Results: The cricket ended up surviving for about 1 day before dying. There were not a lot of water on the sides of the container so that must mean that the water system didn't work. The leaves on the plants were not touched so that means the cricket wasn't eating the food that it was suppose to eat.

Success: I think that the removal of the pool of water was good because that reduces the chances of the cricket drowning in the water. There was also not a lot of fowl odor coming out of the ecodome which means that nothing rotted and decomposed (or no mold).

Failure: We think that the cricket died due to the lack of food and water in the ecodome. We noticed that the leaves on the plants were not touched and there wasn't a lot of water on the side of the container, hence the conclusion.

Component/Element Success or Failure Details
Water System

(Clingwrap+Aquafina Bottle

Failure There was a rip in the clingwrap which meant all the water vapor escaped and so the water level in the container dropped until it was too far for the cricket to reach and the cricket drowned.
Oxygen Plants Success The cricket did not die of lack of oxygen so the plants did their job and the plants managed to hold out for a long time despite the water system being faulty.
Food: Fruit/Plant Failure/Success The plants and fruits rotted and died quickly so we might need a different idea for the crickets food source, however the cricket did not starve so maybe they did their job?
Mold/ Amount of water Success The amount of mold was minimal so we should stick with a similar amount of water to what we used.


We are planning add the pool of water again but this time fill the pool up fully because this cricket probably died of dehydration. We will also add some food like carrots or other fruits in because if the cricket doesn't eat the plants then it would have something else to eat.

Results: The cricket ended up surviving for about 2 and a half weeks before dying in the pool of water. The papaya fruit weren't being eaten so the cricket must've survived on the leafs. A lot of the time the cricket was having a good time climbing on top of the trees that we ad planted in the ecodome. There was a lot of precipitation which was good. This means that our water system was working very well.

Successes: I think that the amount of soil that we had in our ecodome was very good at sustaining the trees. At the end of the 2 weeks, only one of the trees was losing color and turning yellow/orange. We also had minimal amounts of mold.

Failure: I think the reason of the cricket's death was the water pool that we placed in the middle of the ecodome. When the cap was first sealed, the water in the "pond" was not filled all the way to the top. This proved to be a difficulty when the cricket was trying to get water. It may lost footing trying to reach for the water and fell in.

Component Success or Failure Daily Observations
Water System Failure
The water in the pool decreased a lot, making it difficult for the cricket to get water. Because of the water level was too low, the cricket tried to reach for it, lost footing and drowned.
Oxygen Plants
The cricket did not die of lack of oxygen so the plants did their job and the plants managed to hold out for a long time despite the water system being faulty.
Food: Fruit/Plant
The plants and fruits rotted very quickly so we might need a different idea for the crickets food source.
Mold Success
The amount of mold was minimal so we should stick with a similar amount of water to what we used.


We made everything the same except for the pool of water. Because we think the cause of death of our previous cricket was the pool of water, instead of the the water we just made the ecodome extra damp so that the amount of water would be enough to sustain life for a few weeks.


The goal for out ecology unit is to be able to create a ecodome that can sustain itself without the interference of the outside world. Our "test subject" will be 1 or more crickets, and it has to survive over the winter break in a sealed container.



Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Loamy Soil 6 in The roots of the plant must have enough dirt to plant themselves into. The loamy soil also help plants grow better. The soil is more damp than when we put it in.
Half of an aquafina plastic water bottle 1 This acts like a pool of water so that not all the water would seep into the soil. The water level in the pool still stayed the same.
Plant 4 Trees release lots of oxygen, which is important crickets to stay alive. 1 of the plants has died because the roots have not been fully covered by the soil, which meant that the roots could not extend and support the growth of the tree. 
Papaya fruit 2 This will be food for the cricket if it doesn’t like the leaves on the trees. One of the fruits are starting to rot and has mold growing on top of it.
Cling wrap sheet 1 We covered the opening of the container with cling wrap with rocks on top of it so when water condenses, it would drip directly into the pool of water. There were little to no condensation on the cling wrap, which means that we need to improve on the condensation mechanism.  

