Art Questions 4

What did you do today? How?

We are almost finish withe whole thing, the next things we will add in are not really a part of the artwork, but rather just to make the art look better.

How do you think your group members went?her didi the problem.

it was really good, we started cutting out the designs, and when we encountered a problem, we split up so one person did the work and the to

What do you think of your progress so far? Why?

What is your group plan for the next 2 classes?

Art Questions 3

What did each of you do today?

  • Ben: Made designs with paper to stick on the walls.
  • Hwee: Painted one of the walls and made a small design to stick onto the tree.

What problems did we face?

  • Hwee: Having trouble painting the walls without getting it wet.
  • Ben: Accidentally cutting the wrong part of a design.

Did you work on the job you mentioned in the last reflection? If not why not?

  • Yes, Ben and I did design the walls, but we’re not finished. We need to add some final finishing touches, like the paper cut outs.

What is your plan for next class?

  • We will try to finish designing the walls, inside and outside. Preferably redo the paint job on the front wall where it is messy
  • Ben: Finish crafting the designs.

Art Questions 2

What did your group achieve today?

  • Hwee: finished sticking the trees inside the high school building and we finished painting everything. Ben clued the trees in the building. Hwee Hong painted the front wall and helped Ben glue.
  • Ben: we glued the trees inside, and are ready to start sticking things on the outside to decorate it.

What did you do well today as a group?

  • Hwee:We cooperated and we started putting more things together and we work independently to make the building come together.
  • Ben: The independent work is finally start to come together, and we have a better view of our final product.

What is the plan for next class?

  • Together: Ben and I are planning to design the walls and inside with different shapes. But we still have to plan things out because we started with a facade, but our ideas changed, so therefore, we’re still thinking.

Art Questions 1

What did you do today? How?

I made a wall to represent a window, and started on the foundation, and the wall.

How do you think your group members went?

I made the trees that went inside, and made the big one that would be the center of attention. Unfortunately, it did not turn out well, due to the lack of hot glue. So we had to really glue that in and the back really did not look good. Overall as a group, I would say decent.

What do you think of your progress so far? Why?

we are very close to finishing, because once we finish the tree, the rest should be fairly straightforward.

What is your group plan for the next 5 classes?

We need to decorate the wall, and make them tell some kind of story.

Black Death “How were the sick treated during the Middle Ages”


Doctors back then were mostly curing citizen of high status. They used what were called “remedies” with are like a treatment for a disease. Scientists have proven that about half of the remedies helped the victim, precisely 25/48 of them. One of the most famous ones was “bleeding” the victim. Doctors bled victims frequently, monks could get bled 7-12 times a year. The people back then thought it “…clears the mind, strengthens the memory, cleanse the guts sharpens the hearing, curbs tears, promotes digestion, produces a musical voice, dispels sleepiness, drives away anxiety, feeds the blood and rids it of poisonous matter and gives long life, cures pains, fever and various sicknesses and makes urine clear and clean.” Needless to say, it didn’t work most of the time. But other cures, like the cure for a stye in the eye, they said mix garlic, onions, bull gall, wine, put them in a copper bowl for nine days that apply to eye, and the ingredients in there actually attack the bacteria that causes eye stye. So for most of the patients back then were treated by bleeding, some other remedies that worked, and some that didn´t.