First Quarter of ELA

The first Quarter of 8th-grade language arts was very interesting and fun. We focused mostly on journalism, one of our assessment was writing a journalistic newspaper. This was a fun assessment because evolves researching about your topic. One of the hardest parts about the journalism was to find the motive to write the newspaper, I procrastinated for like weeks. But when I start working on the newspaper, I will try to finish it and not get distracted. So basically if I start typing I won’t stop.

One of my greatest achievement was my newspaper article because I worked incredibly hard on it, and tried my best but I kind of forgot to look at the rubric, therefore, I didn’t get the best grade. But it was good enough.

Saigon Times Newpaper


What We Have been doing in ELA

We made a video explaining our Habitat for Humanity charity and promoting people to vote where the dragons apprentice money goes too. In the video, we showed what habitat for humanity does and why they should vote for that charity. We promoted things like what, where and why you should vote for our charity.

Charity video

Medieval Europe


People had a lot of fear

 being sick was thought to be a punishment from god.People would executes who is thought to be a witch.There were witch hunters who traveled around searching for witches

Women were healing against Christian beliefs. Woman are highly skilled with herb and remedies and being a healer is a dangerous job. Pray to saint to get healed

Castle doctor got jealous because she cured the noble. Called to castle to cure noble. Lot of people but not a lot of doctors. Some woman had a lot of knowledge about herb




passion project

What is a passion project

A passion project is a project that you get to choose what you want to do, You are allowed to make anything you are interest in and you get to choose the way you make that thing. You still have to follow some rules that are given by the teachers.

how do you feel about this unit

I was confused at first and I was not hoping for it at all, but with some clarification, I got it and now I am really excited to start making my project. This makes me feel like I have more freedom to learn about anything.

what is your project

My project is to make a sculpture of a storm trooper helmets. I will face some problems because I have to create my very own template because I am not allowed to copy the template.

Today I took the whole class looking for strategies on how to make a real size stormtrooper helmet. I figure that I will make a smaller version of the stormtrooper helmet for reference and then I will use that same template to make a bigger sizable helmet that would fit on my head and it will look awesome. I will try my best to start on the building process next class.

Today was the day I was trying to finish the top of the helmet. But It was sadly disastrous. Because the paper mache was very heavy it made everything collapse on itself so I hope I can go back and replace everything with is wired mesh. I face faced a lot of difficulty throughout this project, this is my second time starting from the start.

Science Filter Project

Overview of project requirements 

In this project, our job was to filter things such as turbidity, copper, acidity, and salt. We had to come up with a filtering system that cost as little as it possibly can. This was a challenge because we had to use 1-2 different filter cycle to remove everything. We had some arguments throughout the project but we got the work done.

Group brainstorming ideas

We had many different ideas because everyone thinks differently, so we decided on the one that most group members agree with, and if that fails, we test the second most popular idea among the group. if none of this work, we take the positivity from one design and add it to the good things on the other design until it’s good.

First prototype design

Our first prototype did not go as well as I thought it will go, we tried to build a filtering system using rocks, sand, gravel, and charcoal. it did filter somethings but the water was not safe to drink due to high acidity and copper level. So we gave up on that idea.

Changes you had to make to the design

we changed to a totally different design. our second design was to boil the water till evaporation and then we let the steam condense onto the lid, therefore we collect the water off the lid and transfer it to a beaker or a different container. This method removed all turbidity, copper, and salt but it leaves the acidity level the same, we would then add baking powder to the clean water to neutralize the water.

Final results

It worked out well and have reached all the requirement for being drinkable

What Makes A “Hero”

A hero, They don’t always wear capes and fly around. Those are what you call superheroes but heroes are all around you; this may include you parents, friends, community helping members, teachers and even some people that you don’t realize .
Heroes are defined by how they impact you, they may inspire you or they can change you as a person. According to it says

“a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character:

He became a local hero when he saved the drowning child.

a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements,abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal:

My older sister is my hero. Entrepreneurs are our modern heroes.”
So a hero may be anyone, you maybe someone’s hero too.

This is my digital story. It was a big process that caused a lot of stressed. There were problems throughout the making of my digital story. problems  that I overcame and solved. some problems I face were the font on iMovie. I dislike the fonts on iMovie because it just doesn’t get the meaning of my poem through. So I problem solve that by putting my picture in a photo editor and edit the font and words in.

