My Journey Through Confirmation

My journey through Confirmation was a great journey. I might have not liked it in the beginning, but as the year and as the classes progressed, I began to really like it. I learned various amounts of information about God that I haven’t learned, or I have learnt but forgotten. It was a really valuable class to have because though that we can get closer to God than we already are. The overall journey was just too amazing. We might have test and quizzes like normal classes do have, but at least it’s about a topic that all of the students in the class really like.

There are a couple things that I really liked about the classes, and one of them is how we can socialize with each other, and how everyone is very comfortable with each other. Basically just everything that had to do with everyone because I got to get a closer and I got to know a few more people than I already knew. In addition, I also like our topics on what we learn. I remember learning most of the topics that we learned before in my old school, but unfortunately I forgot most of them. I’m glad that there’s this class to remind me of the time where I was in my old school and the teacher teaching me about God.

Throughout the whole time I’ve been in Confirmation, I did things that I’ve never done before. For example, going to the choir at church, and holding the basket for people to donate and give money to the church. It was a great pleasure that I get to do that, because not every church let’s you do that in your own free will. It was really fun. Every time I go and do something for the church, I feel really happy because I feel like I’m helping a lot of other people.

There were a lot of difficulties in the class and one of them was being on time because there were traffics and sometimes I just couldn’t arrive at the classes because of some school trips that I’m having. I was actually pretty frustrated when I couldn’t come to the classes. But overall, it was really fun and interesting being on the Confirmation class.

Astronomy Reflection

Did you answer your question?

– I did answer my question, and I also labeled which one is the first step, second, third and so forth.

What did you find interesting?

– What I find interesting in my project is that there is an evolvement on the star’s life. I also find it interesting that light cannot escape a black hole. I thought that if you were to stay inside of the black hole, you’ll still live but you’ll be alone forever. But after the project, I found out that if you were to be in the black hole, you would be teared apart.

How well did you think you presented?

– I think I did well presenting my project, although, I hesitated a lot and I have to get some hints on what I have to say next when I’m presenting. I could’ve made my project more eye appealing though, but I’m happy with my presentation.

Clothing Disaster

Ever been so stubborn that you don’t want to waste or risk anything? In the article called “Clothed in Misery” by M.T Anderson, it states that there was this incident in Bangladesh where a clothing factory building plummeted down. The reason is because the buildings structure was weak and therefore came to the time where it would be destroyed into pieces because there was no repairs made.

What the author is trying to share to us is that this incident is not anyway United States’ problem because it is somewhere else in the world. But it affects us since we are consumers. So the problem isn’t the building, it’s about consuming the products.

After reading this article, I somehow disagree to the author because I know that it isn’t U.S.A’s problem that the building collapsed, but they should at least help the search. Every act of help counts as a great sacrifice in life. In addition, after reading the article, I somehow got upset on the boss of the building because people already have inspected the building, but the bosses are too stubborn to make any change because they would lose money. Well, they can gain some of the money that was lost when they sell the clothing that they made. It upsets me to see how stubborn someone can be and then in the end, a huge consequence happens. I don’t think it was fair to the workers of the building because they know that the structure was weak, but stubborn as ever, the boss wouldn’t do anything about it. It just didn’t cost the workers, but it costs the whole factory. The boss’s whole factory outlet might even plummet down because they couldn’t produce any more clothing. Blame it all on the boss. It was their responsibility.

Introduction to Studying

Teachers ask students to take studying

and think of it,

as their ticket to their future.


or a helping hand when it’s time to be independent.


Teachers say, drop a bomb to the ground

and see how many ideas pop out.


or to run inside an empty room,

and see how many wonderful things you can fit there.


Teachers want them to open up our minds,

to think out of the box,

as if our lives depend on it.


But all students want to do

is rush, rush, rush.


They begin their mood of frustration

and try to end their homework,

once and for all.

Declaration of Independence


When in the course of human events, sometimes, it becomes mandatory to cut the bonds between the students and teachers in order for our independence. In order to do so, we must state why we deserve to be independent to the rest of the world. For everyone else to recognize and acknowledge why we should be independent and equal to the teachers.


Declaration of Student Rights:

All students should be treated equally.  We were given rights by our Creator that no one can ever diminish. Those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit for happiness. To obtain these certain rights, teachers should allow us, students, to do as we please. However, if the teachers start to generate an extensive trail of mistreatment againsts students, it is the students rights to stand up for ourselves, and the duty to abolish the control over teachers and proclaim our independence.



Since the very beginning, the students have been extremely patient with the teachers. Although with the scars on our souls that the teachers have given us, the moment has come for the world to know what we have been suffering through.

1.) Amount of homework is tremendous. In addition, we have to complete homework in a short amount of time.

-The amount of homework in some days are too high, while in other days, there isn’t any homework at all. Homework should be balanced . Secondly, deadlines for the homework come quickly, giving us hardly any time to complete.

2.) Class periods are too long.

3.) Lunch prices are too expensive.

