Hola!!! Me llamo Alejandro y yo fui de vacaciones en la República de Costa Rica! Yo fui paso de Vietnam a Costa Rica en avión en Octubre 19 a Octubre 27. Yo traído mi ropa de verano, con Costa Rica estar mucho calor y hay mucho playas. Yo traje ropa casual, pasaporte, dinero, y un diccionario inglés, Ha Ha, como ellos decir en Estados Unidos. x) De todos modos, cuando llegué en 10:30 pm en Tambor Aeropuerto, yo caminé a mi complejo turístico: La Casa Azul y firmado en. Después yo caminé a la playa Tambor. Muy tranquilo y hermoso. Yo caminé a La Casa Azul y dormí.

La mañana siguiente, Yo caminé alrededor del hotel para encontrar un restaurante. Mi Desayuno es algo llamado Gallo Pinto, es muy delicioso. La Tuve frijol negros y arroz y mucho verduras.  La comida en Costa Rica es muy diferente con la comida de Vietnam. Me gustan ellos los mismos. Después, fui a Malpaís en autobús con mi ropa de baño y los gafas de sol. La gente sobre el autobús es estuvieron muy simpático, y me ayudaron cuando yo se perdido. Cuando yo llegué yo escondí mi las cosas y fui a nado. La agua es muy trasparente, a diferencia de Vietnam, como Nha Trang. Yo conocí a guapo chico, y el aprendido mi nombre. Él dije mi que Costa Ricans se llaman Ticos. Muy interesante!

Después yo almorcé, que era Chifrijo. Es muy salado. Cuando yo terminado, yo fui a mi complejo turístico. La vista es muy hermosa de mi habitación. Yo dormí temprano ese día.

Al día siguiente, yo empacado y fui en autobús de Tambor Aeropuerto en 11 A.M. Yo voló en avión directo a Vietnam. Yo llegué en Vietnam 1:00 AM. Guau, mis vacaciones estuve de locos!!!








No difference to the day 2 rebuild, the only difference is that we added 2 crickets for cannibalism and a little cup of water. I really wish I added more water though, I don't think they'll make it too far with the water we put in. Sadly, the crickets died after 2 days, probably due to dehydration. As you can see with the photo below this paragraph, a lot of water sticking to the sides because of evaporation. Next time we should keep the container out of the sun next time.




Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Cap 1 To hold water it's still half full after 2 days
Water 3 centimeters high within caps inside to drink  its still mostly in the cap
Dirt 3 inches tall to stand and for plants it been shoved around a lot
Crickets 2 for the experiment  they are both alive and active
Plants 2 for eating  they are slightly gnawed on

Reflection: I think most of the problems came from leaving it in the sun and not putting enough food in. the sun evaporated all the water, killing the crickets of thirst probably.

<iframe src="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xtTPWwIm6R_riSWjBruJBKSF9TpIaVFv/preview" width="640" height="480"></iframe>



  • The Ecodome doesn't have any water.


Here are some examples of components:

  • Amount of soil
  • Type of soil
  • Number of plants
  • Type of plants
  • Number of crickets
  • Other types of animals
  • Amount of water
  • Food amount
  • Etc.

Our original design



Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Soil 3 inches thick for a thing to stand on and for... life. Nothing happened. the Cricket did burry itself into though.
Rocks 3 for fun times Rocks are untouched
Plant matter 2 plant pieces so it can get gnawed on by the cricket plants are gnawed on thouroughly
Crickets 1 We need it The cricket is dead.
water 3... inches.....? to keep him alive; I didnt have enough time to put all of it in though. the water is all over the sides of the container


DAY 2: After coming back over the weekend me and hyunjun realized that our cricket was dead. It lasted... about 2 days i would say. Im guessing that it probably died due to dehydration, as I wasn't able to get water in there before we sealed the container. Vegetables are mostly gone.

The small changes: Amount of dirt and food. there was only a couple pieces of veggies left over when we got back, so that would be a good change. The amount of dirt was probably too much, considering the size of our container.


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Black dirt 2 inches For growing stuff. The cricket hopped around in it a lot
Pak choy 3 of them For eating It ate most of the pak choy
rocks 3 of them For recreational uses Rocks have mysteriously disappeared
sponge With water For stopping the cricket from drowning itself Too hard..en we didn’t use it.
water 6… inches? To supply enough water Most of it seems to have tried to evaporated
Fruits and veggies .380 For eating and health and such. .380


 (Inside our new ecodome)

<iframe src="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VN-dOhr1yMxUme7cZ-o_rrQqfL772KFD/preview" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

I did my ReneSauCCE fair project with my friend Valdi. Our topic was Michelangelo. We made this infographic and had a bunch of clay to use as our physical activity. Others would try to make a person out of clay (it's pretty difficult) and we'd do this whole skit where we'd say "you think this is hard, try making a sculpture like MICHELANGELO!" One of the problems we faced were little kids just making whatever they wanted. there was a LOT of screaming. I had to raise my voice multiple times while trying to explain the activity. I had to simplify the presentation a lot too. Overall I learned that little kids can be annoying and that Michelangelo Should've been in jail.

Alekican the wine man

Aye, so I was minding my own business two days before the fair in my wine shot when this strange man shoves iz way up to da front of teh line while I was makin a transaction. I get angry and I shove him. That ticked him off real good and he punched me, in the face. “This man must be outta his mind” I fumed before realized he had shoved me into my wall of wine. I take this sucker to court to plead my case and the idiot messes up his story multiple times. I win obviously, and this man must pay me loads of gold for each bottle broken. A man approaches me as I hed home. I let out my life story for no reason. The man shrugs off. I head home to observe the damage. Its bad. Nothin I can fix. I go out to find some laborer, and I find one. The man who approached me before. I hire him and he comes back with me to help fix and sell wine. ;333

I learned a LOT about florence. High guild members usually don’t order clothes for themselves, for example.

  • There were MANY cleaners.
  • Lots of secret resistance groups.
  • Special laborers can do basically anything for anyone just for moneys
  • Bribery and intimidation was a big thing for higher class members whenever they met lower classes. Workers for those people could be like that
  • The judge has the power to toss you in JAIL.


Overall a good experience: Way too slow though. It was fun a kinda silly. Maybe make the goals a little harder to reach.

Summarise the "Don't Panic" video is a couple of sentences:
Swedish guy talks poverty. He makes me believe in humanity. He visits poor people and broadcasts their woes and he tries to convince us to help. His video really convinces me that we can do it! We can help all poor people by 2030!
What were some interesting new things you took away from the video: We're doing pretty well so far, and the governments in most countries actually are taking action
How this video help you make better decisions later in life?: It makes me feel... sad. It also makes me want to help these people achieve their goal.
What questions do you still have after watching the video. How did he pull those hologram charts off? I want to know. Also,