I think that sometimes I get too carried away and not listen to people that I should listen to. And this flaw kind of connects to how in Frozen, Anna meets Hans which she then wants to marry. And when she tells Elsa about the upcoming marriage, Elsa doesn’t allow it so instead of listening to her sister, she yells back at her making Elsa lose control.

Since, I lose my things easily, forget where I put my things, and drop my things. This had made me think of the silly character in Mickey Mouse & The Clubhouse, which is GOOFY. Goofy is clumsy, absent-minded, gets confused easily, and acts somewhat childish. And because of this, I think that he relates to me because I am also clumsy, absent-minded, gets confused easily, and acts somewhat childish.

The reason I chose Grumpy in Snow White as my last fictional character, is because I always think negatively of things and never see the bright side. And this is similar to how Grumpy acts. And he also is short-tempered, which I also have, and that is why I chose him for describing myself.

The picture above shows the cycle of how the igneous rocks are formed. The red blocks represent the volcano, while the yellow represents the magma. The magma is created because of the heat of the mantle and subduction. When the convergent and divergent boundaries crash together, and one of the plates dives down. The rock is melted because of the mantle's heat. Since the magma is hot it will be less dense which brings it to the surface. The magma flows down the volcano, cools and then hardens because it loses kinetic and thermal energy.The igneous rock is formed from the cooling of magma. And finally, forms into igneous rocks which is a rock strata (rock layer).

The three rock types that are in the cycle that is started by volcanoes are Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, and Igneous Rocks. The Sedimentary Rocks are formed when sediment is compacted. Metamorphic Rocks are formed from heating and pressure. And finally, Igneous Rocks are formed from the cooling and hardening of magma (molten lava). A place where you can find igneous rocks are near mountains, or near a volcano.

We placed the person there on purpose because it would support the idea that the green blocks are the igneous rocks because you can stand on rocks but you cannot stand on magma. Some examples of igneous rocks are Andesite, Basalt, Diorite, Gabbro, Granite Black, Rhyolite, and etc.

I think that igneous rocks are very interesting because it can become sedimentary rocks. Wind and water would break the igneous rock into pieces. The rock pieces are called sediments. A long time after, the sediments would have compacted and cemented together to make a sedimentary rock.

In Social Studies we learned about the governments in Ancient Greece. And today we were doing an activity about governments. Our task was to make scenes with gummy bears, and those scenes have to relate to the governments. Before this unit all I knew about government was democracy, I didn't know anything about Tyranny, Oligarchy, and Monarchy. It is very important to know different governments because we should know what different governments do in the past. My opinion is that Democracy is the best form of government because in Democracy people get to vote on the person they would want to rule.






Have a break, have a KitKat. KitKat uses the slogan "Have a break, have a KitKat", and when people hear that phrase you will know that it's KitKat because it says KitKat in the slogan. When it says "Have a break" that means that they want you to take a break from something that you are stressing about and then have a KitKat. They are saying that because  I realized that the word "KitKat" in the slogan is the logo of KitKat. So they want you to know their logo. In conclusion what it's trying to tell you is that KitKat will relieve you from stress!Image result for kitkat slogan


In Social Studies we were making mummified foods. The vegetables that we used were apples, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes. We first carved out the insides and used salt and baking soda to fill in the insides. We then got paper and wrapped it around the vegetables. After that we put the vegetables in a plastic bag with salt and baking soda, and waited for about 10 days. The plastic bag was all put in the cupboards . After the 10 days, we opened the bag and unwrapped the paper. This is a photo of the results we got. It was very smelly, and the vegetable that changed the most was the apples. Their skins before were red, now they are brown. Overall, I had a fun time wrapping and carving the vegetables.


This semester's Social Studies is almost ending. My top 3 favorite learning tasks/activities from Social Studies this semester are the Kahoot activities because it really helps me review for the assessments. My second favorite activity is the Minecraft Project we did a few months ago, I like this Project because I really liked how my world turned out and I had a lot of fun. My third and last favorite activity is Quizlet practices. I really like the Quizlet practices because they really help me review for the assessments and activities.



In what area do you feel successful in math?

One area I feel successful in math is working hard, trying my best, and not giving up when the question is too hard.

In what areas are unhappy with your progress?

I am happy with this quarter's results and I hope that I can even go better than before.

What goals can you set for next Quarter?

Next Quarter, I want to set my goal to try to work more on ALEKS, and ask the teacher if I don't understand the math question.

In Social Studies we just finished a big unit on Ancient Egypt, Canaan, and Kush. This project helped me understand how water, vegetation, and topography influence ancient human settlement because people in Ancient Egypt people will mostly settle on places with flat lands because flat lands helps vegetation.  I learned a lot in this unit, and one of it is that the Nile River leaves silt behind when it floods. The thing that I am proudest in my video is my minecraft world because it looks amazing. The thing that I will do differently next time is to make the video possibly longer. Overall I had a nice time making the video, and I had lots of fun making my world in minecraft.