The model represents the formation of igneous rocks.  1 detail that proves this is the green at the end of the magma, and it is at the end because it cooled when it flowed towards the end.  The green is newly formed igneous rock. Magma forms into igneous rocks by cooling and that happened to the green in the picture.  If it were to cool down when it first came out, then it's probably not magma, and probably melted marshmallow. Note that the red is the volcano, and the yellow is the magma.

The second detail that proves that this is the formation of igneous rocks is the volcano. Where does magma come from? Volcanos! Without a volcano or any source of magma, igneous rocks will be unable to form. A volcano forms from a convergent or a divergent boundary plate, and the magma either comes from the melted rock from the subduction zone or just the magma chamber inside the earth.  Igneous rocks are formed from cooled magma, and it hardens because it loses thermal energy and kinetic energy. It then hardens into an igneous rock. In this model/picture, there is a volcano present, and that is the last piece of evidence that I have present.

Also, a tiny piece of evidence is the dude standing on the green (rock) If it was magma, he wouldn't have been able to stand on it. This proves that the green is a rock, and not magma. This also supports detail number 1.


Igneous rocks are awesome because they can also shift into metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic rocks are when rocks get shifted and shaped under heat and pressure and morphs. This is a model of an igneous rock formation, and the evidence should make it more clear.

Mandarin has been hard, but im glad that i'm showing you this. In mandarin, I learned how to introduce myself, in interview style. I can now talk about my self, and stuff like where im from.

I also made a poster about my daily routine. Daily routine is like what I do in the morning and lunch. I can now talk about this.  Please watch my awkward video... (And look at my poster)


The only type of governments that I knew before starting this unit was democracy and monarchy.  For democracy, all I knew from it was representive democracy. Monarchy was easy, a king or queen!  Words like tyranny, direct democracy, and oligarchy were never heard of before, and now that I know them, I  feel smart 🙂

It is important to know the different type of governments because you wouldn't know who ruled you, and maybe you wouldn't even know if anybody ruled at all. This can give you a chance to protest against and tyrants choice, and vote with direct democracy.

I think representive democracy works best because its fair. Citizens get the chance to vote for a leader, unlike monarchy and tyranny. Direct democracy is also good, but I feel like fights could happen because everybody is in one room, and we cant fit America into 1 room...

Here are the types of governments that I made with gummy bears... Democracy with the white house! Oligarchy with all that money... Monarchy with the throne, and sneaky aristocrat.Tyranny, with a severed head from a peasant who insulted him...

My product is a bracelet(s) made out of recycled plastic bottles. From my analysis, I found that simple ads look the best. Simple ads meaning a plain background, and the item in the center. I'm not sure why, but it seems very appealing to me, and I would buy it. The second thing that I found In the ads is to make the words big and bold to catch the customers eye. I annotated some things that I notcied about the ad 🙂

Subway uses the slogan "Eat fresh." But what does this show about their company and products? The slogan "Eat fresh." Is right underneath their logo, so it's the second thing they see

The slogan eat fresh is telling you that their sandwiches are fresh. I have also realized that the slogan eat fresh is actually green, which immediately reminds you of greens and freshness, and that the food is a fast food option that is healthier than something like Wendy's, or Mac Donald's. Seeing this will make you know it's fresh, and fresh food is considered better, and healthier. In conclusion, what it is trying to tell emphasize is that SUBWAY makes fresh, and quality food, so you can eat fresh.

In social studies, we mummified fruits as an example of how egyptions mummified human bodies. All we did was out 1 part baking soda and 2 part salt, then we out the fruit in a plastic bag filled with the mixture. We left it out for a week or so and the reveal was rater surprising. photo-on-12-5-16-at-10-32-amThe apple was really crinkly and dry and brown while the tomato still has a bright red color. I was surprised with the bright red color of the tomato because I thought it would darken but it was really cool!

3 things I liked the most in social studies:

The number one thing I liked was the Mc project because my favorite game is minecraft and being able to mess around with it for a school project is really nice. Also I enjoyed the editing.

The second favorite thing that we did was the mummified fruits because it was really surprising and was my first time doing anything like it!

My final favorite thing was the chapters because I learned a lot from them. Like a lot! If we didn't have the chapters, my test scores would be wayyyy lower then 50%. Thank you chapters.

This week our lit circle was amazing because everybody was concentrated and improved so much from the 1st one. Everybody was answering my questions and it was so nice to understand the book a little more.

As a result of our discussion, my confusion got cleared up about why Mr. Darcy was mad at Elizabeth and why Mr. Collins was angry at her. Those 2 question really messed me up, but after my teammates explained it to me, I got it!

Next time, I think we should skype call more often because I have alot of questions for this book that if they weren't answered, the book would have been hard (They did answer but sometimes they were busy) Overall, I had a great Lc this week! Hope to have more of this!

One of the ways this project helped me understand canaan more is probably the research and the learning. Before this, I didn't even know what canaan was! I though the enviroment was just a desert with no water but its really not! Another way it helped me learn was by teaching me about human settlement! How? Building it actually. I slowly learned about how people settled, and how people lived in the settlements. The last way this helped me was by teaching me what topography meant. Well really ms Wolf did, but this project was part of it so I really liked it. Topography is a big word ok?

One of the parts in the project that I am proud of is my editing 😀 I did a lot of cutting and lots of editing in the imovie and in the end, I felt really proud. Another thing was probably my building because I lost my first building once, but I didn't give it and still kept going to make another one.

Next time, I should write a script because I did have some grammar trip ups in the imovie. Watch it here!