Human Rights Project: Human Trafficking in South and East Asia

For our Human Rights project, we were to pick a global issue that deals with violations of human rights. My partner  Ye Bin and I decided to do a project on human trafficking in south and east Asia.

I am pleased with my project because we planned out everything, had a 4 page script and the overall presentation went well. I am satisfied with the finished product because we spent a lot of time preparing the script and the google presentation was just a visual for the audience. I am also pleased with my grades for the project 🙂 I liked that we were able to work with a partner on this project because one person would be doing too much work.  What I disliked about the project was that we had to email an expert and had get a reply back in order to achieve at least a meeting.

I have changed my opinion and outlook on violations of human rights. Before this project, I did not know much about the violations of human rights globally, and watching the presentations raised my awareness on these devastating issues. I did not know how bad this problem was and how it is happening everywhere in the world, from human trafficking and slavery to prison camps and police brutality.

Here is our presentation

We also made a Facebook Page to raise awareness for our project.

Astronomy Project Reflection

Why did I chose the topic of the supernova?

Originally, I was going to do the project on the big bang or the beginning of time. But many people had already picked the big bang theory so I though I should also do another type of explosion, a stellar explosion.

What did I learn from this project?

I learned many things and gained new knowledge, not only about the supernova but also how it is observed and what it tells us about our universe.

I also learned a lot extra to have better understanding of the supernova. I learned about supernova nucleosynthesis, nuclear fusion, gamma ray bursts, the special telescopes and how they detect different wavelengths, interstellar medium, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

The most surprising thing about the project?

Out of the many surprising things during this project,  what I found most surprising during this project was how much research I did. I did not realize until I looked at my bibliography with over 50 sources. I also learned surprising facts like the supernova outshines the entire universe for a few seconds and it released the amount of energy the sun released in its whole lifetime.

Things I’ve learned from researching the supernova

What is a Supernova?

I learned the word origin that comes form latin with ‘super-‘ meaning above and beyond and ‘nova’ meaning new. I  learned that it is the largest explosion to occur in space.

What are the types of supernovae?

I learned about the different types of supernovae and how they are classified first with the presence of absence of hydrogen and then sub-classified.

What is released in a supernova? What is left after?

I did not know that supernovae create nebulae which is a cluster of gasses and dust. I also found it surprising that the debris of the supernova are traveling 50 million km an hour when the supernova occurs.

CSI Industrial Revolution

Recently in Social Studies, we have been doing something called CSI, which stand for Color, Symbol, Image. We select one word in which we chose a color, symbol and image to represent ; in this case, I chose Reparations. The color I associate with Reparations is red because when a contract is violated in anyway, the worker must pay an impossibly high amount of money to the factory. They will need to work for the rest of their life, pouring blood, tears, and sweat to repay their debt. I chose a piggy bank as the symbol because the workers are likely to take out all their life savings to pay the factory. Finally, the image I associate with Reparations is a stack of money because laborers need stacks of money in order to be out of debt.. For example, in Japan silk factories 1909 contract states that the female workers’ families instantly get 100 yen (enough to build a two story house) earnest money when a worker signs up for the job, but if the worker violates the contract in anyway, they must pay 20 times the reparation money.


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Newton’s Vehicle: Blog Post 3

Throughout our design process, I learned that we should experiment with different things, such as different types of wheels, texture, size, material, to find the suitable one for your car. It is incredibly important to find faults in your car, and how you could improve it. For example, the bottle caps had a rough texture, which slows down the car. We stuck electrical tape onto them, which lessens the friction. I learned how Newton’s Laws are applied to the car, especially using a balloon to demonstrate his Third Law. If I were to repeat this project, I would consider using larger wheels because the mini bottle caps are very close to ground. I saw one group doing their vehicle using coke and mentos, which I think would be very cool to try even though it demonstrates a chemical reaction rather than Newton’s law.


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Newton’s Vehicle: Blog Post 2

During our previous science class, we’ve began experimenting and constructed a prototype from our design. In between creating the model, we’ve thought about how we could incorporate Newton’s laws into it. Newton’s first law states that an object will stay in its motion unless a force is acted upon it.  Our vehicle will remain at rest, unless if  we blew up the balloon. As for his second law, if there is an unbalanced force, the object will accelerate. In this case, we will inflate the balloon my compressing air inside it. When released, the force of the air will exert a force, making it move. We blow the air inside the balloon and the air is then released back in the opposite direction in which we blew it. This demonstrates Newton’s third law as it expresses that for ever reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We depend on this law for the car to move backwards.

