Our Final Geology Project

This picture is our final activity for our geology project. This picture is basically representing a rock strata. A strata is a layer of rock, our solid blocks. As you can see the diagonal green blocks is the Fault. The Fault is a cracked rock layer. So in this diagram the green blocks are cracking the layer so it shifted the rock layer. Also as you could see that the different strata is represented by the different blocks. The final block that I want to talk about is the transparent block. The transparent block represents the magma chamber. The magma chamber is formed by melted rocks and melted rocks then by a subduction zone. A subduction zone is when the rocks goes underneath the other rock causing it to melt. Then creates the magma chamber which feeds the volcano. Finally the humans are there just chilling. 

Continential Drift

Hello people this is my amazing Science Video about Continential Drift. This video explain about most of it. Sorry if I look dumb in this video I tried my best to not look dumb but when I looked at it again it looked so dumb.

My SLC for Advisory

2017 Advisory Reflection for Student Led Conferences


Write a complete response that you will share with your parents during Student Led Conferences.


  1. What is something you accomplished so far this year that you are proud of?

I am proud of the transition between the beginning of the year to now because I used to have a difficult time with homework now I have a better time of doing it.

2.What was the most challenging part of this year for you?

To keep my grade to an ok grade because if I have low grade I could get kicked out of school.

3.What skills do you have that are strong and will help you next year?  What skills do you need to improve on before you start next year?

I think next year my strong work and trying best every single time will pay off because  if I do that I will at least that I have enough effort. 

To run down the main idea of Advisory is differs between time but the main idea is that Monday and Thursday is the real Advisory there we talk about things that it will be helpful in the future. Even though it seems like health, NO. In Advisory we learn about stuff that will be helpful now also we could do some fun things like eating Vietnamese food for celebrating Tet. The rest of the day we are just reading books it could be from any genre so it is very you could read what ever book that you want.


My SLC for Block H

ELA is one of the most stressful class this quarter because of one reason and one reason only, Dragon Apprentice. Dragon Apprentice is the hardest or the most stressful thing that we did the whole year because teamwork, time and management. Teamwork was hard because we had to this and buy this and that it was just so difficult to control and some people was off task the whole class but our group we call them the entertainer because they really entertain us. Time is the thing where in this case we need more off. The deadline was due so quickly and a short amount of time and it is just hard even the money. The money that I spent is a lot. Management was annoying to deal with when we started this because we had less people and Math was hard and all those little stuff which is annoying to deal with. Even though it’s stressful. This slide is our original slide for Lockernizer which is our product. For a brief content our name is Simplicity and it is about keeping your locker nice and safe but most importantly organized. 


My SLC for Block G

Math is the one of the hardest topic but my artifact is Aleks. Aleks is the program that we used to do our math. It could be difficult and it could be easy. The thing that I like about Aleks is that it is a lot of fun to do in Math we could write on the table and solve the problems. Another reason why I like Aleks is because how they design it it’s close to being perfect. There is another sort of math program called Khan Academy but that program is really stressful and it could be irritating.


My SLC for Block E

Moon Phase Lab is the my artifact for science. I will show this demo. Imagine your head is earth and your sphere is the moon. The light you are facing is the light sun. Then put sphere in front of your head then turn the sphere around then you should see the light from object. The way how the light is preformed it could determine the name of the phase in total there is 6 phase on could be similar but they are all different from the rest. There is also the thing called eclipse. There are two kind of eclipse, Lunar and Solar. Lunar Eclipse is when the earth is covering the moons light. The Solar Eclipse are rarer then Lunar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse happen the moon is covering the earths light but even though its covered you should never look at it directly.

My SLC for Block D

Hello Mom this is health. Health is a class that will help us in the future and have a better understanding of our life and which will be the healthiest to what is not. Honestly this class is the best most important class out of any classes because this class is more toward our future and stuff that we have to learn about what is healthy and unhealthy even though my teacher grading system is weird and sometimes it makes me mad but still it is one of the best subject ever I just wished that the teacher will be more responsible. But any ways this is my health project and I hope you enjoy it.

My SLC for Block C

PE one of the hardest subject I guess all of them are hard but the reason why PE is so difficult is because of the effort that takes to do stuff and get good grades. The teacher is very but in every PE its very tiring and sometimes I feel like I will die. Its not like the teacher is bad its just that her style is very tiring. But PE is still very fun and another thing that I hate about PE is people’s attitude. They are always so pusshy, when they lose they always complaint when they win they are happy but when they lose they are so mad but this document is about the progress in PE.

My SLC for Block B

Hello this is my MInecraft Egypt project from last semester. This is one of the most enjoyable project that I ever had because my knowledge in Minecraft let me help 5 people in my class. Even though they were mostly girls I still like helping them. Also I really liked how it looks and video was wonderful. This project is basically a general idea of Egypt or some part of it which we bring it down to a smaller scale in Minecraft. To find this it is in my blog page and we just scroll all the way down then we will see it.

My SLC for Block A

Hello mom this one of the longest project that every wrote it is called Rationale. Rationale are like a guide which help us through our poster. I wish I could improve it but Im happy with it. One of the reason why I like it so much is because it could be one of the longest story that I wrote in 3rd Quarter. It could change from Social Studies DBQ but still for now it is. I know it will look at but don’t worry this is sick. All jokes a side the troubles were normal stuff like Grammar, Spelling and more but still I will improve,