the people that sit all day to make it get a better condition to work in, I’d say it’s totally worth it. “Take a look at the tag on your shirt. The problem is as close as your skin.” Our role is to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter and post pictures or information about the Bangladeshi factory complex, and spread it so it really becomes “public pressure”.

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More Scientists?

Being a teenager

is a time period

everything seems weird

and you are always curious

about things you’ve never thought about


16-year-old Kiera Wilmot was curious

A popular science Youtube experiment

on mixing a toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil

The only question she had in mind was

“What would happen?”

So she did

behind the school cafeteria

there goes a *boom*

She gets herself in jail


Science is meant to be experimental

to discover new knowledge

invent new things

It is stated in the article

“Want Kids to Become Scientists? Don’t arrest them for experimenting”

written by Liz Dwyer

“I can’t name a single scientist or engineer, who hadn’t blown up, ripped apart, disassembly something at home or otherwise cause a big ruckus at school all in the name of curiosity, myself included.”

How do you expect a kid

to become a scientist

without a single explosion

that’s originated from curiosity?


You can predict science

but you can’t see the outcome

Everybody makes mistakes

no one’s perfect

you make mistakes in science experiments

I made eruptions on a mini, vinegar volcano

are we sent to jail?


“Science is not clean”

Science will never be clean

if it does

it will not be science


Is Keira Wilmot’s experiment such a big deal

to be locked up in jail?


Are you saying kids shouldn’t be curious?

Well, if we are not curious

trust me,

we will never learn.


Teachers want us to ask questions

so we can gain more knowledge

but if we’re not curious

we have nothing to ask.

Not did she get into jail

but got expelled from school

while what she should really deserve

is a round of applause

and encouragement for her future

That is what the school did

and yet

they still call it a “school”



That’s not it

There’s more

One more reason that trailed her

to the world of unfairness

is her race

Are you saying,

if anyone else with the opposite race did an identical experiment

there would be a difference in the punishment?

Would there even be a punishment?


What kind of “law”

if it even exists

confirms that a teenager should be arrested

only for trying out an experiment

that unexpectedly,

concluded as an explosion?


I’m a teenager feeling

sorrow, unfair, and ridiculous

for the poor student in jail right now

If I were Keira

I would be angry but scared

because of the past and the future

We can all give a hand

to the poor girl locked up

surrounded by the wall of racism

by posting similar experiments you’ve tried

and what you got in reply


Want kids to become scientists?

Then DON’T arrest them


Declaration of Independence

When in the course of human events, it becomes crucial for one people to dissolve a student-teacher relationship, which has been associated ever since until now. For students to have a right of articulating with a teacher at SSIS about their behaviours, our declaration have been backed up with the Laws of Nature where everyone has identical rights and the feelings of a student. Feelings of a student, to have a teacher that treats them fairly and stimulates their education. In conclusion, we, as the students of SSIS, shall write a Declaration of Independence.

We conceive that all students have the right to be educated, therefore, we have teachers to do so. The teachers’ authorities are to take charge in the students’ learning for their future, encourage them, and help them with difficulties of any sort. However, students have the right to overthrow their teacher, if the teachers aren’t culpable for their job. Students can deal with small issues such as tests and homework, since it’s all help for them, and they have made it through all their lives. On the other side, if teachers let students do whatever they desire in class, then the students have the right to tell the teacher what the students what him/her to be like instead of being careless. The time has come where students start to protest against their stress and anger.

We relied on teachers to lead us to success. Unfortunately, we have wasted all those classes working by ourselves to complete something we haven’t even learned about, yet we have still tried our best to get help from each other, and from tutors as well. We relied on them for encouragement when we did not achieve high grades. However, we’ve been disconcerted  by being compared with others, and have been discouraged with the single alphabet that proves nothing about our knowledge. The list I have below are grievances teachers have done to us.

– They have rushed us through a unit, which lead to a lot of confusion, making us spend more tiring, frustrating time outside of school, obligating us to teach ourselves.