We brainstormed many ideas, though finalized with using a light weight cardboard box because it is light and does not hold back the car, thus it makes drilling holes much easier. We also had a few ideas for wheels, from CDs to tape rolls and decided to use bottle caps because they are light weight, same sized, easy to find, and wide. Although, we had to modify the wheels by placing electrical tape around the wheels to create less friction, making the car move further. We also soldered holes through the bottle caps and attached them to the axle, which holds much better than simply hot-gluing them. Our prototype still needs modifications, and tests to find out what works most efficiently.



Newton Vehicle Project

Chè Trôi Nước

Chè trôi nước is a common Vietnamese dessert consisting of rice flour balls with mung bean paste and sweet ginger liquid. It is best served warm and finished of with sesame seeds and peanuts. Inside these glutinous rice flour balls, you will find luscious mung bean fillings, mixing with the spiciness of the ginger, and sweetness of the sugar. Try Che Troi Nuoc once and you’ll be asking for more!

I chose to share Che Troi Nuoc because it is one of my favorite Vietnamese desserts and reminds me of my childhood. In my family, we would cook a large pot of Che for special occasions such as Tet or birthday parties, though also as a sweet snack after dinner.  This dessert is significant to my family because whenever we make Che Troi Nuoc, my cousins and I would get to become chefs for a day and prepare the balls. We go wild, add our own fillings like peanuts and coconut shreds. Though the most fun is after the desserts are finished, we are able to taste our own creations, as well as share them with the family.

Che Troi Nuoc is a very unique dish with the variety of recipes throughout the different regions of Viet Nam. The southern people include fried onion, shallot, scallion in with the mung bean, and serves with additional coconut milk on top. Northern recipes require frying the fillings and adorned with mung beans in the liquid. Some may even add natural food coloring and flavor from vegetables to make the balls even more appealing. Each recipe is slightly different from one another, modifying in texture, taste, filling, size and colors. My family enjoys the crunchiness of coconut shreds and how it mixes with the mushy texture of mung beans.

To make this dessert, you will need:

400 grams Wheat starch

200 grams peeled Mung beans

350 grams Palm sugar (brown sugar will work as well)

1.5 liters water

10 grams chopped ginger

100 grams roasted peanuts

20 grams roasted sesame seeds

100 ml coconut milk

30 grams white sugar


  1. Boil the mung beans in water until soft. Strain the beans and mash the beans until it becomes a thick paste. Stir in sugar and a pinch of salt. Form marble-sized balls with the paste
  2. To make the dough, pour a bit of water into the flour at a time and stir until the consistency is thick enough to shape.
  3. Take a small ball of dough and flatten it. Place the mung bean paste inside and wrap the dough around it completely.
  4. Boil your water and add palm sugar and ginger. Stir until all sugar is dissolved. Slowly place the balls inside the mixture to cook. You will notice when the balls are done, they float towards the top. Remove the pot from heat and set to cool.
  5. Serve you dessert in a bowl, and fill three quarters with ginger liquid. Top it off with roasted sesame seeds and crushed peanuts to taste. You can either serve it cooled with ice or hot.
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Newton’s Vehicle: Blog Post 1

Firstly, what is gravity? Well, gravity is the force that attracts objects to each other. There are two factors which affect gravity: mass and distance. Gravity is what is pulling you to the ground. For instance, when you trip, you would fall to the ground. That’s because the mass of the earth is much greater and it pulls you towards the core.


Friction is the resistance when two objects rub together. When a car moves, the wheels comes in contact and rubs against the road, creating friction. Two factors which affect friction are the surfaces and how hard they rub onto each other. Naturally, smooth surfaces create less friction than rough ones. Friction comes in four types: sliding, static, fluid and rolling. When objects slide against each other, it is sliding friction. Inversely, static friction is between objects that aren’t moving. E.g pushing a couch to the other side of the room. Next, we have fluid friction, the friction between solid and fluid. It is easier to overcome than the other types of friction, so that’s why floor are slippery when wet! And finally, rolling motion is when objects roll against a surface, e.g a ball rolling.


