¿Cuál es tu mayor miedo? ¿Porqué?

¿Cuál es tu mayor miedo?

Cuando era pequeño, fui a un circo. Durante el circo, un payaso vino a mí. Yo tenía cinco años. Cuando el payaso vino a mí, comenzó a reír y estuvo muy cerca de mi cara. Yo me asusté y me puse a llorar. Desde ese día, siempre he tenido miedo. Sin embargo, ahora me gusta los paysos. Aún tengo miedo de los payasos, Ahora, me gusta tener miedo. Despues de ver la pelicula “Batman”, me gusta mucho payasos. Mi personaje favorito en el mundo es el Joker de Batman. Él es un villano pero él es muy simpático. En los cómicos, él es muy divertido. Yo no soy similar a Joker pero yo lo respeto mucho. Joker corta su cara para probar un punto. Él demuestra la locura. Por lo general, creo que el Joker es la razón por la cual me gusta payasos. Ahora, cuando pienso a payasos, creo que de Joker.

         Joker de Batman

MJ Sonnet

Air Jordan is the greatest of them all.
He did not make the team in his high school.

But that did not stop him from trying hard.
He became the star of his JV team.

That led on to get many scholarships.
Joined the big league when he was twenty-one

Got drafted by the Bulls in ninety-eight.
In his first year he was the fan favorite.

Earned rookie of the year in that first year
His second year, scored sixty-two point game.

Had won six finals, thirteen MVP’s.
He left marks on court that can’t be erased.

MJ made his fans jump out of their seats.
You best believe that he can not  be beat.

Participation and Celebration Award?! Feat. The car that never got pass the finish line

In the process of two weeks, we’ve had four cars built. The first one was a rubber band car, that took us about a week. In our last car, we needed a force to push the car, and so we used a balloon. Our vehicle’s body was a toilet roll. We created four wheels from a back of one of those A4 notebooks. We created this car in about two hours so we quickly taped up the wheels and put a small compartment right behind the front wheels and the back wheels to put a little more weight to the vehicle so it won’t be too light and flip sideways.

Newton’s first law of motion applies to our car because when our balloon is not blown into, the car is at rest. When we blow air into the balloon, the balloon has a small hole for blowing which forces out the air in one direction. This is like a heavy gun, when the bullet shoots out of the barrel, there will be a force because the bullet is so strong which pushes you back, that is called recoil. This connects to the vehicle but in a different way, the air is the bullet, and the balloon is our barrel. The car, is the person shooting the gun, just with wheels. The car will get pushed back and leads to giving the car momentum to keep on going.

Newton’s second law of motion applies to our car when the lighter the object the less force you will be needing to push it. We created a medium weight car, with the amount of tape used, our car was heavier because we didn’t use normal tape but we used duct tape. If our car was too light, if we blew the balloon our car would be spinning sideways.

Newton’s third law of motion applies to our car when there is an action, there is an equal and an opposite to stabilize. When the air out of the balloon is shooting out from the straw, our car is moving the same time or else this law will not be able to be fixed in our car.

Our car was the losing car. I believe our car was the losing car because our front of the car was too short and I saw that the balloon was actually the ground when we were racing. As well as the front part of the car was heavier than the back, which meant our car kept flipping forward. Many problems with our car, when one of our duct tape wheels messed up, we had to take the duct tape out and use normal tape for that only wheel so that wheel kept touching the car and it kept stopping the car from moving. That wheel and the car was fixed, it was unable to move.


My brother, Samuel Lim

Hi, this is my brother. Samuel Lim, and this year, is his last year in SSIS. As you can see above, he’s holding one little puppy on his hand while the other puppy is trying to get his attention. This was taken on Nov 2nd. His birthday. Sam has currently just turned 18. There is a lot to say about my brother.

He’s a soccer freak, at home everyday he would juggle the ball and continue counting. Once I saw him juggle the ball 50 times! I think he was hyper that day, sometimes I would try to keep up with him but the most times I’ve juggled was three times. I can’t juggle… Out of my whole family, you could say he is the responsible one, but he never really talked to me.

A few years back I would’ve said my brother was mean, but I was young back then. I didn’t know what he was doing to help me. It was always really awkward between us. It’s probably because there is a four year gap between him and I. When I was four he was eight, around that time, he didn’t mind about hanging out with me at all, but when he reached teenage years, we slowly grew apart.

I guess it’s normal for a teenager not to hang out with his younger brother. I would always bother him and ask him whether I could join his sleepovers with his friends. Surprisingly, he would say yes. I never realized how kind that offer was. Honestly, if I was my brother at that moment, I would’ve said no. As a teenager, you wouldn’t really want a puny little elementary kid going along with your friends to a sleepover. That was the only time he usually talked to me. Other than that, he would be silent at home. However, now that he’s almost an adult, he’s been nicer to me, maybe because by the end of his school year, he will have to go to NS (National Service). A.K.A the army. I really don’t want him to go to the army because I would only be able to see him once every week or even once every month. For two straight years. I can see that he is trying to spend more time with everyone else he knows.

My brother Sam, an 18 year old Singaporean, will be a really great person to be friends with.