In this project I learned about the papyrus, nile river and reeds. I did not really know anything in the beginning but now I have a clear understanding of these factor. Two thing that I am proud of in my project is the Minecraft world, and the planning work I did in my notebook. I am really surprise at how I plan the project and how it work out. For the Mincraft project, I thought that I am going to do really bad, but now it turn out to be ok. One thing that I would like to do differently is planning out what I am going to do each day. This is because someday I just did not do any and some day I just shove all of it together and do it at once.

I am so sad, beacause today is the end of the year. It was also my last  day in elementary. I am really sad. I am here to say goodbye to elementary, school, and also say hello to middle school. The most interesting thing in Grade 5 was all of the interesting units. It was really fun to do the units and also go on some really fun field trips. The funnest thing in Grade 5 was when we attended the middle school Dragon's Apprentice, because one of the judges kept burning the group. The most challenging things was meeting my goal in reading and writing. I had a lot of pressure on me in 5 grade. I met my challenge by reading every day and also praticing writing. My plan for this summer is going to China and staying for three weeks, then going different places in Vietnam. I look forward to learning more in middle school.

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Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. I have not been uploading blog posts because I've been working on this project in school called the Green dragons. My group is called plastic packaging group. In our group we have been working on persuading doctor Keller to give us permission to change a problem in our school. What we to chose to improve was to change all of the wrappers in the cafeteria, because we have been wasting a lot of plastic wrapper. 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in the oceans just by 5 countries. The countries include China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. That is just ridiculous in my opinion, so I choose this project.

Our project is sustainable, because it will help the school save money and will reduce how much waste is thrown in the oceans. it will also help the environment to reduce the waste. It is economically sustainable, because It will save money, and then we can improve other things, because we will have more money. It is culturally sustainable because many people and religions like and want the world to be clean. Over 2/3 of the trash bins in our school have plastic wrappers in them. It is politically sustainable, because it is legal to help the earth or the school.

The first thing we did was research to get information, to start to plan for the the next step. That next step was to write the proposal, In my opinion the proposal was one of the hardest steps to do. It took a really long time for me to finish a proposal. The next step was to create a infographic and the put it into Prezi, a program that can allow you to make a presentation. We had a lot of difficulies trying to put the infographic into the Prezi. Then after that we need to started perparing the script and start praticing the pitch. The final step was presenting it to the shark tank, I was really nerviors and scared. But it went preety well for me.

The most important thing that I learned was how to make a proposal, because I have never made a proposal before. It was really long and hard to make one. This is also the most challenging part of the whole project. I think my group did really well on the pitch because it went really smoothly. Next year if i do this again then I will make my group more on track.



Our Proposal

   Hackathon is a activity where a group come together and do something to improve something. In our hackathon we have a lot of teams and each teams have to come up with a Idea to make SSIS sustainable and a better place.

Our group idea is trying to plant more plant using a use water bottle and not using up any space in SSiS. Because a lot of people forgets to bring there own water bottle so they need to buy one. When they finish using it they through there water bottle and that waste the plastic. So we need to think up a idea so that we don't need to waste plastic bottles anymore.

The situation we're trying to solve is that we don't have many gardens and plant around the campus and ways to reuse plastic bottle.

Our solution is that we can reuse plastic bottle because we can plant the dirt and seed inside and then we can treat it like a normal plant. we can also hang it onto walls to save space.

The step are, first get as many plastic bottle as possible. Second, cut one side of the plastic bottler so that it can fit a fair amount of soil and then poke two hole in front and on the back of the bottler so that we can fit and insert the wires. Third steps are, Attach a wire to the bottle so that it can hang among the walls or fences. fourth step, put in the soil then the seed. Fifth, twist the wire so we can hang the bottle then hang the bottle. Last step, water regularly.

the result we want to see is plant everywhere around the campus, We know it will succeed because the topic is already done before around the world.

It is sustainable because this has been done before and it has not really has changed. It is ecological because plant provide oxygen and we will have fresh air and more places for plant. It is cheap because we already have the material at school.It's a low cost solution and it's not illegal. Many people in Vietnam want more green spaces and you can hang this right outside your house or balcony.

I think we did really well and I am really proud of it. we got a green because the judges think that it is a great idea.( there is green, yellow, and red, and green means it's really good.)

This is the group that I was in. (in the fount)
This is me working in the group.

Staying at home is a really good thing, because I stayed at home and played a lot of games about seven hours a day. I didn't go to school, because all of the fifth graders went on a field trip to Cat Tien.  Because on Sports Day this year, I twisted my ankle and broke four bones and now I can't walk. At home, Ms.Rayle gave me a lot of homework.

I learn about producers, decomposers, first level, second level, and third level third level consumers. The decomposer is an organism that breaks down dead things or animals. The producer is a plant or something that makes energy by itself. The fist level consumer is the one that eats the producer, like a rabbit eating grass. The second level consumer is the one that eats the first level consumer, like a snake that eats the rabbit . the third level consumer is the on that eats the second level consumer, like an eagle that eats the snake.

I also leaned about plant adaptations, animal adaptations, and parasitism. A plant adaptation is when they change by generations to protect themselves. An animal adaptation is like plants, and they change by generations to protect themselves. At last, parasitism is when an animal or plant lives off another animal and harms it.

