Ecodome Day 1

Day 1:

Since our eco dome was successful, we made no changes necessarily. But looking at the photos. I realized that we had mold on one half of the tomatoes was covered with white mold that looked like spider webs to me. Not only that, but some of our plants seem like there were dying, as when I was looking at one of the plants, the leaves were half green and half brown, indicating that it was dying. Fortunately though, our beetle inside the eco dome seemed fine, as when I cam to look over, I saw it moving and crawling around, but beetles are definitely slow.


Component Amount inch Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Black Soil 5 CM For the bugs to live as a ground to roam around. The dirt seems fine, just a bit wet from the water on the eco dome.
Plants 2-3 Plants For the bugs to seem like it’s natural habitat and to photosynthesis, producing oxygen. Unfortunately, the leaves seem to be dying, probably because not all the roots were in the dirt, but the ones that were in the dirt is doing fine.
Bottle Cap 1 For the bugs to take shelter in. Same old cap, the beetle seems to like it.
Rocks 3 Also for the bugs to take shelter in. Right now, we only have a beetle in there, so the beetle can either use the cap or the rocks to take shelter in.
Stick/Wood 1 Stick 1 Wood For the bugs to climb on to emulate trees. The stick and logs seem to be fine from the day we put them in.

Advisory Post-SLC Reflection

-This is what my parents wrote down:

Language Arts: Persuasive Communication, charity video.

Mandarin: Speaking the language quite well

Math: Alex program, keep persevering

P.E: Show growth in physical form

Robotics: Coding is the best part

Science: Study for MCAT

Social Studies: Sketchnotes

-My reflection:

Well, there is one thing that I have to say. THERE IS NO POINT IN PREPARING SO MUCH!

The reason for that is, because, our own SLC was only something like 15 minutes or not even 10 minutes, and we just prepared for nothing, not only that, it was just really, underwhelming. That is my response. Maybe they could change it next year.



Gapminder Math Activity (Don’t Panic)

So, the Don’t Panic video is where, a person named “Hans Rosling” says that how to end poverty in 15 years, for that is goal 1 point 1 in the UN’s book of goals to accomplish. The reason for why I think it’s called Don’t Panic, is because, people think that a lot of people are in poverty, but really it’s only like 12.3% of the world. And in 15 years to eradicate poverty.

Something interesting I took out of this data, is that Singapore actually took a real initiative and increased their GDP and their Income Per Person by quite a lot actually why having less babies, this means that they are focusing on the present and not really their future, since they are having the least babies out of what I chose that is Vietnam and Malaysia.

This video doesn’t really help you make better decisions, because some people want more babies and other people don’t, and it seems like with less babies per woman, a person income increases.

My Video:

Expert !FREE! Swim Lessons.



LONG LEGS FROM HIPS motor boat feet)





What I did well:

Motor boat feet

Shoulders rotate

Bent high elbows

Reach fingers forward/pull to waist

Breathe head to side/ear down

Overall grade: A

I think what I should’ve don’t better was stop splashing around a lot and look like I was just doing a front backstroke instead of a freestyle.









What I did:

Long kicks from hips

Head back chin up

Opposite shoulder from reaching arm rotates up

Thumb up coming out

Pinkie down going in

Overall grade: A+

I think my backstroke was done pretty well, because I think I did everything relatively correctly.








What I did:

Frog kick

Namaste/ extend arms/ pull to chest

Pull to breathe

Head straight up to breathe

Alternate kick and pull

Overall grade: A

I think I did everything relatively correct and well, it’s just that I think I kind of messed up on my kicking and my arms.

Science Reflection

So, we had a project on our water filters and I didn’t really know what happened because I was sick on most days and went to an orchestral rehearsal so I can just give you the best info I know:

Project requirements:

Remove ALL contaminants.

Produce water with a pH of 6-8

Generate at least 15 mL of water for testing

Group brainstorming ideas:

Our first brainstorming idea was a water filter that didn’t really work, and so we used a boiling method of where the water would stick to the tarp on top and fall to a smaller beaker of where the clean water would be held. But that also didn’t work because it was still too basic and had too much copper.

Our first prototype design was some sort of filter I didn’t really remember, but that didn’t really work because it didn’t filter enough contaminants.

The changes we made to our project was that we totally reworked our idea and tried a boiling method, but of course, that didn’t work.

The final results were that we managed to get rid of the turbidity, but that it still had copper in the water and was too basic. We couldn’t test anymore, and since I wasn’t there for a majority of the time, I didn’t really know what happened until we didn’t get to test anymore.

My overall impressions are that, this was a really exciting project, if we had more time, because, on somedays I wasn’t there because I was sick of I had something, for example, an orchestral rehearsal, and so if we had more time, my group wouldn’t be one man down and have to work harder, but since there wasn’t really enough time, I feel like we needed more.