– They just give as videos and long boring texts to watch and read without any explanations from the teachers, and we get assessed on it the next class. Then the class is lectured for getting bad grades

– They have gave us one simple instruction for us to do for the entire block, which usually only takes 15 minutes

– They have made us do the same thing repeatedly, because they were either not ready for class, or they forgot what we learnt the class before

– They suddenly leave the classroom without a word and comes back after a long time

We have questioned for extended tests dates, due to the lack of knowledge achieved from class. However, we have been responded by an indication describing how much time we’ve had to prepare for it, and if we had used it ‘wisely’, then we would be prepared. We believe that’s because they’ve never been in our point of perspectives before. Teachers think giving more work is giving more knowledge. We, as students, think more work is more practice – practice on things we don’t need to practice. Teaching lessons and giving explanations assist us shoot knowledge into our brains, not lecturing us.

Therefore, we, as the students of SSIS declare our independence for having rights to ask teachers to change. We will give us the power to be educated by a teacher that will be beneficial for our knowledge. We declare our independence with the support from our liberty and our peace of mind.

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What Made the F.B.I.s Post the Bombers Pictures?

          Maybe it’s because they really want to know the truth, maybe it’s because they want to be famous for finding out a major thing, maybe it’s because they are so mad about what has happened. No one knows. In the article, “F.B.I. Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post” by Connor Simpson, people have been accusing innocent people for the cause of the Boston Massacre, by using pictures or videos on the New York Post, that proved that the person appeared more than once in them. It might sound deficient at first, but it lead to a bigger chaos, as the rumour spread along Boston. When the blamed walked anywhere, they were pointed at, and brought to the center of attention(in a bad way). To terminate this from happening so that everyone is safe, the F.B.I. had no choice but to release the Tsarnaevs’ (real bombers) photos.

          The author’s purpose of this article is to inform us that the F.B.I. just had to release the pictures of the Tsarnaevs. If the people patiently waited for the F.B.I. to do their job, which is investigating on the problem, how would this have affected their jobs? Yes, it would’ve been easier for the F.B.I.s because they would only need to find out who the bombers were, instead of investigating and keeping everyone safe. “The F.B.I. wanted to limit the damage being done to people being wrongly identified by Reddit or the Post or any other amateur sleuthing being done.” is stated in the article, to prove that people are not officially trained and are not used to investigating, which leads to fake information, which will conclude in danger.

          medium_8663443155Put yourself in 3 of the main people’s(F.B.I., blamers, innocents) boots. The first person I’ll be is a random, innocent person watching the bombing that was blamed. If I were one of the innocents, I would feel furious not because I am being blamed, but because I have no prove, no evidence, to prove that I am NOT the person who planned the bombing. If I were one of the impatient people, I would feel angry at the F.B.I.s for not posting the pictures early, but also guilty for the innocents. On the other side, if I were one of the F.B.I.s, I would feel tired, stressed, and angry at the Posts made, which doubled the work for them. Based on those 3 imaginations, a question lit up my mind. The question is, “What would have changed without the technology usage we have today?”. Technology these days, meaning security cameras, cell phones, cameras, ipads, etc. are like eyes. Eyes that are everywhere, and eyes that more than one person has. Thanks to these convenient eyes, the F.B.I.s were able to perceive the bombers. The way people posted fake facts on the issue connects to a scene I can relate to a movie that takes place in a school. It’s when people misunderstands about someone liking someone else, and they spread the rumour. Then everything gets linked, and “bullying” starts. As time passes, the population on earth increases, and as it increases, there will be more technology, inventions, and more people for more jobs such as F.B.I.s. So, my point is, if we want to prevent chaos from happening, we can all just be patient and let the “trained” people do the work.


Can Facebook Spread Racism?

