Imitation Poem: Introduction to Tumblr

I ask them to treat their Tumblr blogs like diaries
as if the blogs are the only way to escape
to another world

or at least
to another chapter of a book.

Decorate the wall with posters and labels
and scrawl “This is who I am!” across the wall,

or paint the rainbow after the storm,
angst and love.

I want them to dance with it,
enjoying the moments of reblogging pictures
or writing a whole page full of words.

But no,
all they care about is the amount of followers.
all they do is tie their heads with a thought,
“I should get more followers, and one way is not to be myself.”
they don’t think about what they want,
what they love,
what they adore.
They only think about what others want.

AoW: The Boston Marathon Bombings

In such a world, who doesn’t want to become a hero? But would you want to be the one to inform the wrong information that would lead to a confusion in a life-or-death situation? I don’t think so. Well, the article “F.B.I. Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos Because of Reddit and the Post,” written by Connor Simpson explains how helpful the amateur detectives compare to the professional detectives and police.

One of many interesting reasons for the F.B.I. to make their decisions to release the Tsarnaevs brothers pictures was to “fend off Reddit and the New York Post.” Now, why did they choose to do that? According to the article, the Post accused wrong people and told false information while Reddit was on its heels and looked at every pictures and tried to identify the suspects. All these wrong information that were given out by the social media sites had made up the professional investigators’ and police’s minds. On one hand, the invests and the police were trying to find the suspects of the bombings in the marathon. On the other hand, they were trying to clean out the chaos that were created by these social media site.

Throughout the article, I can tell that the author was a little too frustrated. He wrote, “…they didn’t find a thing, and only helped add to the confusion surrounding the case.” Maybe he was frustrated because even though some people who weren’t involved in this situation, they still find themselves being involved in one way or another. However, thankfully the police and the investigators solved the case of the bombings in Boston marathon. “It was just another example of cops being cops, and succeeding when we need them most.” was how he ended the article.

In situations like these, I don’t think anyone can possibly sit around and not care, but I don’t think it’s their business to get involved either. I believe that if they ever get involve in such things like this, they should have the exact information, rather than throwing faulty information on the Internet. Not only the inaccurate information cause more troubles for themselves, but those can also cause troubles for the police.

Declaration of Independence


When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for human beings to break the ties from the racist society, which has been happening for decades. As the God has given us the rules in life, all men and women are created with equal rights. However, the racist society broke the rules the God has given us. And the result? The result is we have no choice, but to write our Declaration of Independence.


Statement of Beliefs

God has given us the rights – the rights of life, the rights to be free, and the rights to pursue happiness. However, what’s keeping us away from these rights is the racist society. Should races be a matter for us to concern about? Whether what race we grew up in, should it be a matter? This, the racist society, is blocking our view, our definition of a beautiful world, a peaceful place we’re living in. We are no longer can hold these ugly truths to ourselves. Therefore, we, as the representatives of human beings, the ones who despise racism, will announce our declaration to be free from the racist society.



~ “Segregation.”

What we thought has ended decades ago, is still happening. People that grew up in different races can not attend in the same events. They are unable to interact and have to be separated from each other.


~ “Offensive racist jokes.”

We often think that anything that has to do with ‘joke’ is hilarious. However, racist

jokes are not only offensive, but it can lead into a huge argument.


~ “Stereotype.”

They made up stereotypes for each and every race, and it doesn’t matter if the stereotype they created is true or false.


Statement of Prior Attempts to Redress Grievances

We, as a whole group of people who are living on the Earth, have requested the racist society to reconsider their behaviors in the most polite manner, but only to find people are more devastated to those offended behaviors the racist society has caused. These behaviors can not be considered to be humans’ behaviors. We believe these kind of behaviors are not deserve to be alive on the planet Earth.


Declaration of Independence

We have found our voices and courage, bravery and strength to stand up to our beliefs. Therefore, we, as the representatives of the humankind, are declaring independence from the racist society by the authority of the people who believe racism need to go to an end and Dr. Martin Luther King. To support our declaration of independence, we pledge our honor on our lives, and make the world a better place.


photo credit: howlmontreal via photopin cc

The Phantom of Hope

Is life so dear, my dear fellow?