Inertia is a resistance in change of motion. The  mass of the object affect its inertia; the greater the mass of the object, the greater its inertia. Every object will resist change in motion, which means the object will continue in its motion, whether it’s moving or not.


Newton’s First Law, also known as the Law of Inertia states that the object will continue in its motion unless acted upon by a nonzero force. The second law specify that acceleration depends on the mass and net force acting on it. You can easily understand this as objects that are heavier will need more effort to be moved. To find acceleration you use the formula : net force ÷ mass = acceleration. And finally, for every action, there is an equal opposite reaction. If this wasn’t true, then you would’ve fallen through the floor when walking!


I think it’s important to keep in mind that you can not use a ramp, windpower or motors for this car so we need to use newton’s third law to push the car. The car will exert force and the opposite reaction could push the car. I also it’s important to consider the type of friction the car will exert, as rolling friction is much easier to overcome so the car will move further.


Aliens, and Other Everyday Things

Heading home, I looked up at the grey sky, and sighed. It was getting pretty dark and my parents were going to kill me from being home this late. I couldn’t help but stopped by the local bakery. If only I could have some sweet bread from there. Sometimes, Mrs. Schönenberg would give me a few from the rejected pile. My stomach was growling. Our family was not wealthy, nor poor, though sometimes we starve due to the the food supplies running low in the winter. I kept my head low and continued on my way, until I noticed the sky grew brighter. With every step that I take, it turned greener and the wind blew swiftly. Until I noticed a giant disc like object floating in the sky, as it descends onto a nearby field. I should have been home by now, but curiosity killed me, as I ran hastily towards the mysterious object. Turned out it was gigantic! A green figure stepped out, and spotted me. Instead of heading home, I stepped up and said hi. Surprisingly, it replied in a human voice.

“Greetings human, I’m Alien. My family had come to find out about your local religions.”  Of course, my parents raised me to be polite to everyone, so naturally, I invited him to a nearby bench.

“Sure! Around here, most of the people are Protestant, whilst some stayed Catholic. It’s kind of a long story, but I have time. ” I began.

“Can you tell me more about Protestantism?” Alien inquired


“So Protestant is a separate branch from Catholicism. It all started when there was dishonesty within the church. The priests were selling indulgences, which are supposedly pardons for your sins. The public had been fooled into buying indulgences, which will not bring them salvation, and was only a way for the church to gain money for themselves. There had also been simony, in which people buy high church offices.” I explained. He seemed intrigued, so I continued.

“John Wycliffe was the first to acknowledge corruption within the Church. He spoke out to the public, questioning the pope’s authority. He believed that the Bible was the ultimate source of Christianity. Wycliffe was outraged with the way the Church was controlling people by referring to the Bible wrongly. There were very few copies of the Bible, thus the Masses were in Latin, so common people relied heavily on the clergies. As a result, John Wycliffe translated the Bible from Latin into English, exposing the lies of the Church. ”


“There had been a few more attempts to reform the Church, such as Jan Hus. He too, agreed that the church had been too far corrupted and worldly. Church officials were abusing the selling indulgences, claiming that they will bring buyers’ salvation. Hus was recognized as a heretic-”


“What is a heretic?” Alien asked.


“Well, the word “heretic” comes from heresy, meaning speaking against the doctrine or church teachings.” I clarified.


“As a result, Hus was burned alive. Continuing on the reformation path, many individuals had spoken against the church: Desiderius Erasmus. Erasmus wrote “The Praise of Folly,”a book criticizing the church’s action. Though the Reformation truly began in 1517, when a German priest known as Martin Luther questioned the church’s credibility and morals.” I said.


“You know what, we should take a walk through town so I could show you!” I suggested.


Alien nodded, as we headed towards the market place. Finally, we stopped at my favorite place ever, the book store. I exchanged greetings with the owner, and headed towards the religious books section. Sliding my finger across, I spotted one of Martin Luther’s books, The Ninety-Five Theses. I flipped through the pages and read Thesis 32 to Alien, “Those who believe that they can be certain of their salvation because they have indulgence letters will be eternally damned, together with their teacher.” Alien nodded, observed the pages, and held out a device and pointed it towards the book. It made a clickings sounds and flashes of light.


