Writing Comic Reflection

During writing, we were assigned to make a comic book that we wanted to create.  After that, we were told to choose a piece of panel that we felt that we are proud of.

The reason why I chose this panel is because this panel is the main reason how the conflict started in my comic book and this is a film technique called wide shot.

Eco Dome Reflection Day 20 and 21

  • What I have observed in the eco-dome is that the cricket that we have placed only survived one day because we have dropped the cricket to high, or the cricket had a bad fall causing it to break one of its legs.
  • The amount of leaf that was eaten was small because the leg of the cricket was broken and it had a hard time gathering food.
  • The survival of the cricket was hard because it had a hard time walking, climbing and jumping because of the faulty leg making eating and drinking water hard and almost impossible.

Some photos of the Eco-Dome

qwer qwerty

Video conclusion

Ecodome Reflection Day 7 to 9

Observations of ecodome:

  • What I have observed is that the crickets have drowned in the puddle of mud that has been created.
  • Another thing that I discovered when I opened the ecodome is that there were holes in the leaf which I assume that the crickets have eaten.
  • The crickets had drowned in the water and what I think why that happened is because that the crickets were trying to eat each other or trying to drink the water.
  • The smell of the ecodome was foul when we opened it.


  • What happened?
    • The crickets have died because of starvation or drowning.
    • The foul smell of the ecodome might have been caused by dead corpse
  • What specific things did you observe?
    • What I observed is that the leaf has holes in it which meant that the crickets ate some of the leave.

Picture of Ecodome:




ELA Quarter 1

Background information:
What we had to do for Quarter 1 ELA is to make a newspaper about anything we wanted. Example, I could write about food, games, sports, and many more subjects. What I decided to write about is the gamed called CS:GO since I have some experience about the game and I enjoy watching the game. Once the article writing was done, we were assigned to different groups which we all combined our newspaper in one big newspaper.

What did you do well or bad?
What I did well during the newspaper project is that I did lots of research on my topic which helped me a lot in the project. Another thing that I did well during the project is that I explained most of what the unknown/unfamiliar words in the project. The bad thing is I didn’t get enough research because I have taken a big topic to write about, there were many things to write about. One more thing that I didn’t do great on is making sure that I transition to the other topics about CS:GO to well, for example, I was talking about people’s opinion about the game to how to make the game better by fixing some issues.

What did you learn?
I learned a new way of writing and its called Journalism. This type of new writing opened a new vision for writing and which could help me improve my writing by a lot. Journalism is a type of writing where you deep research about a topic and writes about it, the paragraphs are short so you could move on easily to the other topic. Another new that I learned is how much fake articles in Google and which talk about the wrong game or talking about how the game could be a good money maker, etc..

How was Quarter 1 for you?
Quarter 1 went great, even though there are some failure and some flaws, in the end, I did great and manage to change lots of things about me and my personality.

My Article!

Quarter 1 Social Studies REFLECTION!

My two minimalistic poster

Poster 1:

Poster 2:

Research Process  

How did it go conducting research? Triumphs? Challenges?

When conducting the research I was having a hard time with the specific topics of the project, for example, the topic, “finding ways of documenting your revolutionary thinker”.  One of my triumphs is making a paragraph out of the reliable sources that I found on the internet because most of the sources on the internet are fake and made up making lots of the people of the internet believing it.  The challenges that I faced is summarizing the article that I read from the internet about Isaac Newton because I find it hard to not copy or use lots of quotes from the article.

What did you learn about yourself when you had to take notes? 

What I learned about myself when taking notes is that I was taking lots of quotes from the article.  I tried to reduce that habit by a lot, but when I did I lost two-thirds of my research notes

Narrative Hooks

What insights did you gain about narrative hooks that you may not have been so aware of before?

Some of the insights that I gained about narrative hooks is that I how to make a catchy beginning.

What narrative hooks did you experiment with in your writing?

I tried different types of narrative hooks, for example, writing a question, or stating a fact about Isaac Newton.

Vlogging and Metacognitive Strategy

What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging?

Some of the discoveries that I found during when I was vlogging is that when I sound happy, the mood of the vlog seems happy, but when I sound sad and depressed, the whole vlog seems sad and depressive.  Another thing that I discovered is that the scene of the vlog is very important, because when recording the vlog and the scene of the vlog also sets the mood of the vlog.

2 Historical Narrative Paragraphs VLOG:

Historical Narrative w/ Musical Accompaniment VLOG

Biggest Takeaway


What is your BIGGEST TAKEAWAY (BIGGEST LEARNING) from our Revolutionary Thinker’s Project?

One of the biggest takeaways from the Revolutionary Thinker’s Project is where to get good and reliable sources, for example, the school’s database.

Renaissance Faire Reflection

Background Knowledge:
– Before the Renaissance Faire, we were supposed to choose a topic that we enjoy and there will be several people that will join you in the group. The topic that I chose to work on is the Medici Family with my corresponding partner Vi An. The reason why I chose the Medici Family is because I am interested how they became so famous and how’d they got so much money during the harsh Renaissance Era. My partner and I chose to make a video for the project so they could listen what we said before instead of us making mistakes when we are presenting our project. We were also supposed to make a type of interactive for the people to enjoy during our presentation, and what we made for the project is a type of interactive that requires time and energy. We made a box which is so called bank and we ripped pieces of cardboard until is was cardboard flakes. The rules for the interactive was put the cardboard flakes into the so called, “bank” by one by one until time is over.


What helped me stay organized?
– What helped my organized during the project is a graphic organizer that helped me with sorting where to put a certain sentence in the video, also the graphic organizer helped me with making my video with more sense so the viewer could understand thoroughly.

How did time impact my work?
– When we were producing our project from scratch, we only had two days to produce our projects due to the deadline. We had three days of class time before we were presenting our project. The time impacted my work because of how much time we had, we had to make a poster, make the video/project and the interactive.

What trouble did I have and why?
– What I had trouble with the project is making the interactive because my partner and I thought the interactive was the video and then we had a last minute ideas of how the interactive should be. The reason why the interactive was my only trouble is because of the last minute changes to our project.


Science Group Assignment

How did you work with your group to brainstorm
-When we were brainstorming, we were split into two groups and one group seeing what is the best item to clean the water, meanwhile, the other half is thinking how to make the design.

What ideas can you offer?
-Some of the ideas that I offered to my team is how we could utilize the bottle to help the water flow better and how to fit the items that were needed but not fitting in the bottle.

What should you bring?
-What I should bring for the designing is a cardboard box so in case that we need something to cut on so the table won’t be scratched, or maybe using the cardboard for something more useful.

What type of method are you going to use for your design?
-My team hasn’t decided yet for what type of design we are going to use and the reason for that is because we are still trying what different ways to clean the water.

What steps do you need to do tomorrow to improve or test your design?
-The type of test that we would do tomorrow is an iron test, copper test, and pH test because those materials could harm the human body. We have not planned how to make the design yet because we are choosing a type of water distillation for our project.




Food Drive Reflection w/ Video and Poster


What we had to do during the week of donating foods to the Anh Linh Free School is we made posters and videos to promote the increase donation to the Anh Linh Free School.  We were grouped into groups, though we had to differentiate the teams after the first promotion.  What I found fun during the project is making the video and the reason for that is because, we had bloopers and lots of fun editing it even though I’m the only one who did the editing.  What I found challenging during the project is making the poster because, I am not an artistic person and I don’t enjoy art much, but I still tried.  What I newly learned about persuasive writing through this project is that persuasive doesn’t need to be written drawn on a piece of paper, or it could be written but with pictures to help the reader understand more thoroughly.