Social Studies Ancient Egypt Project

The first new thing that I learned about geography and early human settlement was what settlement meant and how to use it in a sentence. Another thing I learned about was what Canaan was, and the third thing I learned was what nomads were. Two things I’m proud of in my project was my audio for the video and my papyrus because it looked accurate. One thing I would do differently next time is make the Mediterranean a little deeper.


End of the Year Blog Post

The most interesting thing I learned in fifth grade was how to make food for the moon bears because it was interesting and fun at the same time. The funnest thing I did in fifth grade was going to Buu Long and going on the zip line and abseiling. The most challenging thing I did this year was the Shark Tank. It was challenging because I was really nervous when I presented. My advice to the next year’s fifth graders is to not fool around online. This summer I’m going to do a tennis boot camp for a month and then I’m going to Australia. I’m looking forward to joining the sport teams in middle school next year.

Green Dragons Reflection?? PLASTIC WRAPPERS REDUCTION!

For the Green Dragons unit my group wanted to work on reducing plastic packaging. I chose this project because at SSIS I noticed that we waste a lot of plastic. I think this idea is sustainable because we would replace the plastic with beeswax which is reusable and decomposable. It won’t cost much because there is a local source of beeswax and 5th graders would make it themselves. The leaders at SSIS will agree because it will help our school’s environment. To prepare our proposal by researching facts and making graphs and surveys. We combined all our important information, facts and graphs to create the infographic. For the  proposal we added all the information the sharks needed to know about our project like the problem, description, equipment and ect. We prepared the script by how we will do our project and why. The most interesting think I learned was how to make a proposal. At first I thought it was like writing a persuasive piece but it turned out to be different. There wasn’t any challenging parts during the project. I think my group where really good teammates and we collaborated well together. I think if I did this project again I would write a better script with more information and facts and include more cultural statements.

This is the link to our infographic > PLASTIC PACKAGES (1)

These were the sharks for my tank



Grade 5 Hackathon?

A hackathon is an activity where people work in groups to come up with and develop ideas to improve something. We would have post-its with sustainable ideas. We would chose one and form a group, then we made an elevator pitch. After that, we pitched them to the shark tank and the judges would chose if they were good or was an ok idea or an idea that’s not suitable for the green dragons unit. The idea that I worked on was using cows instead of lawn mowers. Using cows are better then lawn mowers because using cows doesn’t waste fossil fuel. Now days we don’t have to much fossil fuel left, and a lot of things run on fossil fuel. As a group we made a STAR poster which stand for, Situation, Task, Action and Results. The situation for my group was we waste a lot fossil fuel whenever we use a vehicle, like buses, lawn mowers ect. The task was to buy some cows after we build a future building since SSIS community is growing bigger, so at some point we will need to build another building. Everyday each grade can take turns feeding the cows and some grades can use the cow to study with. If your studying the human body you can look at the cows and compare it with your body parts. As a result we can reduce using fossil fuel. I think my idea was sustainable because it would be good for the environment, because it wouldn’t waste fossil fuel. Buying a cow wouldn’t be to expensive and the school fee is a lot so I think SSIS can afford it. I’m don’t know if Mr. Sylte would agree to this idea. This fits in culture because I don’t think anybody cares about cows. If the school does then the cow could stay in other buildings.

My Trip to Cat Tien ?

At the Moon Bear Center!

Feeding the Moon Bears!

Roasting Marshmallows!

One of the most interesting thing was feeding the moon bears and watching them. It was interesting to spread the peanut butter every where, and hid the fruits so the bears could find them. The moons bears could climb really well and their sense of smell was also really good. It was interesting to watch how the bears do things like breaking the bamboo to get to the food. The second most interesting during the trip was the hike. I saw a lot of things I’ve never seen before, like the funnel spider and the giant trees. On the hike it wasn’t that bad because it wasn’t hot, but there were lots of red ants and pesky insects and bugs.

The most interesting thing I learned at Cat Tien was some of the moon bears that are rescued have completely lost their instinct to be a moon bear. I saw a moon bear that was dancing. Ms.Rayle said that that one was kept in a cage to long so it’s stressed and it has lost it’s instinct. I felt bad for it because it had to stay in a small old cage and have no space at all too move around. I’d feel depressed if I was tortured like that.

