The Importance of Adequate Sanitation

In this project on different human rights, we focused on learning about a specific human right topic and then elaborating on it by helping an NGO/NPO related to the topic. For my group, which consisted of 4 people, we created 3 posters for our NPO Heartbeat Vietnam to use in the hospitals in rural areas. I think this project helped me gain a lot of different skills, from communication to imagination, because we had to communicate with our NPO in order to fully understand what they needed help with, and we also had to use our imagination to create posters that affected different age groups. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

Reflection Questions:

Based on this project experience, and other service experiences you’ve had, how can we engage in meaningful service learning that results in the true betterment of those in need?

  • I think that this project particularly made me understand that although creating Facebook pages or creating awareness posters for people like us could help raise a lot of awareness about the issue, it does not really affect the people affected by the human right directly By listening to the different NPO/NGOs and working with them, I learned that even if it’s something small such as going to an orphanage and socialising with the orphans, or even creating posters for the kids to see, if it created a difference to the people there, it results in a bigger and better true betterment of those in need.

How did my consideration of my “user” influence my work?

  • I think that because the way children and adults take in facts differ, we had to really consider the audience for our posters. For example, we knew that children liked posters that were friendly and cute, so we decided to add in Doraemon into the poster and also make it seem like a little kid had made it, using phrases such as “Ewww, germs!” On the other hand, for the adults, the poster was more formal and informative.

Here is our poster board/trifold. I’m not in the picture because I had to go check on something :/


Here are our posters:

sanitation vietnamese

How to wash your hands

Sanitation Poster for Adults

Human Rights: Social Studies – FACTS!

The Title: We Need to Go to School
By: Tanya Roberts-Davis
Published: 2001 US/Canada

The Rugmark Children from Nepal live in poverty because of the caste system created there. Most families move from the fields to the city for more than half a year, and order their children to work in jobs with dangerous conditions instead of going to school.

The Title: Slavery in Ancient Greece and Rome
By: Jacqueline Dembar Greene
Published: ?????

A person who was free one day could become the slave of another person overnight.

“When Happiness Comes” Poem Reflection

In our exploratory writing class, we are currently studying about writing poems, and this time’s topic was writing a poem with a theme. You may remember the past poem, with the topic on line breaks. Anyway, here is a video reading and explaining the poem. This time the poem has an image created with WordFoto, so it might be more “entertaining” to watch. The formatting was done in LifeCards and the video was made in Explain Everything. And no, I wasn’t sponsored.

Resumé Reflection

Resume (ELA)

(click the image to zoom)

I think that my best professional quality would be being empathic. I’ve always tried to put myself in someone else’s shoes, and I always try to act a certain way in front of them so that they feel better. Although this quality might mean a lot of crying in sad movies, I think that being empathetic can be a very important quality when meeting other people.

I think my worst professional quality is giving up. Whenever I am faced with a challenge that seems way too big and burdensome, the first instinct I get is, “I’m not doing this!” Later on when I decide to do it, I have a less enthusiastic attitude to the challenge, since the idea that it is impossible keeps going around in my head. I also think that my other worst quality is that I get devastated my failure. Small failures such as a minor mistake or maybe a couple of points off a test do not scare me, but when something happens that goes against what I had really hoped for, nothing goes through my head and my head starts screaming. I need to overcome those two qualities and make them my best qualities.

I also think that one of the most serious problem I have as a person is viewing small things as not important. As I mentioned earlier, when my grade dropped my maybe 0.5 points, I do not feel very sad or disappointed. This is an extremely bad quality, since it makes me stop myself from trying to be better and do better. The same goes with spending money. When I spend something under 50,000 dong (Vietnamese currency), it seems so small that I just spend it everywhere. However, if you think about it, that adds up and in the end you have spent a massive amount of money.