Ecodome Template:

During the first quarter, the first major unit that we were suppose to do was the Journalism unit. We were to write our article on any topic that we liked individually in 2 weeks. Though a lot of the unit was very straightforward and simple to follow, there were a lot of times where I felt challenged. The most challenging out of all though was working together as a group. Working in a group means you have more brains,  which means more ideas. This might sound pretty good, but ideas can be to diverse. If too many people have too many different ideas, it is hard to use all of them in one small paper. Sometimes our group had to cut out of a lot of ideas which caused some tension.

Aside from all the troubles that I had, I had numerous achievements during the project. One of them was writing like a journalist. A lot of writings that I've done in the past allowed opinions, which I soon got used to, so formal writings weren't too common for me. I was surprised of how little trouble I had of trying to adapt to this new kind of writing. 

A personal goal that I would like to achieve this year is getting straight A's for every subject that I study.

In the Renaissance Fair, my topic was dissections during the Renaissance and how it helped change medicine and health care. There were two parts to my presentation, the slides and the interactive component. The slides had the question that I was going to answer for the viewers. It was also a tool for me to remind myself what to talk about. My interactive component was a little matching activity. I gave them a drawing of a normal person. I told them to point out any organs they might know and their location. After that, I gave them another drawing of a person, but this time we could se his internal organs. I did the same thing that I did with my first drawing and you could clearly that the kids had a better score than before. A lot of kids asked me if this was how dissections helped doctors, and this makes me feel good because that was the point of my presentation.

In the role playing game, I picked the role of a butcher during the Renaissance. My goal in the game was to hire or get someone to help me with my buisness because I am very busy. I got extremely lucky on my dice rolls and completed my goal during the first time we played it. Though I was just having a fun time, I also learned a lot. One of the most important things that I learned was that there were guilds during the Renaissance that specifies in different things. These different guilds are put into 3 catagories; major guilds, middle guilds and minor guilds. It was all in all a great experience and it was also very educational at the same time.

The don't panic video is a video where we show changes into the world's economy. We used a website called Gapminder and used a graph making tool on it. I made a graph that shows the increase in GDP vs. babies per woman. An interesting fact that I found was that when a country's GDP rises, the woman in that country produces less babies. The video will help me make better decisions in the future because having less people to care for will make me richer.

In Language Arts, our job in the Dragon’s Apprentice is to aid the 6th graders by helping them find an organization to donate all the money made to. Last year when we did it, everyone would pick a random group to donate to. How it works it that every Language Arts class would split into small group, and each of those groups would pitch an organization the the whole grade. After that everyone vote for the ones they like, and the videos narrowed down to 5 videos that would be sent to the 6th grades where they would get the final votes.

This Monday, Dao, Pete Bridget and I made a tutorial video giving for 6th graders doing Dragon’s Apprentice about group work. Since we all did Dragon’s Apprentice or other things involving teamwork, we now how a good team operates. In the video, we listed a few dos and don’ts when working with a group. Number one tip is to avoid getting distracted and going off task. Most of the work during Dragon’s Apprentice is on your computer. The Internet is a useful tool, but can easily lead you off to things you shouldn’t be doing. It is better to use your time wisely rather than waiting until the last second. This will make your rush and make a lot of mistakes. The second thing is share the work among your team equally. No one should have all the weight on their shoulders while others go do their own thing. This will only give the person too much stress which will result to nothing getting done. Last but not least, everyone should have a voice in the group. If you see a person that seems that they're taking the spotlight way to much, tell them to stop in a polite way and suggest him/her to let others have an chance to speak up.

These tips are based on my experiences from last year. We had quite a rough time trying to do all the orders because only Leann had the materials to make the bracelets, which left us of believing in Leann making all of the orders by herself. That is why you have to somehow share the workload equally among everyone.