A new thing that I’ve never done before was seeing gibbons in the wild. When I saw the two baby gibbons jump and climb way better then anybody could, I thought they were really lucky to be able to swing, jump and climb like that. The two gibbons were both black, but I noticed that the girl gibbon was a lighter shade to black then the boy. I also learn that all gibbons are born golden, but then turn black and then the female ones turn golden at age 6.

Next year I think the students should get to eat s’mores and for the games I think they should be a little bit more interesting. For example for the games maybe you could play soccer to, and some mental games.


Research Article?

For my research project I chose to do an article on the Apollo 11. I chose this topic because, I though about things I was interested in and I thought about space and the Apollo 11 was the first thing that came up in my mind. I used books from the library and good articles I found on the internet, to find some resources that I needed. I learned how to highlight important sentences that answered my questions for the article. I also learned how to take lots of notes and write leads, body paragraphs and conclusions. I think I did well on the beginning hook, how I got the reader interested. I think I would find more information about the spacecraft next time. I used google sites to publish my article, I chose it because I never used it before so I decided to try it out. I learned about CARP which stands for Contrast, Alinement, Repetition, and Proximity. They are the 4 keys to having a good design. For the design I think I did well on the contrast because I used a dark back ground and white words.

My Reading Goal ?

My reading goal was to read a book with a higher level of vocabulary than what I usually read. I didn’t complete the goal, since I didn’t finish the book yet, but I’m half way there! I’m going to start bringing the book home to read, so I have more time to finish the book. The genre of the book is realistic fiction. It’s about a girl named Calpurnia who starts getting interested in science, and starts bonding with her grandfather. Her grandfather lived with her family, but he was very distant from the family. My favourite part right now is when Calpurnia went out with her grandfather to look at interesting creatures up close. I recommend the book to people who like high level books and vocabulary, and to people who are interested in science.

Image result for the evolution of calpurnia tate

My Science Experiment Slideshow??

During our chemical science unit, I learned that if you mix citric acid, baking soda and water it will form bubbles which is carbon dioxide. My baking soda and citric acid science experiment had baking soda and citric acid in oil and water, so the water formed balls and floated around in the oil, since the oil is lighter then water.

My favourite part of the experiment was when the coloured water started floating up and down in the oil like a lava lamp. I liked it the most because it was interesting how the water didn’t go all the way down; it went down almost touching the bottom, but it didn’t and floated up to the top again.

If I did this experiment again, I would do the same thing, but I would add a lot of different colour of dye. I would also add more oil and water to make the experiment jumbo sized to see if it would be the same but bigger.

??The Amazing Race???

On Tuesday grade 5 had an Amazing Race. An Amazing Race is where you have teams, and each team needs to do challenges. The first team to finish was the winner. The best challenge for me was the code breaker, when you had to break the peer pressure code. There are some of the blank space filled out with letters, and there are numbers bellow it. You have to find out what numbers go with what letters so you could find out what the message says.


The hardest challenge was the on at Annam Gourmet you had two choices. My team chose the one where you had to find the type of foods on the list and order it from least to greatest present, or mg of sodium/salt. It was hard because some of the brands where in a different language, and some times the pictures where blurry. We solved the problem by giving each other jobs. One person would take the pictures another person would take pictures of the nutrition. The third person would figure out how much sodium/salt was in it and the last person sort the order.

I think that my group did well in working together because, we did most of the challenges quickly together and we gave each other jobs. At the same time if a person was stuck the rest of the group would help them. I also think my team did well in staying together because no one got sperated and when somebody’s behind then we wait or call them up.?


Next time I would try to navigate differently because we did get lost sometimes. When we asked some locals one of them would say turn right, but when we got there another person would say turn left.? Also our paper map wasn’t clear and we couldn’t see the streets. The app said to go one way, but the person would say it was the other way.?

I think Next year, the station should be a little closer because it took us a lot of time to get from Tao Dan park to Takashimaya. Plus the challenges should be harder because most of them were pretty easy.?