Good Bye Elementary School

The most interesting thing I learnt this year was how to walk in the dark without a flashlight, and also I loved the part when I had to perform The Most Epic Birthday Ever! The funnest part in Grade 5 is when I was on the playground, then I fell in the sand pit and my friends and I laughed so hard they fell to the ground. The most challenging thing I met was I had to write a proposal. What I am looking forward to the most about Middle School is that we can meet new teachers and learn more things too!

Me getting a certificate!


Green Dragons!

Over the about two months ago we started our new unit about ecosystemOur worked on paper towels. I choose these idea because our school was using too much paper towels and also we are not using them all the time.

Our project has considers economics because at the beginning it might be expensive but when everything is okay it will work.My group also considers ecology because the air dryers uses a bit of energy and the towels we can reuse them again and again. It is not against politics and will not offend any person of any race.

My group worked hard on our infographics and we had to think really hard to think about our proposal to put all the parts together and also we had to memorize our scripts. We were not ready for some of the questions.

The most interesting I learned was the infographic because I didn’t know how to make a presentation at first and then we had to put it on a Prezi to show to the Shark Tank. The second thing I learned how write a proposal and just tell our project in just 2-5 minutes!

The most challenging part of this project was the infographics and the answering the questions. The hard part of the about the infographic was when we messed up and we had to do the whole thing and download it again to Prezi and the questions at the Shark tank were hard not like I thought it was. The hardest question were the washing mechanics enough? Our group did well at working on the infographics and the research we found before the Shark Tank. My group would do thing differently were we could have split out the work so we could had a chance to move to the nice final tank and also we would have down the script better by writing down more lines.


The Day at the Hackathon

A hackathon is an activity where people work in small groups to come with and develop ideas to improve something. My group was thinking of dong robots picking up trash, but we discovered it was a very hard project to so then we did reusable cups for smoothies.

My group chose that Fun Fruit Smoothy cups because people are not bring there own cups to buy smoothies,so we came up with this idea of putting blue baskets for people. Then when at the end of the day the fun fruit world and the cleaners goes around get the blue basket and let them clean the cups and reuse them the next day.

a. Situation–What problem or complaint would your idea solve?

Our team complaint was a few people use the smooth cup to refill and most of he people who buy the cups just throw it away in the bin,so my group

b. Task: Basically, what are you trying to do?

c. Actions: What are the steps or things you need to do to carry out your plan?

d. Results: What kind of results do you want? How will you know if you succeed?

3. Why do you think your idea would be a sustainable one? Talk about these things:

a. Ecology: Would it be good for the environment?

b. Economics: Could SSIS afford it?

c. Politics: Would the leaders at SSIS agree to it?

d. Culture: Would it fit with people’s cultures (the way people think, feel, and behave) at SSIS.

4. How well do you think your group did on developing and presenting your idea? Did you get a green, yellow, or red light? Why?

My Trip at Cát Tiên

The two most interesting I did in Cát Tiên was the Night Safari and the Night Sensory Hike because the night safari was really interesting when we get to see what animals are awake at night. My group saw several deer,one porcupine,and a jake rabbit. The animals were very still when they saw the light the man was shining at the animals. The part that I love about the night sensory hike was when I saw more stars than I usually saw at night when I’m at home, my most favourite activity was the night safari because I have never seen a deers in the wild and a porcupine crossing the road.

The most interesting I learned at Cát Tiên was that we can see at night in eye setting can see in the darkness,but there colour sight is very bad it can only see black,white,and gray. The second fun thing I learned is that gibbons fur when the male and the female are born there fur is golden then when there 1 year old the female plus the male fur turns back to black then when there 3-5 years old the female turns back to golden again and the male stays black.

The most challenging thing was when we had to do the human knot with a big group of people. It was really hard that we had to find out how to untie the knot,Ms. Rayle was helping my group because we did it like a real dead knot. The second hardest thing was hard for me was looking out for animals out on the the night safari because they were camouflage.

  1. Next year, we might add another day to the Cat Tien trip. What ideas or suggestions do you have for adding or changing activities so that it is even more interesting and fun?

I think of adding fishing with the local people. It would fun because we don’t know what fish is living in the waters of  Cát Tiên so we would be very excited if that would happen. I thought this would be good because cool learn patience and skill to do this challage

The Amazing Race of the Year!!!

Yesterday the whole 5th grade had the amazing race. This race was hard to find the places. My group was named Heart Ice-creams. The begingging of this unit was a blast,it was like the amazing race but in our school we had six teams not like the latest one. We gather up and waited for our teams. Then we started of with the amazing race! And now this race is very different because the activtives were our choies to do it. The race was the end of the race unit so we had a hard time doing it the challages were at our level to do things right. The hard thing of the race was finding our place around the place. The highlight of the race was when our team had to find out how much sodium in each food and list them for big to small. And finally the race can imporved by the ending loacation because the small temple was hard for the teams to touch it so I think the ending is different.

Peer Pressure Part 1 and 2

This week i have learnt a lot of peer pressure that how to defend ourself when we are forced us in to doing something like drinking alcohol. I have learnt that to say no firmly if something that I don’t wanted to be done by me. So this is what I would do is if my friends older sister asked me to drink some alcohol first I would say no and if they keep on asking me I will say no more but this time I will say no firmly. And if they start to beg I will leave and come back tommorow  and tell them that I will be not happy with them and what they done.

Nutrition Part 2

I come from school and my mum tells me to make a healthy snack for my brother and I. I had get cheese with crackers because the crackers have carbs in them. I would also make carrots sticks with milk because carrots will give you some iron and the milk would have calcium.

I would buy banana cake with peanut butter because this it has a lot of vitamin. And the last thing I would buy for my brother mango with granola bars because the nut would have lots of protein and that is what I would do to feed my brother after school.


Nutrition Part 1

On this unit our class learnt a lot of nutrition. That it is healthy for use in the future when we grow up. The unit was fun and interesting because the word in the unit is weird,but in the end we found out what this word meant. I learnt something new that I vegetable are the only thing that holds iron(a type mineral).

I could make a better chose because of reading the food label before putting it in the basket. It would be healthy because it has lot of good things in the can for example iron,vitamin,and protain. This should be in our food everyday to keep use healthy.

My Amazing Race!!!

I was so excited to do the amazing race. I was with Russel,Peggy,Halia,Bao Loc,Eun-Woo,and me! We were very good at doing the 10 stations and finished it all in time! I really loved when I did the vlog,a volg is that you do a blog but a video. My team was very good at doing all the stations. I didn’t like the place that we had to do the plagiarism! We finished in third place!