Imperialism DBQ

In this project on imperialism in Africa, we focused on learning about the primary driving force for the Europeans to colonize Africa. For this project, we wrote a DBQ. The skill I focused on this DBQ was writing a counterclaim. This is an important skill because by writing a counterclaim you are able to acknowledge the other side of the argument and also state why your claim better (so basically it strengthens your argument). One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to use the evidence in the Mini-Q Packet, because I think that for my reason paragraph had the right evidence that definitely supported my claim. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

I think that this time, I spent my time more wisely than last time, because last time I wrote my essay at the very last moment. I think that I felt less stressed out than last time. This is why I don’t think time was a big issue for me this DBQ, which is cool.

One bright spot I found in my writing is my use of evidence because I think that I cited relevant evidence correctly in different ways.

One thing that I should work on is my analysis because I think that I can elaborate more on the evidence I put in my writing. I also think that I can work on my conclusion.

Here is my writing:

Africa did not start out as a continent with 54 countries. Interestingly, the Africans did not separate themselves into these countries, but a group of people from a different location on earth did. It was the Europeans, during a time known as the European Imperialism. The imperialism of Africa by the Europeans began during the early 1800s and was a time when European countries started colonizing parts of Africa. By the 1880s, most of Africa was conquered by the Europeans. The imperialism of Africa was a massive event which happened for various reasons. However, economics was the primary driving force of imperialism in Africa because resources imported from Africa significantly helped manufacture products for export. Although many people state that technology was the driving force for imperialism, this is clearly not true since most of the inventions which helped the Imperialism were created after the initial raid.

The primary driving force of the Imperialism was the economical reasons as the natural resources obtained in Africa were tremendous help in manufacturing products and gaining profit. The Europeans needed resources to create products, and the abundance of resources in Africa fulfilled those needs. The cotton from Angola to create clothing, the rubber from countries such as Congo Free State and Tanganyika to produce tires, and gold from South Africa to create jewelry and national currency are just some examples from the many different natural resources found in Africa (Doc D). This shows how the natural resources harvested from Africa helped create new products. This was also the time of the Industrial Revolution, which meant that being able to have more natural resources resulted into mass production, something that was unimaginable and impossible just a few years ago. The execution of mass production was extremely crucial for many European countries, as it greatly influenced a country’s economic status. During the 1854, Great Britain earned 3 million pounds from exporting their manufactured products to Africa while using 4 millions pounds on importing natural resources to Britain. In 1900, after the imperialism, they were making even up to 21 million pounds, which using only 8 million pounds on natural resources (Doc E). From this, we can learn that the use of resources from Africa with the mix of the Industrial Revolution tied to it abled the Europeans to make an enormous amount of profit that would have been unimaginable without the imperialism of Africa. Since gaining profit is part of improving the economics of a certain country, it can be safely concluded that the driving force of the imperialism was indeed an economic one.

On the other hand, other people assert that technology was the driving force of the European imperialism because technology enabled the Europeans to successfully conquer the African countries. The development of the steam engine in boats and locomotives (1804) made it possible for a faster form of transportation, the electric telegraph (1837) meant communication over long distances, and the maxim gun (1884), also known as the first machine gun, helped the Europeans take over the African countries (Doc C). This shows that the technology greatly influenced the imperialism because without the technology behind the invasions, the Europeans would definitely not have been able to successfully colonize the Africans. Although this is a plausible claim, economy was a more important driving force because most of the technological inventions were created after the start of the imperialism. The European imperialism began during the 1810s to the 1820s, and yet most of the inventions which were used throughout the European imperialism was created after 1820. The electric telegraph, Bessemer process, maxim gun, and the repeating rifle are all inventions that were very effective in supporting the colonization of many African countries, yet they were invented after 1820 (Doc C). Given this, it is logical to conclude that although the technological advancements massively assisted European countries in invading Africa, it is hard to say it was the driving force, as the majority of inventions were created after the start of the imperialism. Also, as technology was something the Europeans needed to go and colonize Africa, it is more fit to view technology as a great additional “resource” to the act of colonizing Africa rather than considering it as the main intention of the European imperialism. Therefore, even though technology was a very important factor in supporting colonization, it is not the primary driving force for imperialism of Africa.

