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Graphic Novel Analysis

Posted on Jun 2 by

The first two panels uses the aspect to aspect transition. The first panel shows a letter that explains John has failed his writing, and the second panel shows the house with “JOHN!!!” as a sound effect. This transition was effective because it showed the same scene, but different perspectives. You get to understand the letter by being able to read it, and that his parents were really mad and yelling his name. Making “JOHN!!!” big emphasizes how loud and angrily the parents were shouting at him. One of the challenges of this assignment was creating the panels. The panels were very annoying to make because they had to be neat. To use the size of the panel the panel placing effectively, I had to use a ruler for everything. I really think the unit was very interesting.It helped me give a better understanding on the filming techniques and comic techniques. Whenever I read a comic or watch a movie, I can try to guess why the writer or director made it a specific...


Day 39 – Ecodome #3

Posted on Dec 14 by

Observations: No water left in the cup Soil is very wet The plant was very green Not much water droplets on the container. Research: Grasshoppers are not picky eaters, but they are more commonly seen eating grass than leaves from a tree, so in our final ecodome, we are planning to put a square piece of grass in our ecodome. Something that we are planning to figure out is how to keep water, so that the atmosphere isn’t too humid, and so that the water doesn’t all...


Day 43 – Eocodome #4

Posted on Dec 14 by Components: Same plant as last time square chunk of grass 1200 ml of dirt 100 ml of water in the cup, and 70 ml of water on to the soil Cup with plastic wrap covering it plastic wrap covering most of the cup, so it reduces the amount of water evaporating. tissue paper 1...


Day 12 – Ecodome #2

Posted on Dec 13 by Changes we are planning to make: Putting less water Trying a different type of plant Having wet tissue paper by the water for the grasshopper to...


Day 21 – Ecodome #2

Posted on Dec 13 by

Observations: Grasshopper had turned brown and mushy. Smell did not smell very bad like mold. Most parts of the plants looked green except some leaves. Green algae¬†were in the plastic bag. Changes we are planning to make: Use a cup instead of the plastic bag because it holds too much water. We are putting less water (100 ml). using a different type of plant because the plants’ leaves turned brown both times. Research: Because the grasshopper was very wet and mushy, we thought that the grasshopper had died because of humidity. We researched this, and our assumption was correct. We found out that grasshoppers can die if the weather and atmosphere is too humid. The next time we build an ecodome, we are planning to take the plastic bag out because it seems to hold too much water. By putting less water, we are hoping that the air will be less moist. Seeing that the grasshopper was very wet inside, we are assuming that the grasshopper died of too much moisture. We researched that our assumption was true,...


Day 23 – Ecodome #3

Posted on Dec 13 by   Components: 100 ml of water a cup (end of a plastic bottle cut) dirt (1200 ml) A plant with one long stem with leaves 2 pieces of tissue paper by the cup 1...