Or peace so sweet?

Lying supinely on my back


Why stand I here idle?

I am apt to shut my eyes

to take in all the painful truths

I’ve found.


betrayed me with a kiss,

then turned your back to my face

and lowered my self-esteem.

I forbid it

I repeat it, my dear fellow

It’s forbidden!

I’m too blind

to see your insidious smile.

I’m too deaf

to hear your evil laugh.


you still lure me into the illusion of hope.

My dear,

there is no more room of hope

inside my heart.

I’m not going to listen to the song of that siren

and let it kill my soul slowly.


I won’t let it happen

not anymore.

You think I’m weak,

you tell others that

but I’ll prove you’re wrong.

I will find my way back,

and fight you.

I will make you suffer,

like the way you did to me.

I won’t let you win,

not this game.




Facebook: Racism is Spreading!

I might be right, but I might be wrong about this: being popular is one of many people’s dreams, especially in the teenage stage. Why so? Ask yourself, “Would you rather want to be able to blend in with others or being alone by yourself?” However, in the article, “Spreading Racism Via Facebook” written by Tom Jacobs had proved us that we went overboard that led to racist jokes and messages which often offended others.


Based on the study by two psychologists, Shannon Raunch and Kimberley Shanz, out of 623 people who use Internet, about ninety-five percent of them have a Facebook account. However, they’d rather “in search of social inclusion” than in search for the information when they log onto the site. Stated by the author, he said, “they’re prone to express agreement with the material they see without thinking about it too deeply.” The psychologists then create a profile of a 26-year-old white man named Jack Brown, who purportedly written three versions on a Facebook Notes Page. The first post, which is called, “superiority message,” he insisted that the difference between the behavior the individuals of the black and the white, “only to find the consistent superiority of the whites.” While the second post, which is “victim message,” he noted the whites are “the most oppressed racial group in America.” The last post, which is “egalitarian message,” he gave examples what he had witnessed of the anti-black racism. Later on, these psychologists find out that these ‘heavy’ Facebook users “were more positive toward the message with racist content – particularly the superiority message.” This apparently proved to the psychologists and the author himself that most of these users would rather  blend in with the crowd than to think deeply what consequences they will bring to others in the future.


At the end of the article, Jacobs stated, “…critical thinking is often absent when people are motivated by the desire to be accepted, or to be entertained.” What he meant was that people care too much if they’re accepted by others or they aren’t. “Frequent Facebook users are likely susceptible to negative persuasive messages because they engage in less critical processing,…” the psychologists noted. Not only these Facebook users want to be accepted by others, they developed a behavior in which they don’t think before they “like” it or they “share” it.

As for myself, I’ve seen posts about racism on Facebook; however, I never liked or shared or do anything. Before reading the article, I’ve never considered that this could lead into a huge problem, I just simply thought it was just another “joke” from the Facebook community. But now, I am reconsidering about it again. I used to think, If racism has ended a  long time ago, why would it still alive? Even if I want to take action, but out there in the world, there are billions of people who have Facebook accounts, what can I do about it? In the proportion of myself to the world, it’s can only be me over millions to billions people, doesn’t that sound like an ant go against an elephant? But again, I think, if people can invent pages that have racist jokes, why can’t I create a page that goes against those pages? This is just my thought, many people might support it, but many people will send hate to it. But to make the world better, I can’t just sit here and stare at the screen all day long without doing anything. Sooner or later, I will have to take action. I’m very surprised yet not that shocked to see people who want to be socialized by posting these posts to make friends through a website or “entertained” others to get likes on their pages. To me, this is unacceptable to make posts about racism and post it on a website to get as many likes as possible. The question is, “can they be popular for the rest of their lives?”

