Casablanca my review


Casablanca is one most classic movie of all time, but this doesn’t mean it is the greatest movie of all time. This movie is set in a bar called Rick’s Café Casablanca most of the sense in the movie is all set here. Rick, ilsa, victor and captain louis are mostly shown. As the movie progress this movie was set in world war II where the geremy are taking over country around the world. Even it is the most classic movie of all it is kinda slow for audience like us in the 21 century.

Movies like casablanca are old and precious, but it kinda too old for the audience even for me the movie is 2 hours long. I can’t withstand that amount of time, you can do anything you want with the last 20 minutes because it is so slow and we all know what happen in the end. The reason why I say this is that it’s very slow it like having your favorite movie main character keep talking and talking that doesn’t do any action for the rest 1 and 30 minutes.

My opinion is that the best movie you can watch now is kevin hart’s movies it the best there is a lot of jokes in the movie. Not only comedy there are tons of other types of movies too like hacksaw ridge where the American vs the japanese, and they battle for a few days until the great America win in a lit slim chance. If you compare the movies right now between the old time the  21 century would win by a major because it faster to watch you can download it and the quality is so much better than the 30’s movies.

These are all of my opinion so don’t judge me even if the movie is bad in the 21 century it is so much better than the old 30 movie. Also the movie is out of dated then the usal movie we are watching now these days.


Art chair

This quarter in art, we are working on chair sculptures based on different topics that we came up with. I chose the subject of the of making a scary clown, looks like it gonna to grab for you. I think the most challenging thing for making the chair the most is the clown face and the body structure of it. For this project I made up my mind that i’m going to uses tin foil rolls, plastering, and some tape because I can make the hand looks bigger so it might scary the people. The number one thing I need to work on is the hand because it is the hardest thing to make. The second thing is the clown face because that job need some thinking. The one thing I’m really looking forward is the clown looking creepy and see how the people going to react when they see it.



Ecodome day 7

My ecodome was not a sucess because my cricket disappeared out of nowhere I’m thinking that the type of soil I put in my container is not the right one for the cricket. I’m thinking the soil must killed the cricket or there was no water for the cricket because my container wall was in dirt and the cricket can’t drink the water and died because of that. One thing I did really good is planting for the cricket to eat.


This time for my ecodome I can really see that my cricket died, but I can find it’s corpse of it. I think the dropped died and cricket the plants eat them aka decompose. One thing that I observed plants and it seem like the plant grew longer and bigger than before.  I’m thinking the one thing I did right is putting the plant there for the container to produce some air for the cricket to live in.

quarter 2 research paper

The biggest thing that I have been having sucess is researching the about the thing I wanted to research on. The biggest difficulty that I have been working on the day I research the paper because in some website are not trusted. Sometime some website have different information, but there was one sited that had every single information in  one single piece of paper. One that if I could redo is re read my paper and see if I have any grammar mistakes.

Ecodome day 9 

Other people have made in big container or a small like mine. What is needed to provide sustainability to all organisms? I think they all need plants because that would give the organism some water. How much of each material is needed? I need only plants no pools. How does each organism interact with the others? This time I would need to have two because it would give the cricket to have some fun time for each other. 

Ecodome Challenge

First of the problems is that my cricket drowns in the water, and I think I put too much water. I made my ecodome by putting plants, and water in my dome. The test at first it went really well, but after a week later it drowns in the water. First, I think that I don’t need a water pool because the cricket can drink the water from the side of the container. Was it successful I would say it as a no because, it suicide and drowns in the pool, I think that I should add more plants and another thing too. I learn that I should have more plants in the ecodome. The one thing I done wrong is the pond of water.

Grame base

1. When this task was introduced to you what were your first thoughts, reactions? Why?      I thought that it would be hard because I was not the creative guy like most of the people in the school.

2. What are you excited the most about the collaboration unit?   One thing I like about collaboration is that I get to work with other people out of school, and they sometimes get ideas that I won’t even think of.

3. a) Explain how you have been connecting with your buddy? I have been connecting by respond the thing she wrote in edmodo.    b) What is your buddy’s name and what did you learn about them?  My bubby’s name is Victoria I learn that we have totally different times than we do.

  c) What similarities or differences did you notice between you and your buddy?  I think that different I have that I don’t have the drawing skills, but I’m not a quitter.

4. How has (will) your drawing/learning been (be) effected because of the collaboration so far? (for example are you working differently because you are working with someone else?)  There’s one more that I’m different is that Victoria has a creative mind to think of our animal that we drawing right now, and the animal that we draw is Okapi. We were commuting really well with each other, and we have been doing great.

5.  a)What did you think about Graeme Base writing to us?  We both work on our own things I’m working on my verse my partner is working on the background and Victoria is working the drawing.

     b) What did you learn from his letter?  I think the one thing that surprised me that most of all thing he have worked on a book for about 11 years

     c) Describe what you think of his book. I think it has a great drawings and picture and also have a nice poetry.

6. What challenges have you faced so far? The challenges I have faced so far is lack of commuting because my partner is sometime is missing.


Vi An


tragedy of the commons blog post

How does this issue affect the health of ecosystems? It affects mostly the tree and the farm are very dresspress to keep their crop to stay alive, they have to get water underground deep. How does this issue affect the wellbeing of organisms near and far? The people would have drilled and drill deep underground to get the water some expect said that in one more year the world plant would die.