       Jokes are not meant to offend other people, but to make other people laugh. However, jokes can turn into scars on some people, even though it might normal for the person who said it. In the article, “Spreading Racism via Facebook” written by Tom Jacobs, it is said that people are making jokes about racism and posting racist things on Facebook. This tends to spread racism because people that check facebook frequently don’t use facebook the way it’s meant to be used. Facebook is a social media network for people to socialize with friends and friends that they don’t see a lot. However, daily facebook users “like” and “share” posts without thinking deeply on posts that people post, partly because they are afraid they will be excluded from society. This is how racism spreads.

hands of harmony      The reason why Tom Jacobs is to show that Facebook is spreading racism because it is making people automatically like and share posts without thinking. “They argue these heavy users log onto the site in search of social inclusion rather than information-and as such, they’re prone to express agreement with the material they see without thinking about it too deeply” says Tom Jacobs. This means that people are afraid they will miss out important information in society, so they check facebook every day. Because they check facebook every day, it becomes natural for them to like anything with first sight, without thinking. For example, if someone posts a picture of racism which shows that whites are more outstanding than blacks, and if a white person reads it, they will take it as a joke and click “like” or “share”. In that short moment, that short click, they have spread racism. On the other side, if the person that read the post was non-white, they would’ve felt offended and blocked the person that posted it.

       In my opinion, I agree with this article that Facebook can spread racism, because I have experienced it before. There was a joke posted about the rights of whites and blacks, and it was funny. People shared it, liked it, and left comments, but no one stood up for it. Why? Because no one wanted to take the time to argue against the post. All they could simply do is avoid it, by blocking the person who posted it, and it wasn’t a part of their business. However, does that stop the spread of racism? No, not at all. That was why I didn’t argue against the person, because all I had to do was ignore it. Yes, even though it wasn’t directed at me, I felt embarrassed as an Asian because the fact that racism still existed was a disgrace. The skin colour of people does not represent them. All it shows is where they’re from, and it doesn’t give a clue if they are educated, talented, etc. Why does it have to separate the world in half where white people have more power than blacks? Racism is not only about the skin color of people, but it could also be about your height, weight, or scars on your body. It can be a huge part of bullying. On a scale of 1 to 8 with 1 checking facebook less than a week and 8 being more than 20 times a day. I would be 4 since I check facebook once a day. I think checking facebook once a day is an appropriate amount because you won’t miss out too many information, nor be involved too much. It turns out that people in the scale of 8 think they will be excluded from society if they don’t like a post everyone else does, which is why the number of likes and shares can increase quickly on racism. When racism is said as a joke, some people mistake the fact that it can be a serious offence to others. In conclusion, I think that there is no such thing as “joke” about racism. Either way, it will somehow hurt someone out there in the world.

A Possible Cure for H.I.V.?!

There are multiple ways to get infected by H.I.V. like being born with it, having unprotected sex, or by using a needle that someone else that has H.I.V. has used. Currently, there are more than three million children living globally that are infected with H.I.V. However, there hasn’t been a cure for it just yet. Surprisingly, in the article “In Medical First, a Baby With H.I.V. Is Deemed Cured” by Andrew Pollack and Donald G. McNeil Jr., a baby born in Missisipi has been cured by antiretrovial drugs 30 minutes after birth. This is the second person after Timothy Brown that has been cured with H.I.V. It’s not certain that they have found a possible cure for it nor the baby is infected for sure. If it becomes certain, the cure will be announced globally, but if the baby is only prevented, this would be something that has already be done. Of corse, this is fantastic news because there has finally been a cure made for H.I.V. which would save more people’s lives. But on the other sides, there are consequences. The cure only works on infants.

The author(s) pupose of this article want to warn us not only that there has been a possible cure for infants, but the pros and cons followed by them. Like I mentioned and Dr. Bryson(a doctor whowas not involved in the Mississipi work) said that this is “one of the most exciting things I’ve heard in a long time”, thanks to the doctors related to the Missisipi news. Obviously, the greatest goal of a conflict is to resolve it. However, in a situation like this, there has to be proof and evidence that the conflict is solved, and also how conflict its solved. So, the doctors had to proof that they’ve infected the baby from H.I.V, not just prevented it. If it’s announced that a cure for H.I.V. has been made for sure, then this will save lots of infants from dying. However, people would have more unprotected sex because they know there’s a cure for it. They might think it’s ‘safe’.