Socratic Seminar Reflection: Modern Slavery TED Talk by Lisa Kristine

Lately, there weren’t as much news about modern slavery like before. Lisa Kristine made a presentation about modern slavery and brought it back to the spotlight. Last week, we did a socratic seminar. We sat in a circle, and discussed about modern slavery.  Everyone participated, and everyone support their thoughts based on the evidence in the video. And I agreed with a lot of ideas in the socratic seminar. Overall,  I must say that the discussion went really well. But the question is, “What is the purpose of this socratic seminar?” Would you want to hear others opinion, or just yours? Of course you want to hear everyone’s opinion, because that will show their perspective and there might be disagreements and agreements.

I have thought about this question, “If we stop buying products that are made by the slaves, will slavery end?” That question left a lot of thoughts. Yes, it is a really simple question, but it won’t be simple when you start to think about it. Someone might think yes, slavery will end because if no one is going to buy their products anymore, then why would they need the slaves to work? However, some might say, “No, slavery won’t end because what they produce for us, we need those for our daily lives, like food, clothes, and so on.” And there was also a question that I wish that I had answered, but I didn’t. “Would you escape if you’re a slave?” I would say, “Probably, because you are desperate for freedom, you will risk your life for freedom, even if you will be dead or alive. Don’t they deserve their freedom? Is that what the slaves’ owners think? They’re humans, then why would they treat the slaves like animals? Is that fair? Of course no! In my point of view, the world should get rid of slavery because there’s no need in slavery. Can’t the owners pay them, too? Why are they being so selfish, and greedy? The world is up to 27 million people that are slaves.”

One thing I wanted to mentioned in the group discussion was, “If there are so many news about slavery, especially child labor, why aren’t people actually try to do something other than feeling pathetic for the people who are slaves?” Maybe they don’t really try to think about it, which people will not take action. Or they think differently than us. So really, if we, as in the society, want to change something, we need to think about it thoroughly, then take action. Just sitting there and stare up at the ceiling won’t get us anywhere. Maybe you can’t do anything, but you can spread out the words, or donate little money to some organizations that would help free the slaves.

Why did I think the socratic seminar went really well and it was successful? What would help a group discussion are: listening skills and participation. Everyone didn’t fool around, but instead, they paid extra attention on the one that was speaking. Some of us jotted down some notes, and ask questions, and gave their opinions whether they agreed or not. What I really love about socratic seminar is you have to participate, or else, you will end up talking to yourself. Which I guess it gives people more confidence to speak more, because they obviously don’t want to be the last. Socratic seminar brings our thoughts, our opinions together.

A Spark in People’s Hearts

Stood up for herself against the public, against the racists. Do you know Rosa Parks? The woman that was and still is respected by millions of people. “Rosa Parks, Now and Forever” by Amy Goodman recalls the day when Rosa Parks rejected to give up her seat on a bus ride to a white man. She got arrested just by saying no and refused to give up her seat. She didn’t say no because she was tired after a long day, it was because she was “tired of giving in.” Not only she was a brave and a courage woman who believed she had a right to be respected by both races, she was also a great role-model for everyone – for anyone that believes they are deserved to be respected.

Goodman wants to send us a message telling us that Rosa Parks will forever be in people’s heart, we will never forget her. Also, if Rosa Parks wasn’t the one who stood up for herself against the racists, then there wouldn’t be anyone to encourage Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to make his speech, or to start a revolution, or to encourage those people who thinks they can’t stand up for themselves. Rosa Parks was a hero to many people, even to Nelson Mandela, “You sustained me while I was in prison all those years.”

I haven’t heard of Rosa Parks before I read this article, but now she’s like one of my heroes. However, I can’t believe that a rejection could make you go to jail! So, imagine this: by that time of period, the whites could say “no” as many times as they want, but in return, the African-Americans couldn’t say “no” at all. How unfair is that? I can’t believe an act or a saying would spark lights in so many people’s hearts, and believe that they are raised up to be treated equally. I, too, believe everyone should be treated evenly. Not many people can be like Rosa Parks, to stand up to their rights and protest in what they believe in. Her act taught people that no matter which race you’re raised into, you should be treated like everyone else. Said a college girl, “I emailed my professors and said I won’t be in class today; I’m going to get an education.” Still, I’ve seen people are not treated the way they should be. But somehow, people will look up at Rosa Parks and other activists like her, and think, “Yes, I believe in her, and I believe people will treat each other equally.” And for myself, I wish one day, I could have a speech about why and how people should treat each other evenly.