– Lunch prices should be lowered in order to save the students’ money. In addition, three dollars for a plate of food is too much to ask for. Most students don’t take the whole combo for the meals.

Statements of Prior Attempts to Redress Grievances:

After all these suffering and mistreatments, we have explained what we felt about those situations by writing letters and talking face-to-face with the teachers. However, our complaints meant nothing to the teachers and we have been ignored every-time. We have even explained our situations with our fellow friends outside school, my cat, and my brother, although, all our appeals were ignored. We must announce that we are isolating ourselves from the school and the teachers, and to claim ourselves from now on, independent.


Resolution of Independence:

We, therefore, the representatives of the student association, broadcast all these facts worldwide for everyone to perceive. In the name and the permission from other students that comply with us, we solemnly write and proclaim that the students are now free and independent. We give ourselves the same power as any independent and free adult. We pledge to give our respect in class, participate, and show our full efforts in every work thrown our way.

F.B.I. Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post

Have ever done something that you weren’t good at and still accomplished? I think that it’s not humanly possible unless it’s your talent. In the article called “F.B.I Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post” by Connor Simpson. It states that the F.B.I released the photos of the suspects because users from Reddit and the Post have been posting photos of innocent people. In addition, those users are also trying to catch the suspects-that they believe are the real suspects- using the internet. The users consider themselves helping on the situation, but the F.B.I say that they are creating more problems. Therefore, now the cops doesn’t have to simply catch the suspects, but to stop the posts on Reddit and the Post in order for people to not be included in more danger.

The author’s message is to tell us that users and people online are posting things on social websites. That results to making themselves even in more danger because of what their doing. Amateur Sleuthing is what the F.B.I calls them people on the internet trying to be vigilantes when they don’t acquire the proper information about the whole bombing. The author’s message is important to consider because these “amateur sleuths” aren’t helping at all. Instead, they are making more trouble for the cops giving them double jobs instead of just trying to catch the suspects.

If I was one of the users online, I wouldn’t join in with the people because I know that I don’t have experience with finding suspects in the internet. Moreover, I don’t have the proper information that people would want to believe even though they don’t know it’s for real or not. What surprised me on the article are the people on the internet because, how can they catch a suspect using the internet? Besides, why do they suddenly have the feeling that they should take over the job of a detective/investigator? Finally, why do they want to catch the suspect anyways? I understand, that they might want to be famous or be on the T.V or something, but they should also understand that what they doing is making everything else worse! Like what it said on the article, instead of the cops/police/F.B.I having one job-capturing the suspects, they have to try and stop the vigilantes on the internet from making the situation even worse. This absolutely changes my view of the internet world because I wouldn’t even suspect that people on the internet would try and stop the suspects online. It never occurred to me that there is a slight chance that, that would happen. Overall, I highly think that those internet users shouldn’t meddle with things that they can’t handle.

The War Finally Begins…

by Will Cyr

The war has finally begun

I know no way of judging the future.


Already have produced



I know no way of judging the future

I’ve been trying for the last ten years

Finding every light of possibility


There’s this fear of giving offence


I do not like war

But, we must fight

Soldiers have been

Hugging the delusive phantom of hope.

But, most soldiers seemed to lost it.


I want peace

Peace is so sweet

But there is no peace.

Soldiers abandon their

Noble struggle



This battle doesn’t

Raise up friends

I have been so long forging peace

But there is never any more hope.


I stand idle

These insidious smiles

Transforms us into beasts

Thinking that we can

Trust them


Although we cannot,

They might betray us

I cannot tell

This war is so tiresome.

I want it to end.

Racism Travels Online

How does racism affect you as a person? Do you find racism insulting when you’re the target? In the article called “Spreading Racism via Facebook” by Tom Jacobs, it states that racism isn’t just done in life, but it has been now passed down via Facebook and the internet. Frequent users of Facebook are being influenced by negative racial messages. Although, there was also some positive attitudes about the racism. Furthermore, since that there are a huge number of people using Facebook, racism is spreading even more. Some people are trying to be positive and try to put an end to it. The others are still influenced by the negativity of racism posts on Facebook.

The author wants us to understand that racism isn’t just spreading through schools, streets, etc. But it has been also spreading via Facebook and in the internet. In addition, he wants us to know that not just spreading out in the streets or in the school hallways, but racism has been traveling online.

In my opinion, I think that racism should stop because it’s not nice and it can hurt people’s feelings immediately. There are a lot of people that I know that didn’t stand up for themselves because they might ruin a person’s racism joke. Sometimes people make jokes about racism, most people might just take it lightly, but when you instantly notice that it’s somehow directed to you, it affects you and it can hurt your feelings really bad. After reading the article about racism spreading via Facebook, I instantly notice that it was a bad thing because people can get hurt even if it’s a Facebook post. At the same time, if there is a positive racism status, then people can go and like it and share their thoughts about racism and try to help and stop it online. Overall, I think that positive commenting is great because people can come together as a community and try to stop racism.