The topic that I choose for my research project was HItler. I choose this topic, because for three years I been wondering, " Who was Hitler?" and "Why was he so famous?" The way I found my resources was on the computer and in some books. It was kind of difficult, because the library does not have a lot of books about Hitler. And on the computer, it was hard too, because If we search about Hitler, there are a lot of websites for adults, but not many for kids. I learned a lot while I was doing this, like how to make an outline, using a working outline, writing it in my own words, making leads, body paragraphs, and conclusions, and writing topic sentences, supporting details and concluding sentences

The thing that I think I did well is the conclusion about Trump. I don't think I need to do any changes next time. I choose I-book because I used that in 4th and 3rd grade. I learned how to make the contrast good while I was publishing the article. I think that I-book is good for presenting. I think my CARP is really good.

My goal was to finish the book that I have been reading for the past month (Heroes in Training). I met my goal.  I choose a good book that fit me to meet my goal. The book was the book I finished  (Heroes in Training). The book is about 3 Greek gods when they were young, and when Zeus was the only child who was not eaten by his dad, Chronus. Zeus's quest is to not get eaten by his dad, and rescue his bother and sister. I really recommend the book to the adventurous  reader.


Welcome back guys, welcome back to my blog post. I am going to talk about another Amazing Race. It was like our first Amazing race that I did in the beginning of the unit. It was about three main things: Nutrition, First Aid and Peer Pressure. 

The amazing race that we did was to wrap up the unit and to started another unit. It was really fun and challenging because each of our group got an iPad to use it as a GPS.  When we used it, it was really hard to find the place because sometime the GPS would point to a dead end. Another challenge was walking because at first, our teacher said that we could use the taxi and then they said no. So the only choice to get around was to walk. We walked so much that when we finished our whole team was really tired.

The most fun I had, was when we finish because when we finished we needed to touched a model temple of an real, the real one was some where else. When we finished, we look around and saw that there was only two team that finished, because when we started the race we first needed to find the first clue and then when we get the next clue. We needed to give it to the teacher or adults then the teacher will put us on a bus that will only carry 2 teams at once. When the bus leaves we need to wait exactly 3 min. We were on the 3rd bus. Then we leave after 5 min or so, we were stuck in traffic, there was twelves team and we also started late because of traffic that I said.

But now when we finished we were 3rd place. So thats why my group was surprise about that. Then when we ask the other 2 groups, they said that they tied because they touch the model temple at the same time.

The hardest time was when we were close to the finish line, and we got lost. When we asked some one on the street they tolded us a way and when we walked there it was not the wright place where the finish line was. The seconded hardest time was walking that I a ready said in the beginning of this blog about walking. I was the only one who was not that tired and I had to help one of my team mates to carry there bag.

The thing that our team did the best was when we worked together to do the challenges and never gave up. The thing that I did well in my group was helping my group to find the challenges.

The thing that could change next time is to make the challenges closer together and easier to find. My idea for improving next year race, is to make it near school and make the challenge near each other so we won't need to walk so much.


This is my team almost finishing.


This was our group trying to figure out a challenge.


This was what the instruction cards look like.

Guys on thursday, I went on a field trip to a place call Buu long. That place is not really famous in vietnam but who cares, But it was really fun and I love it. There was two thing that we did that was mostly base about is team building and the other one was adventure activities. There was 57 student but two student did't go because one student did't have the permission paper on time so he stay at home, and the other student did't go because she broke her leg. Now that we have 55 student left, we need to make 2 group. The group that I am in was group 2. Group one got to do the adventure first and group two got to do the team building first.

When we went with our group to the team building place we dived to three smaller group. The smaller group that I am in was with the Elementary principle . Then we started to do the game. There was 5 game but I am just going to talk about my 2 favorate games. My first favorite game was the Cooperation maze, the rule is that you can't talk, can't mark the place. It was a game with square that is big enough to put your leg in. The maze was a 8 by 6 square. You can only point, and the guid will chart when you move you need to look up and wait for the guide to say yes or no. If he said yes then you can to another square, If he said no then he have to go back but go back the same ways as you came. This is a memorize game. I learn that even if you don't talk you can still find at the solution.

My second favorite game was blind block, because there is a circle and some block inside then two people are cover with cloth over there eye's. The guid was given us a lego block model. Then we need to Look at it careful and blind and try to make the same thing. It was hard because the people outside the circle couldn't talk, only the in side could. I really  like it because at first the people who went first couldn't make it, so they change for me and another partner. I remember only haft of the model and my partner remember the other haft so we finish fast in our group.

When we finish for the rest of the team building game, we went to a restarant to have lunch, but we could not eat yet because we need to wait for the group 1 to finish the outdoor activities.

When we finish our lunch at the restaurant, we switch and now group 2 go out door, and the group 1 do the team building. I am also only going to talk about my 2 favorite activities. My first favorite activities was the zip-lining because It was really fun going really fast. The only thing is that I am scare of hight and if we want to zip-lining then we need to go up a mountain, but still it was really fun so I foregot about hights. My sacond favorite outdoor was the rock climing because I got to use all of my energy and when I was finish my hands was shaking. It was really fun because I got hit the rock in the butt, but it was really fun!!!!

The only challenge for me was going up the mountain because I was sacre of hight, but I beat my fear. I learn a lot of things like climming is harder then it looks. I really look forword to the next field trip.

This is me playing the Cooperation Maze