Writing Reflection

In this panel from my comic, I have shown multiple images of Bob, my main character, beating up a crocodile. This makes the action more realistic and intense, making my comic more interesting. I learned this technique from the graphic novel I chose to analyze – Essential Spider-Man Vol 6. In the novel Spider-Man was also beating up a villain, so I decided to use it in my comic.

Throughout the unit I have faced many challenges because all the projects we did required great time management and effort. However, I was able to get things done.

SLC Mandarin

So far in Mandarin we have learned many different units including seasons, sickness, etc. In class we practice vocabulary on the units using Quizlet, and take quizzes. We also do packets and projects about the units. Our projects are usually videos or on paper, and for videos we do presentations or skits. This is a skit on the sickness unit. From this I learned what to say when visiting a doctor and gained experience filming skits.


NY Collaboration Final Reflection

For this final page, I finished half of the verse, drew the objects and layered the whole page. However, the NY student wanted the background to be different, so Mrs.Jardin changed the page .I like how all of my objects were kept, and how the lemurs stand out. I don’t think the NY student’s work fit in that well, because her lemurs fit in well, but her background did not match well with the objects  and the verse looks a bit awkward because it looks as if it is on paper. Overall I think it looks ok, but it could definitely have been better if we didn’t change the background.


Final layered alliteration page


Research page








Layering, the Verse, and the research page was relatively easy. The background took a lot of time and effort. I am proud of my background because I think it looks great. My skills using Superimpose on our Ipad improved through layering.

Article Link

I made an Article giving information about where and how to buy the book Endangermalia,  the introduction, and quotes from the NY teacher, Mrs.Jardin and Graeme Base.

I feel like the Skype call was very fun and exciting, and we got to know a lot about each other and how they live. Some very good questions were asked, and most were answered well.



I think our shop looks pretty appealing, and gives sufficient info about the book. I think the price may be a bit expensive though. I will promote it by sharing it on social media.

Radical Inventions Debate

Debate footage

Debate Planning

Peer Assessment

Judge Assessment

Self Assessment

Statement :

Agent Orange had a far more devastating impact than the invention of the atomic bomb.  


Dino (me), Tom, Jake


Austin, Suwon, Huy

1.From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

I learned that the amount of research and sources supporting an argument have a great impact on how persuasive the argument is. Not only do I need relevant and supporting evidence, but I also need to give a lot of it. As I was evaluating debaters, I learned that the more supporting and strong evidence they gave, the more persuasive people (including me) thought the argument was. Therefore I learned that to be persuasive, a lot of  strong and supportive evidence is necessary. I also learned that I have to be confident and clear when speaking, making eye contact with the other debaters, because this makes my argument more persuasive.

  1. How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

As I said above I need a lot of  strong and supportive evidence from many sources. This makes my argument much more trustworthy.

  1. What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

Something that surprised me was how other debaters debated so professionally. They constantly made eye contact with the opposing team sounding confident and compelling, and gave many statistics. I was amazed at how well our class did in debates.

  1. What were you most proud of in your own debate?

I was proud that I was able to make eye contact with the other debaters, looking up from my script. I was so nervous that I thought I would just read from my script, but practice helped me remember what I had to say. I was also proud that I gave a strong claim and expanded on it using statistics and analysis.

  1. What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

I would’ve been much more serious and formal, because I was laughing and way too excited, and this affected how persuasive my argument was. I would also focus more on making sure I stated my arguments strongly and paying less attention to the other debaters. I would also try and conclude in a more compelling tone.

[6. Additional Comments, Questions, Observations or Suggestions.]

Overall it was a fantastic experience getting to debate. I learned how to be more persuasive and compelling in this debate, and it gave me many insights on evaluating other people and being persuasive.

Ecodome Day 23 Blog (Second Attempt)



Front view of the ecodome


Back view of the ecodome


Birds eye view of the ecodome

Reflection and Research:

Mold grows when there’s moisture, so keeping the ecodome dry will stop mold from growing. To do this I should move my ecodome away from the sun to receive less moisture.