I am also really proud of the way my project come together. It gives a feeling when you listen to it. I am mostly proud of the way I mix the font to give emotion to the words.

I will change a lot of things if I get to do this project. One thing I will change is the quality of the video If I had 1 more day i would create something amazing.

DBQ blog post

DBQ blog post


1   Why did Christianity take hold in the ancient world?

The journey of Paul was a large reason why Christianity spread so fast. The evidence really shows how Paul help spread Christianity at an incredible rate and took hold of the whole Roman empire. Paul really hated the claims of Jesus. He spent his first part of his life executing Jews but during a road trip, he saw a blinding light of Jesus crucified on the cross. That moment changed his life forever. He spent the next 30 years of his life traveling through the whole Roman Empire and explaining Jesus’ life lessons. His travels made up four different journeys. Starting in the Eastern Roman Empire and on his fourth journey, he made it all the way to the Western Empire, arriving in Rome. The evidence shows that Paul helped spread Christianity because he travelled throughout the entire Roman Empire for 30 years. Paul’s incredible dedication to spreading the word of Jesus proves that he was work as a messenger expanded the religion. Paul’s missionary work throughout his lifetime was one of the reasons why Christianity took a hold in the Ancient world.

Parables are really appealing to Jesus’ followers and some people who weren’t following Jesus. Jesus’ parables were a reason Christianity spread. According to document A, The Bible quoted “Jesus Asked the expert in the law, “Which of these three, in your opinion was a neighbor to the robbers’ victim?” He replied, “The One who treated him with mercy,” Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”  This sparked a lot of christians to dedicate their life to the religion.

Parables are more entertaining than normal speeches because it is fun and relatable. And it has this feeling that makes you want to stay and listen to everything.  Jesus explained his parables whenever someone asked him something. One parable that stands out the most to me is the parable about The Good Samaritan. Parables are a very widely spread method of Christianity’s storytelling. Jesus has a few parables that he really likes telling to followers. The example illustrates that Jesus favorite teaching method are parables. Parables help Christianity take hold of Roman territory and overcame the Roman religion.

Jesus’ teachings highly helped Christianity to take hold in the ancient world. According to Document B presenting the religious historian, Helmut Koester’s argument, as quoted in the 2009 PBS documentary From Jesus to Christ, the Christian community promised immortality. As Koester states, it taught of “a future life which would be liberation from sickness and from disease and from individual isolation.” The religious historian also adds that people wanted to join because there was “a future for the individual beyond the powers of this world.” The Christian community gave people hope of a better life beyond their place in the social pyramid in the Roman Empire. The message of immortality would be extremely appealing to lower social classes who were treated unfairly and brutally punished.


Starting in the Eastern Roman Empire and on his fourth journey, he made it all the way to the Western Empire, arriving in Rome. The evidence shows that Paul helped spread Christianity because he traveled throughout the entire Roman Empire for 30 years.

the Christian community promised immortality. As Koester states, it taught of “a future life which would be liberation from sickness and from disease and from individual isolation.” The religious historian also adds that people wanted to join because there was “a future for the individual beyond the powers of this world.”


Why Christian took hold of Rome Blog Post



The biggest takeaway from our study of The Origins and Spread of Christianity is how Christianity spread through the teachings of Jesus’ parables. Another learning takeaway is learning about the journey of Paul and all the letters he wrote to persuade people into believing in Christianity.

Another takeaway Is the lessons of Jesus and his quotes. Some of the quotes are about immortality and other were life lessons.





How did sketchnoting help you understand how Christianity originated and spread?

Sketchnoting helps me consume and remember more of the information I learned. We learned about the journey of Paul, the birth of Jesus and a lot more. At the end of the unit, I remember a lot more about the unit and can even picture some of the scenes that we learned about from class.


What did you learn about yourself as a visual notetaker?

Visual notetaking helped me learn because it activated a different scene in my body when I was drawing and it helped neuron jump the gap.


What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging and exploring your thinking?
Some things i discover when I vlog is that I give what I am saying a lot more expression and make it alive. This gives my writing a tone which will help me get the meaning of my writing across more easily.

What is ONE of your GOALS for social studies?

One of my goals is to finish everything on time and have good grades by the end of the semester. This is very achivable if I make plans to finshes everything before the date it is dued. Mini deadlines and check list would be my method of planning everything out.