I feel really greatful for the doctors who were in this incident, because they have infected one baby, but in the future, there could be more infected. Also, if people have more unprotected sex, let them be! There is a cure anyways, right? Although it would be better if they don’t. After I read this article, one thing popped into my mind. I thought that I should always tell my mom when I feel uncomfortable somewhere, so my mom could take me to the doctor or give me some medicene, unlike the mother in the article. She did not bring her baby to the hospital, even when she knew that the baby had H.I.V. Maybe she didn’t have enough money? Or maybe she was scared her baby will die, since it was a test to find a cure? Both pros and cons make this incident still impressive because, hey, we can save more people in the future! For example, even if people continue to do unhealthy things, oh well, we’ve got a cure!

Socratic Seminar Reflection on Slavery

medium_4415786897photo by:

Slavery is something we want to eliminate, but it’s also something we will suffer without. How would our world be like without slavery? Slavery is happening all around the world, and most people know about it. But most people also don’t know how to stop or help the enslaved people to be free. How can we help them? They’ve done so many things to help up. Maybe the clothing you’re wearing is made by 5 slaves! Our socratic seminar was based on the enslaved people in the world today, and how we can help them be free, along with other interesting and related questions.

“If we don’t have slaves working for people, how will we get products?” was a question brought up by Vicente, which I thought was a great question. People are trying to stop slavery existence, and that’s great because the enslaved people are working with great threat, without being paid nor being in freedom. However, what will happen once it stops? All the things we own like clothes and shoes, what will happen to them? Even though there could be effects on our lives by taking materials away, I still think that slavery should be stopped because it’s totally unfair that families have to work over a debt as small as $18. Yeap, that’s right 18 dollars. That’s about 370 vnd. With 370vnd, we can eat school lunch for about six days. But the slaves? They can rescue their family from slavery for generations! There’s one simple but successive way to stop slavery, which could end slavery. All the slave owners have to do is just pay the slaves with a fair price and let them work in freedom. Then, they will no longer be called ‘slaves’. They will be called ‘workers’. These people are living their lives with nothing to compare to. All they want is freedom. “We have no freedom. We hope still, though that we could leave this house someday and go someplace else were we actually get paid for our dying” said a family in the silk labour.

One question that was left unanswered completely was “Even though slavery is illegal today, why aren’t governments doing anything to stop it?” asked by Geno. Adrian answered briefly that the government might have other duties that are more important than slavery. In my opinion, I think that they aren’t doing anything to stop it since slavery generates a profit of more than 13 billion dollars worldwide each year. Who knows? Maybe the slave owners might share some of the money with the government with the deal that they will keep it a secret. Another reason might be because slavery has spread too much, that not it has become the time where we might not be able to live without. Today, there are about 27 million people in the world, which is twice the amount of slaves taken from the trans-Atlantic slave trade. One of the most devastating things they have to do, no matter the age or gender, is stacking 18 bricks on their heads at a time in the over boiling temperature of 130 degrees. What could be more important to the government than their people being treated like animals? Even if the government tries to contribute a little bit of help, this would resolve more. At least we have Free the Slaves organization, which the people are trying to free and rescue the slaves so that they can have a happy, new, refreshing life.

I think our socratic seminar turned out to be a success in some parts, but not so successful in other parts. We have been successful in bringing questions to class, ready to ask them, and also sharing thoughts on other people’s opinion. However, I think I did not support my opinions with enough examples from the video. The conversation would’ve gotten deeper and deeper if we’d answered some questions completely, because different people have different thoughts, which is totally fine as long as they support themselves. Another thing I think some of my classmates had trouble with speaking three times evenly and spread out. Some people used all three in the beginning, and some people almost talked to themselves at the end! In the future, I hope we could have more intense opinions than long silence in our seminar.

In conclusion, I think that slavery needs to stop as soon as possible because I can’t stand kids working in 130 degrees celsius with stones as big as they are on their back, and kids that are also enslaved to work in the river when it’s too chilly, soaked in water and in fear of drowning. Imagine yourself yourself in a temperature of 130 degrees celsius, if you can, with 18 bricks on your head. It’s just devastating. It’s more serious that there are still 27 million people out there world wide, trapped in slavery. The fact that we aren’t doing anything to help slaves escape is a problem already, because most people like me have not experienced this, so they are probably confused how to help. I hope the SSIS community can one day become a part of Free the Slaves and free loads of slaves.