Most molds need 24-48 hours of moisture to begin to grow.

Grasshoppers are fond of oats. Instant oatmeal lasts for 1-2 years. This means that instant oatmeal is a good food source that is favorable for grasshoppers, and has less chance of molding than corn.





Changes I made (3rd and final ecodome):

20161214_102445I took out the tall bamboo-like plant because it only acted as shelter, and the main problem of my ecodome was lack of fresh food, so I added a shorter and wider plant with many leaves instead. Since humidity was the main cause that our grasshoppers died (mold growing over food sources),  I replaced the corn with instant oatmeal, which I was luckily able to find, and because grasshoppers enjoyed eating oats and instant oatmeal lasted a long time (1-2 years) . I used cabbage as well. I added a lot of food sources as I would be gone for 3 weeks. I placed my ecodome further away from the window so that it doesn’t receive as much sunlight (which creates moisture). Furthermore, I will water the soil this time so that the plants can grow, but the food sources won’t mold as much. In the first attempt, I thought the food molded only because the grasshoppers didn’t eat it. I even thought that moisture was 100% good for my ecodome. However, in this attempt, while researching, I found out that mold is caused by a lot of moisture. I believe that this change will allow the food sources to avoid molding as much, and the grasshoppers could survive for a longer amount of time because they have enough energy.

Quarter 2 Research Reflection

This quarter in ELA I wrote a research paper about T.rex. My research question was ‘What made T.rex such a dominating predator?’.

My biggest success in this project was creating good notecards. We had to find a variety of sources including websites, books, etc, and create note cards with facts on them. We used these note cards in our paper. These came in very handy because for my body paragraphs, all I had to do was copy and paste them into my paper, and analyze the evidence (explain why the facts matter). Therefore I was proud that I had done a good job on my note cards.

My biggest difficulty was writing the introduction and the conclusion. I spent a lot of time and effort on that, because I had trouble thinking of food for thought at the conclusion, and how to make my introduction both interesting and showing why it matters. Because I spent too much time on these paragraphs, I wasn’t able to make my analysis strong enough.

Next time I would just write all my ideas down instead of thinking and thinking for an idea on my intro and conclusion. I would also spend more time making sure the analysis was strong and made sense. Some parts of the body paragraphs did not relate much to the thesis. Overall it was a good experience for a project that I will have to do many times later on.



Ecodome Day 7 Blog (First attempt)


-One grasshopper was green and healthy, another turned yellow and was buried in the soil and the third one turned yellow and was perched on the tall bamboo plant.

-All 6 of the small banana peels are rotten and green with black spots.

-All 4 pieces of Lettuce is rotten and brownish yellow. The grasshoppers have eaten very little of the lettuce.

-All 5 half sized cucumbers are rotten and yellowish orange, and look like ripped leaves.

-The two tall large plants remained the same, because the soil that they grew in was completely unchanged.

-The soil turned darker, and there are white small round shapes in soil.

-There are lots of water vapor on the walls of our ecodome (condensation).

-Mealworms are unable to be seen.


Our first ecodome


The grasshoppers didn’t eat much of the food, causing the food to become rotten, so I should look for better foods for the grasshoppers.

The sunlight caused my ecodome to become very moist, giving the grasshoppers water and helping the plants grow. Therefore I don’t need to add additional water.

Through research, I found out that the soil turned dark because it became moist, and the white shapes are vermiculite, substances that retain water and add texture to the soil to keep it from becoming compacted. Therefore, these were natural occurrences.

Reflection and Research:

To build a good ecodome, a clean container is necessary, as well as plants (not too tall) as food for the insects. Using soil is highly suggested.

Grasshoppers turn yellow from green when not enough food is available. Therefore, I can infer that grasshoppers do not enjoy eating our food sources, since 2 of the 3 grasshoppers were yellow.

