The Encounter

A huge triangular object is in a field. I was curious and approached the unusual object, The bottom of the object open and outcomes a white shape human like form. As I came closer and closer to the this thing I spoke to it “Ummm who are you.” “I’m Jesus Christ and I’m here to change the religion, but over the years I’ve forgot what the religion is so can you explain to me what it is.” “Sure why not.” I took him to abandon farm and brought him some beer and some bread. He confronted me again and asked me to tell him the religion. Since I’m a young boy I didn’t know much. “I’ll tell you what I know. So back then the church was selling indulgence. Oh yeah if you don’t know what it is but it’s a piece of paper that would watch over family after their dead. It’s quite expensive it cost us 30 silver for 1 piece” “In genius making people, I mean please continue.” “Okay then So it all started when a monk called Martin Luther saw that selling these indulgence was wrong so he started protesting. He wrote the 95 these. Each one of the these protesting and throwing ideas out saying that it’s wrong to sell indulgence in 1516” “But why he say that. I thought it was good for the people. So why would he protest.” “Well if you think about it he said if you put a few coins into the churches chest. His Philosophy was that if you work hard in your life you would pay of your sin. So by living a good life you chance of going to heaven increase. Then he got summon to the Diet of Worm. Here high ranking people order him to stop his protest, they remove his church membership, and banish him. However he didn’t go anywhere, he went into hiding where he rewrote the bible from Latin to German. He did this because more common people can access the bible. After years of writing he finish his first bible. But how could he spread the word. At the time the printing press was out and making copy of book and paper.” “What is this printing press?” “Ohhhh the printing press is a machine made by a man called Gutenberg, this can make copies of books that 1 person write, going back on topic Martian Luther gave his bible to the printing press and they made loads of copies and released to the public. In a year there was about a million books were made about ⅓ of it was Martin Luther bible. Over years his bible was translated to all different language all over Europe. At the time this was the Reformation when the people had 2 ideas of religion 1 side is the Catholic and the other side was Protestant. My grandparents at the time still believe in the Catholic way. But my parents somehow got hand of Martin Luther bible and started disagreeing. But my family didn’t want to get into a confrontation with each other so their neutral.” “That’s all I need now I shall enslave my home planet.” In an instant the triangle object was gone was and I woke up in my bed realizing it was only a dream.


7 Min Run

Well at the start of the 7 min challenge is Bull but after doing it count less times I’ve learn to respect the 7 min challenge. If you don’t know what the 7 min challenge is it’s a test that see how far you can run in 7 min. At the start my goal was to get to Silver(5km) and be done with it but after times and time again seeing how I could run more I decided to set my goal at gold(10km). I almost achieve it but I was off by a bit but I was happy with the result. The only thing that I felt challenge is that my throat. Like feeling dehydrated just kills the momentum. But after getting some water I felt like I could run again. If you ask me to do this again I would say yes.

resting              warmup                     7min

70                         90                             120

75                         94                              112

70                         98                             135

85                         100                          120


1024px-Heart_corazón.svg (1)

Ball handling

So this week in P.E we had to do ball handling skills. We had to do 6 different skills. The one that I choose was banana split, laying on the ground and bouncing, double time, around the world, V shape dribbling, and ball punch. It was very awkward when we tried to film because there was people everywhere eyeing us down. It was very weird.


A challenge that we have is making our video one minute. We took several tries, a lot of them where 55 seconds which sucks but somehow we pulled it off and I had a great time doing it(not really).

Link to the video

40 Book Reflection

I think the 40 book challenge is great but it’s has it down points.Student should be free and read whatever that they want to. It so sad to see teacher forcing students to read. We’re practically independent in school and didn’t students go through the whole process of reading and vocabulary, so why continue this process if student.

I know reading is important don’t get me wrong because I had to read but I think student should read but it on their own time or whenever they want to read. I don’t think student have to feel the pressure to finish the 40 book challenge. I see student asking each other how many books they have read and say I need to read more to finishing the 40 book challenge, and I feel like it doesn’t let kids express themself. But overall this is my opinion and expressing myself of the 40 book challenge.


