Science – Geology

This past unit we have been studying about the earth. For this activity, we made a model out of lego. The photo shows a tsunami which can from due to earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, or meteorite impacts. Earthquakes happen because of sudden movements in tectonic plates. Tectonic plates are different parts of the earth’s crust. Earth’s crust is the Layer of earth that we live on. Tectonic plates can create Earthquakes but only some types of plate boundaries can create Earthquakes(plate boundaries are where 2 tectonic plates met). There are 3 different types of plate boundaries: Convergent, Divergent and Transform. Convergent Boundaries are places where 2 plate tectonics run into each other. The Convergent boundaries/Subduction zones (Places, where a tectonic plate made of an ocean (Oceanic crust)  runs into a tectonic plate made of land(continental crust)  can form Volcanoes because slowly over time the heavier oceanic crust would sink under the lighter continental crust. It then creates a trench, carrying rocks and water with it the oceanic crust soon breaks down under the immense pressure. As the oceanic crust goes down it gets hotter and hotter causing it to melt. The molten rock would start rising to the top making a volcano.Earthquakes also happen here because when the oceanic crust moves it sometimes is meet with resistance and then when it builds up enough pressure it will suddenly move. Divergent Boundaries are areas where 2 tectonic plates separate. Divergent Boundaries from earthquakes because one plate is moving faster than the other and it creates friction which over time creates an earthquake which creates tsunamis.


Gummy bear government

My Class has been learning about different types of governments in ancient Greece before this unit I knew very little about these types of governments, for example before this unit I already knew that a monarchy was a type of government where a king or queen rules and that this power would be inherited by the prince or princess. Learning about the different types of governments is important because we as a society would be able to not do these mistakes again. In my opinion out of the 4 types of governments that we learn about I think democracy was the most successful because it was the fairest for everyone.





The Meaning of Apple’s Slogan

Apple’s slogan is think different. This is talking about a piece of technology and this emphasis on how our products are unique because we always find different ways to be better. Since they think differently it ensures that they research how to make their product the best. When they say Think different it means that it is innovative and creative.

Ancient Egypt

This project was really fun to do I even learned many things Ancient Egypt like they make tools out of plants. I also learned that when trying to find a settlement the 3 most important environmental features are topography, vegetation and water. Another thing I learned during this unit is the ancient Egyptians actually benefited from the deserts because it protected them from invaders. I was very proud of how well I was able to build a nile river and how I was able to explain the benefits the the medetarian sea but I could have explained the benefits of the nile river a bit better so if I were to do this again I would have tried to explain it better.


The power of designs

In these three first tutorials (getting started) I learned that when designing something you should not put too many photos or it will look cluttered but you should replace few words with a photo because it will look much more interesting. Make your text visible by moving it in front of everything which will make it pop out more and also make it look much more professional another thing that makes your poster professional is being as simple as possible by not using too many fonts in the design you should keep it at one or two different fonts.


Today I and going to show everyone how to take a screenshot on a macbook in 3 different ways. for the way you need to press Command-Shift-3 all at the same time and this will take a picture your whole screen and the picture should appear on your desktop but if you dont want to to take a picture of your whole screen you could do Command-Shift-4 and you can select the area you want to take a picture of or you can press Command-Shift-4 and space and it will give you option to different areas you a can take a photo of. Those are 3 simple ways to take screenshots on a macbook, I hope you found this useful and helpful.Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.04.54 PM