The ecodome has to be near a window, but not in direct sunlight for it will burn the plants.

Once building the ecodome is finished there will be no need for additional water, due to the sun providing moisture. This means that I should take out the part of a cup with water.

Bugs such as beetles, and worms help provide Co2 for plants. Small, slow growing plants are suggested.

Corn is among grasshoppers’ favorite foods. They also eat small plants and leaves (foods that are easy to obtain in Phu My Hung).





Video of the changes I made for the Second Ecodome

Ecodome Blog Day 1

Today I designed and built my first ecodome. 


My ecodome design

Components of Ecodome and why I chose them:

  • 2 grasshoppers (can change depending on size of ecodome)
  • Grass/small plants to serve as Shelter and food
  • Smooth earthy clay like soil because I think plants grow best on this kind
  • 3 large ground plants with leaves for shelter and food
  • 3 water plants with leaves to cause the grasshoppers go to the water 
  • Water to grow water plants and to hydrate grasshoppers
  • mealworms to keep soil clean

Changes made on design day

I added cucumber, lettuce and sunflower seeds as food because they were available, and I realized grasshoppers would eat more than just plants, and I learned that they were vegetarian. I also added small pieces of banana peels because I thought it would decompose.I added 3 mealworms to help keep the soil clean. 

I added two large bamboo like plants (not three, because there was not enough room and the plants were bigger than planned) because I found out from my classmates that grasshoppers could jump really high, so they could jump and live on top of them. I also thought I wouldn’t need small plants/grass, because there was a lot of food already, and the two tall plants would provide enough shelter. 

I cut part of a paper cup to put water in it and for the grasshoppers to drink, because I realized that the grasshoppers may drown in the water, and it was too difficult to follow my design and separate the water and soil. I didn’t add the water plants because there was no water, and my ground plants were too big to fit any more plants. 

 I used three grasshoppers because I thought our ecodome was big enough to contain three, and the grasshoppers were smaller than I expected (I have never seen a grasshopper). I chose to add the smooth mushy soil because among the soil that was available, that was the most similar to the soil the two plants were growing in. I filled my ecodome with soil up to a bump (below), because that seemed like an ideal amount of soil. 


Our finished first ecodome

NY Collaboration Reflection

1. When this task was introduced to you what were your first thoughts, reactions? Why?

When this task was introduced to me I was excited to meet my buddy, and get to know them. I also thought this would be a fun collaborative project, and I thought the book Animalia was very interesting.

2. What are you excited the most about the collaboration unit? 

I am most excited about completing a page just like the book Animalia, because I think it will look amazing.

3. a) Explain how you have been connecting with your buddy?

I have been communicating with my buddy through Edmodo, discussing our project.

    b) What is your buddy’s name and what did you learn about them?

My buddy’s name is Giuliana, and I learned that she likes kickboxing and drawing.

    c) What similarities or differences did you notice between you and your buddy?

We both like drawing and school.

4. How has (will) your drawing/learning been (be) effected because of the collaboration so far? (for example are you working differently because you are working with someone else?)

I’ve gained experience working on a project with a buddy very far away, but my work hasn’t been affected by the collaboration because I always work hard.

5.  a)What did you think about Graeme Base writing to us? 

I think it’s very kind of him, and I think he is proud we are inspired by his book.

     b) What did you learn from his letter? 

I learned that he had been doing advertising, which he didn’t like, and found out doing books was much more satisfying. It took Mr.Base 3 years to complete Animalia, his second  book.

     c) Describe what you think of his book.

It has very creative verses, and the illustrations are detailed, colourful and fantastic. It obviously took a lot of effort to finish the book.

6. What challenges have you faced so far?

So far, we don’t have art class at the same time, so if I ask a question on Edmodo during art class, I have to wait a few days for my buddy to reply, which makes things a little bit harder.