“Luther wrote these Ninety-Five Theses, in which he posted on a church nearby. With help from the printing press, he was able to make many copies quickly, so the Theses were known throughout Europe in a month. The Church had no way of concealing the lies, for Luther was a former priest. This caused a huge breakout, not only in Germany but throughout Europe as well. Many Catholics followers were questioning the Church’s morals and credibility. Something must be done. The casualties of the uprising against the Catholic Church lead to a new denomination, Protestantism. Their intention was to purify the Church.” I continued


“How about your family’s religion?”


“Well if you really want to know, my parents are Protestant, though my grandparents are Catholic. My parents, too, felt that the Church had been way corrupt and wanted to purify the church as well. On the other hand, my grandparents had followed the centuries long religion of Catholicism, passed down from ancestors. Both ma and pa made a very difficult decision, and had separate from our old family traditions, to join Protestantism. Grandpa was deeply disappointed with their choices, as our family parted from them, for pa believed it was the only choice. Consequently, my parent joined the reformation path along with many other with the same faith.”


Just as we were heading to the church, the same light that shone appeared, and i turned around, only to find Alien gone. I blew a kiss up to the sky for him. Oh well, i hope he remembers me. I kicked my heels and- What just happened? Oh dear, I feel intoxicated. Why don’t I remember anything, like I’ve just woken up with amnesia! Anyways, I should head home now, my parent will be prepared to beat me.

7 Minute Run Challenge

The 7 minute challenge is a required run which we do every P.E class. Our objection is to continue running for 7 minute and see how much distance we covered. My goals for this challenge was to get a bronze and silver. Bronze medal being passing 2 km and Silver being 5 km, and Gold 10 km.

I achieved my goal of silver by running a total of 5.5km. Some difficulties which I encountered was running whilst the field was still damp, and had to slow down in those areas. Other than that, I tried to keep a constant pace, and jogged when I’m tired. From this challenge, I’m able to keep a constant pace, and run for a while without being tired. The 7 minute run wasn’t exciting, nor fun in anyway, though I’ve improved in running.



Boxed Goodness

What is a Bento Box?!?

Don’t wanna eat the same sandwhich everyday? An alternative to the usual peanut butter and jam sandwich is the adorable Japanese Bento Box. They are super easy, quick, and very customizable. Bento boxes includes all your daily nutrients, super quick, and adorable. Surprise yourself and loved ones with the delicious Bento boxes.

Bento boxes can be considered as Japanese lunch boxes. There are many types of Bento boxes, though the most common boxes contain rice, fish, meat, fruits and cooked vegetables, along with side dishes. They are very common in Japan. Meals can be decorated to resemble characters, animals, objects, etc. Many would pack bento boxes for picnics and lunches at work.



  • 1 ½ cups of cooked rice
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 pc ham
  • ¼ cups corn
  • ½ cucumber
  • 1 egg (omelette)
  • fruits (to your desire) (My recipe: ¼ kiwi, 3 grapes, ¼ apple on stick, 1 sliced banana)
  • 1 lettuce leaf
  • 1 pc seaweed
  • 1 cup broccoli
  • optional: desired side dish


  1. Cook your rice.
  2. Cut carrot and cucumber into mini sticks.
  3. Cut broccoli.
  4. Cut corn, ham and carrot into tiny bits.
  5. Boil carrot,corn,cucumber and broccoli.
  6. Whilst the other ingredients are cooking, make an egg mixture to your tasting. Fry the egg into a thin layer.
  7. Take out egg and veggies.
  8. Cut apple into cubes, kiwis, banana slices, wash grapes.



  1. Use a big bowl and add desired amount of rice with carrot, corn, and ham bits. Mix.
  2. Form mini balls with rice.
  3. Cut the omelette into strips that are the same height as mini sticks.
  4. Use 2-4 sticks for one bundle. Wrap the egg around the sticks and secure with toothpick.
  5. Stick apple cubes, kiwi and grapes onto skewers.



  1. Lay lettuce leaf at the bottom, and left over omelette over it.
  2. Put rice balls onto the omelette.
  3. Place cucumber bundles in the corner.
  4. Broccoli in the front.
  5. You can add more side dishes if desired.