“The Deadly Soccer Melee” Aow Jan 28 – Feb 1

Imagine yourself in a soccer melee. A deadly, vicious, brutal soccer melee. Would you know what to do? Or would you be another protester like everybody else? Sarah Lynch, the author of the article “37 Dead in Egypt Riots After Verdict in Soccer Deaths” wrote this to report how badly the soccer melee still is. The judge had sentenced 21 people to death in a connection of the soccer melee last year in February. Right now, Egypt is in a really unstable situation. Said Sadek, “…the country will be very unstable for at least four to five years.”

Lynch’s purpose of writing this is to let everyone know that Egypt is in a really bad position at this time. Hassan said, “It will be very difficult for them to accept the verdicts that they see as unjust, especially when it comes to Port Said.” Lynch also included the number of death toll and how many people had been killed during the melee.  Included in the article, “It was the world’s deadliest soccer violence in 15 years.”

In this week, article, I don’t know how the riot and my life can connect. Partly because I have never seen a riot ever in my life, not even on the news or on television. When they start the riot, I wonder did they think about their family, did they wonder what happen if they die. In my opinion, people could have just speak out rather than kill each other. This is no better than fighting for their own lives. I know this is one of the worst things they’ve experienced, but maybe if they change the way they behave, like how they handle these situations, things would have gone in a different direction – a direction with no one dies  or injures and something they could agree on. True, I have a really strong reaction when someone is being unfair, like when my sister and I argue, I shout or maybe even scream, but physically injure someone is not one of my options. The last thing that is mentioned in the article is what Hassan said, “That has the potential of not only national but also international repercussions.” I really hope somehow this will be solved as soon as possible because so many people had died already!

The Man We Used to Know AoW Jan 21-25

Imagine someone you’ve idolized your whole life and turns out they’re frauds. This week article, “Lance Armstrong Admits Drug Use, Bullying Tactics” by Lance Pugmire recalls how Lance Armstrong cheated to win the Tour de France titles and how he bullied others. Even though he knew he was cheating, but he still sued the ones who were telling the truth that he was cheating by enhancing drugs. However, during the interview with Oprah Winfrey, he admitted everything he had done, how he cheated, and why he cheated.

Apparently, Pugmire wants to send the message that no one can ever achieve their dream by cheating. Lance Armstrong was once respected by millions people around the world, but what happened? Andreu, his old friend, told the CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “This was a guy who used to be my friend, who decimated me.” Lance Armstrong would do anything to earn the Tour de France titles, even if he loses his friends, his career, anything. “I will do everything to survive. I took it all in cycling, win at all cost…”

A lesson I’ve learned when I was in kindergarten, now I got to learn once again. Cheating is bad, but when you deny it and use it to against others, that’s even worse. I don’t know why Lance Armstrong would do this, he at least knew that the truth will be revealed sooner or later, why keep on trying? Did he know that enhancing drugs and doping is the worst behavior for any contestant? He said, “I viewed it as a level playing field.” Even if he knows that people dope, he shouldn’t do the same thing because what’s the point of winning a huge reward by breaking the rules, risk your career and your honor? Not only doping is cheating, but it is extremely dangerous. Many cyclists had died from it. Maybe he needs to learn this lesson: never risk your life for fame.

What I Need to Accomplish Before 2nd Semester Ends

Last semester, I got mostly B+’s, so for this semester, I really need to raise my grades, especially Algebra and Science. To able to raise my Algebra and Science grades higher, I need to listen and take notes carefully to the teachers, and volunteer to answer when I know I have the right answer, and ask teachers questions when I am not fully understand the concept of the lesson.