To conclude, economics was the primary driving force of the imperialism in Africa as the resources imported from Africa increased the European countries’ profits. Technology was also an option as the driving force for imperialism, but it is clearly not since most of the inventions which helped the imperialism were created after the start of imperialism in Africa. The imperialism of Africa brought an immense amount of suffering and abuse for the Africans. The Africans lost their own land to the Europeans and were even forced to work from them. If they disobeyed, punishment followed, some as extreme as cutting off their hands. Nonetheless, despite the horrible acts put upon by the Europeans, imperialism was also the time when Africa grew as a continent. By the Europeans coming in, Africa became a more developed continent than it could have ever been without the Europeans. People should never forget the myriad of damages and developments the Europeans made in Africa.


Persuasive Writing

In Writing, we learned about persuasive writing and we attempted to publish it on a website that accepts opinion articles. Mine got accepted.

Here is a link:

It also got ranked #1 for like… 4 hours?

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.24.06 AM

Anyway, when writing our persuasive pieces, I really learned a lot of writing in a more casual way, while still being very cogent. That was very interesting and also hard. I think that one of the challenges with writing the persuasive piece was trying to include the different types of evidence in our writing. Phew, thank god I did it well. I think that my overall concept of writing and the ideas I had were okay though, because it wasn’t a topic that was addressed a lot. As a published writer, I feel like nothing has happened, to be honest…


White Space and Line Breaks Poem

For Exploratory Writing, we wrote a poem focusing on white space and line breaks, using one of the journal entries we wrote earlier. Most of my journal entries were saying bad things about the people I moderately dislike, so I chose the only one that wasn’t like that, and for some reason it was called “Lighthouse.” Then we used and app called Explain Everything and explained where we used white space and line breaks and why we used it.

Here is the video:

Reflection Time SS – Toy Story Movie Review

pIn this project on Enlightenment Thinkers Toy Story Movie Review, we focused on improving our understanding of Enlightenment ideas. This is an important skill because by doing this project, we are able to understand how the Enlightenment thinkers thought, instead of just learning about it.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to incorporate past ideas we learned about to everyday situations, and in this case, make the Enlightenment thinkers give feedback on a movie. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

How did time impact my work?

It impacted A LOT. My partner and I had so many ideas to write about and so many categories to talk about but only 5 minutes to talk about it. We had to shorten many of the things we wrote, especially about the main character (Woody), which was a pity. We also had to delete the part where we talked about the ratings of the plot because of the time limit. I also had to edit some of the parts where we were quiet because of the time. :/

Here is the movie review:

the green THUMBS ??

The Green Thumbs is a football team located in Vietnam.

I’m just kidding. It’s a fake soccer team we made in class. This semester for the soccer unit we did a sport education thing, where we learned about the different roles of a team, the positions in soccer, and how to referee and keep score. My role for this unit was the Fair Play Coordinator. What I did was I observed how positive everyone was and how we solved problems. I gave all of us in our group 100 out of 100 because we were all very very enthusiastic and good. We won 1st in the championship round too. That’s good too XD

I think a challenge was just trying to do the drills. Since the teacher wasn’t supervising us, at first we started off well, but soon we were just paying around… But I mean, we still got most of the drills done.

We also had to run for this unit. I guess it goes into training… We basically had to run 1.2 KM and then we timed it. I improved overall, which was a relief because I started with 6 minutes and 26 seconds, and the second time was 6:36, so I wasn’t sure if I would improve. I ended with 5:53. Phew!

I think that I tried my best most of the time, although there probably were times when I wasn’t trying my best. But I do remember trying my best during the tournaments. Many times when I and the others weren’t trying our best we went off track. But I guess when we went off track, most of the time was because we were kind of messing around. I don’t remember how we usually went off track…

We totally talked kindly to each other… *cough cough We actually were yelling around and stuff, but it wasn’t ever because we were angry; We were just having fun. So it does kind of count as being positive, I guess… (?)

I think that unit was better than most of the other units, because instead of creating a game or creating a video, we actually got to learn about the sport and actually play, which I think was more fun to do. I would definitely recommend this unit to others.

I think that by maybe by making more drills/refining them would help us not get off track more? IDK…

The Legend of the Green Thumbs: