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In our IT class, we have recently been watching/reading a story called Alice. The special thing about the story is that we could interact with it. There were many interactions such as taking photos, click on the bazi etc. Next, we had an assignment to do a remix of any scene we wanted to improve. My partner, May, and I, chose to do scene 12 when Alice and  her mom were driving to find her dad. We’ve decided to make an interaction where you move the binoculars to find clues. This project was inspired by the game “Slenderman”.

First, we thought of a plan which includes images, sounds and interactions. We wrote out the whole plan on a Google doc to have an overview of what we are going to do. After that, I used the Ipad to create music on garage band while May starts looking for images. We decided that we would do scene 12 in inanimate Alice because we thought it could have more details. After we got all the images and music done, we combined them into our scratch project.

I think we did well with the plan and thinking of interactions that would be interesting for this scene. We made a good plan with details on what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. Also, I think that because we made a good plan, our project worked out well. Their were some minor changes which needs to be fixed such as the binoculars but we tried  all the ways possible to do it but it didn’t work. I found that doing the interactions were challenging because we had to have even the smallest detail such as a 0.2 second so that the interactions would come up correctly. We struggled a lot with this part but after a long time of fixing these minor details, we finally got it right.

Some new things I learned while doing this project was to make music on garage band. After playing around, I found out some cool features which I used in the music. We made sure that we had use all the modes, text,image, sounds and interaction. With all of these, it definately enhances the scene making it more attractive and fascinating.


Here is out final scratch project! 😛
scratch image

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