Minho’s Ancient Egypt Reflection





What are three new things that you learned from this project?

In this project i learned about how ancient Egypt people settled in there daily life in Egypt. In this unit i also learned about the rivers in ancient Egypt and Canaan. I never knew about the rivers in ancient Egypt and Canaan. For example in the ancient Egypt the nile river, mediterranean sea and the red sea. In ancient Canaan the sea of Galiee and the Jordan river. I also learned about the topography of ancient Egypt and Canaan. For example the Eastern desert and the Western desert.


What are Two things that you did good in your project?

 I think i did well on my Minecraft world putting 6 environmental factors. The second thing i think i did good on my video.


What will you improve on your work next time?

I will try to make my script longer and make it more detailed. 





End Of Year Blog Post.

Fifth grade was the best year the most happiest thing to learn was Math and learning about sustainability. The best thing in fifth grade was to go to Cat Tien. The most challenging thing to do was the map test. To next year fifth graders DO NOT PLAY GAMES IN CLASS TIME. My Plan for the summer is to go to Singapore and Korea. I am exited for Week Without Walls. I am waiting for summer.  

Green Dragons

Our groups project was organic cleaning products. We chose this idea because the cleaning product we are using was unhealthy for the kids. This is ecology because it helps the to be a safer place using organic cleaning products. This is economics because it makes the school to use cheaper. This is politics because people will agree to use these organic cleaning products. This is culture because this is organic cleaning products. We got information for our infographic and for our proposal. That our school will using bad healthy cleaning products.





Yesterday our grade started a unit of Hackathon. Hackathon was about Activities where people work in groups to come up with and develop ideas to improve places. But this time it was to make a change to the school. Teachers thought to do like a SHARK TANK. There were about 25 team and 6 teams were allowed to go to the SHARK TANK. But before all of that we got interviews of people in the school and asked questions to make the school a better place and how could it be more sustainable. We got ideas for the shark tank. My idea was to put solar panels to not waste energy for the school. Then we started a poster called S.T.A.R.

Situation    People are using too much energy in the school.                    Task       To save energy for the school
Actions    1. Buy and learn how to use the solar panels.                                   2. Use them and save energy.                                      Response  If we use this we can help the school save energy and money.



S.T.A.R stands for Situation, Task, Actions and Response. After we made our poster we put them in to the walls and 6 teachers chose witch should go to the shark tank. My group was one of those 6 so we went up and showed our S.T.A.R Poster and we explained it. Other people ideas were very creative for example make reuse able cup for the smoothies. Our group waited for the people to talk and we got a .. A GREEN! But it was possible  It was great.

Cat Tien


Our grade went on a trip to Cat Tien.

In Cat Tien the most interesting thing was in the Night Safari and the Night hike. In the night safari we saw a lot of dears, a rabbit and a squirrel looking guy. In the night safari it was cold and the sky had lot of stars than in the city. In the night hike it was hard to be in the dark without using the flash lights. And there were more stars than in the night safari.


In the Primate center I learned the people had gibbons as pets and they had problems because some of them were in schools, factories and as pets. And people told the primate center and they were rescued. And some of the gibbons ate the wrong food. Some of them were fead wrong so they can’t go back to the forest. 


The most challenging thing was the Night hike because we were not allowed to use the flashlights and we just could use our eyes. But i got use to the darkness. Next year I would want to go to crocodile lake and see the crocodiles. I liked Cat Tien. 

My Article

My article topic was Warren Buffett. I chose this topic because I did not know who was Warren Buffett so I wonted to research about him. I found a lot of articles and looked at a lot of websites. I learned to write a strong body paragraph. I think I could make my conclusion better. I chose Google sites because I wanted to use a new site. I think my Contrast was good because i chose good colors that match. And I like my Alignment. 


My Reading Goal


My reading goal was to read a long mystery book that was a good level for me. I chose a good book that was my level with ten different mystery stories. The book was called Thriller. But I did not finish the book. I will read 10 pages every day and finish the book before coming back to school. I like the book, because it has a lot of fun stories. I like the story that is called the Wish Machine. I will recommend to people that like mysteries.



Reflection: I learned in this experiment that I had used a different Coke from the American Coke in the video, because in each country they use different ingredients to make Coke. My favorite thing was that the first time my partner and I did it, it was a success. If I did it again, I would try it with Diet Coke and different Mentos. There is a slide show above. 

Vietnamese Class

In vietnamese class I had wrote 4 things. These are the ones, Gia dinh (my family), Buu long ( A fun park to do cool activities), Tet trung thu ( A celebration) and Tôi đi (It is a paragraph about where we wont to go. In vietnamese class we learned the ones that we can learn for this season. The link in the bottom is a link of My family in vietnamese. Take a look inside. 


Gia Đinh


Peer presure

In school we were learning about peer pressure. Peer pressure means to try to let them do something that is wrong. For example a friend ask for your homework and says if you dont give me your homework i will hate you. But then you mite have to be brave and say it is not a good way to you. It will not help you learn. The teacher asked questions if this is a right thing to do or not. This is what we learned in Peer pressure.imgresimgres-1imgres-2