CSI: Blog Write Up

CSI, it’s not what you think it is. Actually, CSI stands for color, symbol and image. The word I used to complete my CSI is Industrial Revolution. Normally, we would do it on paper with an explanation as to why we chose the color, symbol or image but this week, we were told to do it virtually on Google drive without adding any text. Here is what I managed to create

The color palette I chose have 2 shades of a brown and grey. I chose this palette because I thought brown showed all the dirt they had to dig through in order to make their way into becoming a successful country. I wanted the grey to represent the hard labor of the workers. For the symbol, I decided to make the Thomas Newcomen steam engine. I made that as my symbol because it was the kick start to the Industrial Revolution. The image I chose to create is pretty straight forward. I made a worker pushing a wheel barrow which I assume people would understand that it holds coal.

Overall, I enjoyed creating the CSI because it was a different way we can express our learning for something and it made it a lot more simple to learn new vocabulary

Newtons Vehicle Blog Post #3

To conclude our hand created vehicle project, we will be racing it on the 17th of December where our vehicle will either go the distance, or flop at the starting line. Personally, I have a lot of hope in the car we created. We named it the NNAK vehicle. Also, for this blog post, I will be wrapping up our conclusion on this project.

During the time given to create a vehicle my group and I learnt that in order for your vehicle to move efficiently, you have to make sure the weight of your vehicle is fairly light. We also had to consider the angle of the straw. Lets just say, we were very precise about our detailing. Not only that but, even the tiniest of the modification can change the way the vehicle acts. Overall, we learnt that projects like this, takes a lot of patience. Through out the process of creating the NNAK we made some mistakes we couldn’t fix and if we were able to redo this vehicle I would have made sure to make it on a flat surface instead of the box because we had a lot of trouble with the balloon. Sometimes the vehicle will move and sometimes it wouldn’t. I believe the reason to this is because the balloon as nothing to push and the weight of the vehicle is holding the balloon. I would have left the wall in the front of the vehicle and I wouldn’t have overdone the vehicle with hot glue. I learnt a lot about Newtons law after attempting to create a vehicle that applies to all three laws. Every modification we made, I understood more about how mass affected the motion and so on. Some things I would change in our vehicle is the size and I would carefully figure out how the model of the vehicle will benefit how far it would travel. I would have gone with the cliche design of just taping a straw and balloon to a cardboard box. Lets say we were given a project very similar to this, I wouldn’t have gone with a balloon again, I would like to try something new. I heard a lot about using a rubber band and I am curious to how a rubber band would move it. It would also be more of a challenge, which I enjoy. I would also be a lot more prepared on the project since we had some minor setback and also, sometimes the vehicle would work and sometimes it wouldn’t. I would spend more time on configuring the motion of the vehicle. Other than that, I must say I am proud of my group and how far we have gone with a limited amount of experience. It was hard at first but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the competitiveness of the two different teams and the satisfying effect after you test out your vehicle and it actually works.

Newton Vehicle Project

Newtons Vehicle blog post #2

For this blog post, I will be explain how I used Newton’s 3 laws of motion in my groups vehicle.

I think that the air in the balloon incorporates Newtons first law. I think this because Newtons first law states that an object will remain resting unless a nonzero net force is acted upon it. The air in the balloon decides whether it would move or not. The motion of the vehicle only depends on whether the balloon is inflated, if it wasn’t it would remain in one spot. Newtons second law is applied by the mass of our vehicle. Newtons second law says that an objects acceleration depends on its mass and on the newt force acting on it. We applied this by using light weight objects (our box). We limited ourselves on the amount of resources we were able to apply to out vehicle so our vehicle can travel further. We stuck with a small box instead of building a frame because we thought that it would be less of a hassle. Little did we know it would benefit us because of the small amount of mass. Newtons third law is applied also to our balloon. Newtons third law states for every force there is an equal and opposite force being exerted back. When we blow into the balloon the air would inflate the balloon and then when we let go, the air would come out of the balloon and push the vehicle forward. We are hoping that all three of these laws apply for our vehicle and that it would move further than 1.5 metersNewton Vehicle Project

Newton Vehicle Project- #1

Moving into our new unit of physics, we start to learn about Newtons law of physics. This is what my group (Nhu, Nantha and Anh Thi) understand about the given topics.

Newton Vehicle Part 1   Lucidchart






What we understood was that one, friction was another word for restriction. There are a total of 4 types of friction; there is the sliding friction, rolling friction, liquid friction and static friction. What all these 4 types of friction have in common is that they excel a certain type of force on each other to restrict these objects from moving any further. We also learnt about gravity, which plays an important part of our life because gravity keeps us from floating away in thin air. Gravity is what keeps us grounded. In other words, gravity pulls two objects together. In this case, we are being pulled into the center of the Earth. Another term we need to learn about is inertia. Inertia is resistance to motion. As a matter of fact, Newtons first law was also known as the law of inertia.

This leads us into our very first project. Creating a vehicle that can move on its own without human interactions or any sort of battery powered motor. This had us puzzled on how we would construct a vehicle that could move on its own. Eventually, we came up with the idea of using a balloon. By the sound of it, this method was very popular as we were informed many other groups from different classes was also using this method. This is a rough picture of what we had in mind. This technique lets us take advantage of the light weight and also how easy the materials are to retrieve.

Newton Vehicle Project  - Google Drawings

Art Dragon Paper Mache

In this video I mostly focused on the texture like the scales of the dragon because I would like to make my sculpture detailed and realistic. I also took note of the different type of media used for the wings and the spikes of the dragons back.

I mainly focused on the way that he shaped the body and how he built it. From watching this video, I think i will mainly be using newspaper.

I liked this video out of all because with this video showed me ways I incorporate wire into my dragon

Curious Religious Alien

Curious Religious Alien

“I can tell by the look on your face you are probably confused” I said to the alien standing upon me. “Well, the reason my grandparents are a devoted Catholic while my parents are protestants is because when my grandparents were born, they inherited the Catholic religion from their mother and father, but that was before the 95 theses created in 1517 by Martin Luther  was spread and known throughout Europe, meaning it has not reached Germany or where we are now, if you haven’t noticed.” I looked at the alien before speaking again “Martin Luther posted the 95 theses only to purify the church not to protest against it, but in the eyes of the pope Martin Luther was a protestant just like my parents. The pope accused Martin Luther of heresy when he was only trying to reform against the teaching of the church not to challenge the church. My grandparents hadn’t known about the 95 theses and the selling of indulgences so they remained a Catholic. Soon enough, the 95 theses had managed to make its way into Germany with the help of the printing press (but thats another story).” I gave a reassuring look to see if the alien was still on the same page as me before trailing off into the topic again “My parents knowledge were limited to a small amount when it came to understanding what was happening in terms of religion but as years of arguments past, they learned about the protestants and what they doing to the church. Their knowledge of what was going grew and they agreed with his theses about selling indulgences. Not only that but Martin Luther was the one who translated the bible from Latin to German. My parents found themselves believing another one of Luther’s point, which was that the head of the church was not the pope but God himself and that the selling of indulgences would not benefit them. After they read Martin Luther’s argument, they decided to protest against the church because they also disagreed with the selling of indulgences inspired by Martin Luther. They believed had a good point which was that the pope was only selling false salvations to build a church in Rome. Before Martin Luther has posted the 95 theses, Desiderius Erasmus wrote a book called The Praise Of Folly which criticized the the church and it was published in 1511. By 1539 the book has been well known and translated into many languages including German. That was another reason for my parents to become protestants. Soon my parents found more reasons to protest against the church. They found that the considered themselves a protestant and they still do.” I take one last glimpse at the aliens face before saying “Thank you for hearing me out. I will see you around!” and made my way back home.


7 Minute Running Challenge

The 7 minute challenge is a running challenge to see how many meters you can run within 7 minutes. I think I could have ran better but overall I 5.5km earning me a silver. I didn’t get a bronze because I hadn’t run as much but I was able to accomplish silver by participating in the 14 minute run.

Some difficulty I had during this challenge is that I was that enthusiastic in running outside especially when the field is still we from the rain which slowed me down. The method I used while running was mostly running every 50 meter but I usually jogged with my friend. Overall, I disliked the 7 minute run but it was a good experience and I improved on my running by a lot.


The 40 Book Challenge

This year, we were assigned a challenge to read 40 books. The amount of books I read was 17. “Wow. 17 books?” I know, I know, it’s a little but, here are some of my reasons a to why I read the amount I did. 1) I’m an extremely slow reader like I took about a couple of weeks to finish Catching Fire. 2) I favor one kind of genre. And that genre mostly consists of John Green and tragic realistic fiction. Because I am very picky about the books I read, it narrows down the choices of books I could be reading. 3) I didn’t even bother to try different genres. I didn’t know any good ones and some of the genres didn’t appeal to me. For example, fantasy. I’m not into the mystic creatures and wizards.

“What are the genres you read the least?” The genres that I read the least were: Historical fiction because I didn’t know any good ones and I never tried to even pick up one book. Also, Autobiography because I try to think of reading as a reward and auto biography isn’t much of an award to me. Same goes for biography although I did find biography sometimes fun to read. Last but not least, fantasy. Some fantasies are interesting but others may be not. I read the book Tigers Curse and I enjoyed it and I tried another fantasy book and I found that I wasn’t that attached to the idea of something that can possibly never happen. Of course, these are my opinions and you may have others but keep in mind, I posted this to inform you on the type of books I read.

“What are your thoughts on the 40 book challenge?” Nice of you to ask, well, the perks of the 40 book challenge is that it encourages us to read more and more often. I mean, I read about 3 times more books than I did in 6h grade. The 40 book challenge comes with its own criteria. We are to read all genres which allows us to explore new books and read something out of our comfort zone. Who knows? Maybe one day you will try out a genre you hated and turn out liking it? Overall, I could have put more time into reading and tried something new and I will definitely try that in 8th grade and tr
y to read over 20 books. Thats mostly it for my reflection on the 40 book challenge, now it’s your turn. Can you read all genres and exceed 40 books?

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