My Digital Poem


  • Comment on both the product and the process
    • What challenges did you face? I think that challenges that I faced was just the editing, because, all those images I had to put with the right time and then I had to put all the attributions to the images at the end and it was just a big hassle all in all.
  • What are you proud of, or what do you feel you have done well? I think what i’ve done well is editing, revising and writing the poem, because I fell like this poem has to be by far my best one. It got the highest grade I got and i’m really proud of it.
  • How has the video changed/helped you to express the ideas and theme(s) of your poem? I think the video helped to express my ideas better because I feel like I had the power to control what I wanted to do and I feel like it has been a really fun learning experience.
  • What did you attempt to emphasize through your use of visuals, music, and reading (how you used your voice)? After watching the To This Day project by Shane Koyczan, I feel really empowered that my voice is a real changing factor in how my digital poem is being told.
  • What would you change if you did this over again? I think I would change the time of how I read my poem and recorded it, because when I read to fast, the editing gets really tough and it just consumes time and more time.
  • Do you have any advice for students who do this assignment in the future? Make sure you have a time schedule so that you know what to do at what time.


I am proud of myself as a learner in general, because I feel like in 7th grade, I really expressed an interest in certain subjects, and i’m proud of that. This is important because, if I have this level of learning, then probably at high school I can have a high level of learning.

I found 7th grade challenging, because it was a whole different atmosphere than in 6th grade. It’s harder, and we learn more challenging material.

I learned that in my learning, that I should just take it slow, because lately, I have been too straight forward to just get into it without actually preparing, and so I think I should just slow down.

I would like to improve on my control, because what I said above, I should just take a breath and just slow down.



Excerpt #1

One of my favorite excerpt’s was the Lost Son. So, it’s basically about where the younger son of a man was greedy and wanted everything. And so, his father gave everything to him. But, he spent all of his earnings on parties and things like that, and so he realized his mistakes and went back home. When he went back home, his father rejoiced that his son was lost, and now is found.

Excerpt #2

The second excerpt that I really liked was the equality of the Christian religion. One of the biggest influences, are that in the Christian religion, everybody is equal. This really appeals to slaves and poor people, because in the Roman religion, poor people and slaves were looked down upon, but in the christian religion, everybody is equal, and so the slaves and poor people really liked that and started believing in the Christian faith.

DBQ Outline


DBQ Final Draft



I think the biggest takeaway was that how much Paul impacted the spread of Christianity. For instance, It seems quite often that people really underestimate what Paul did in the spread of Christianity. But I know better. Let’s just say he traveled for 30 years across Asia and the Mediterranean just to spread the word of Jesus and Christianity. And that really made the religion of Christianity international and really spread out across the continents.

VISUALIZING TEXT -sketchnoting

How did sketchnoting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

    It really helped, because I could really visualise and understand how Christianity originated and spread across the world with the help of pictures, and notes itself! I really feel like sketchnoting can be used in other subjects like Science or other subjects.

What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

    I learned that I’m actually a pretty good visual notetaker because I find myself drawing simple, but understandable drawings to really convey the message that I’m trying to say.


What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?

I discovered that I am not at my max level when I can’t show my face, like I’m doing a voiceover, but when I have a vlog or something along the lines of that, I find that i’m at my peak level of video editing and filming.

Evidence & Analysis VLOG

Reflection VLOG



What is ONE of your GOALS for social studies?

One of my goals are that I really can sketchnote faster, because, sometimes I will tend to do draw really fancy pictures, and I really can’t keep track of where I am and I lose focus and then it’s just total anarchy.



Exploratory Writing Reflection

-What did you learn about poetry? That you didn’t know at the start of the unit?

I learned that in poetry, there are no rules. You can do whatever you want. You are the writer. I really like how there are no rules, because I am just SICK of having to follow rules when it comes to ANYTHING and when I saw or learned that poetry had no rules, I rejoiced harder than a squirrel finding a fresh acorn.

-Do you consider yourself a poet? Why/Why not?

I don’t really consider myself a poet, because it’s kind of hard to write poetry to be honest. I think I consider myself more of a novel writer.

-Do you think you’ll continue writing poetry?

Maybe once or twice as an assignment, but not really because, I found out that poetry isn’t really my thing. I do not know why, but I just don’t really enjoy poetry.

-What was your overall experience with poetry?

I think it’s ok. But the reason it’s just at ok, is because I have a feeling that the rubric my teacher gives me is hard. I feel like he really wants us to live up to some pretty high standards, and sometimes we can’t do that.

-Have you grown as a writer?

I think I have grown an immense amount. The reason for that is, is because I have gone to writing 1 sentence stories to pages among pages of stories. I believe that writing is not my strongest suits, but I can still improve on that.