Grey Area Reflection

The entire community contributed in each of the rivers. So these 3 river all meet in one place the Gray Bay. The Upper and lower Rafta is not polluted however the Raftas river suffers from acid rain, fishes can’t survived in acid. So the people responsible for this is the toy factory. it’s responsible for this due to air pollution. So the toy factory put out the smoke and acidic into the sky and it rains down on the river. However only one of the three river which is the Rafta river is affect because the other two have limestone in them and lime stone is a neutralizer for acid.

Now go to The Upper and Lower Mississippi river. This river doesn’t suffer from acid rain because from the limestone but this river is suffering from sediment from the park. 5 years ago the park allowed hunter to kill mountain lion. Due to the less number of mountain lion the deer population exploded. So with the increase of deer they required more food, and what does deer eats, grass. So if the number of grass is less then when it rains, the grass would not hold the water down so then water would slide down carrying sediment with it. So then water would dump into the water therefore it make the fish harder to breath.

The same goes for the Fo river. There are sediment from that river also but there also another killer. Chlorine from the waterside is dump on the Fo river. The chlorine kills the fish because the chemicals inside of the chlorine kills the fish the breath if not then they can’t reproduce therefore killing the population of the fish.

Overall the entire community contributed in the killing of the fish because of acidic rain,sedimentation,and chemicals.

Swimming Reflection

Time Trial

Stroke March May
Butterfly 39.28 40.27
Backstroke 38.92 34.01
Freestyle 32.95 29.95
Breaststroke 40.07 35.08
50 M Freestyle 1.13.54 1.04.54

IMG_1250 My favorite stroke is breaststroke and looking back I improve on most of my stroke. But I was surprise that I improve on most of my stroke. I had no confident when I swim, I just thought to myself. I will never be the fastest I just have fun swimming and try my best. So I was proud that I improve so much. I was happy about my time trial result. I didn’t aim to improve on my stroke and surprisingly I did a lot better and I was happy with my result.

Free Write 6

If I can discover something that no one had ever discover what would it be. I would discover another planet that would be habitable by humans. It was on a day that I was cursing around in space when I saw a planet that I never saw before. My team and I landed on the planet. We stepped outside with our space suit It was like earth but better, so much wood and animals there I thought what if human move here. But I didn’t know if the air was breathable. So I had to remove William’s space suit and use him as a test subject. He suffocated when we threw him outside. I decided to call the new planet called William because he was the first human to die on the planet. In 5 years 90% of the population would be on Planet William.



Blog Post (Book trailer)

I did and didn’t like the book trailer. The up side of it was that we can see other people book trailer and find out about new books we can read. The down side of it was that we had to do it on CC search. I hated it because that we had to use for everything from images to music came from their.I’m not saying it is a bad website or anything but that is does not fit the things we want. Like if I search up the word evil there are picture of people face’s and it doesn’t help. I even tried to be specific like demon but it doesn’t work at all. So yeah I have to search basic things like a clock or a gun and there is picture that I want.I did well on the imaging because there were so many thing that I do not like. But by some miracle I made it work. A thing I need to improve on was the music. I was in a rush and CC didn’t help at all I had to search million of music that didn’t fit at all with my book trailer.I could improve on my music but really that is it and I do not know what else to improve on. I don’t  think anyone would read my book because there was really bad music. If you give me another day or two I would have done a better job of it.


Free Write 5

T.V do show education value. Shows like Discover Channel that teach you what you do not know.Like Man vs. Wild that show teach you how to survived in the wild from places like the Sahara desert to the Amazon rain forest. He shows you how to get water and food. Not just that show there is Top 5 that tells you what the top five things are in the world. It educational value the people who say T.V is not educational should rethink it because that is educational.

Fine you want to know another channel AX N is a good channel it talks about the voice that is a singing completion and you can learn new songs on it. Or the Amazing Race, we learn new thing on that show it shows us new culture and other things. You can also learn where to go for a vacation or something. Or the CSI series that is about crimes and murder. That can teach you what not to do and how to solve crimes.I think that all shows are educational because what we see is what we learn.

All channel has an education for us, like a fishing channel, you might say “This is useless.” But if you think about it they show you how to put bait on the hook and casting. Or cartoon, you don’t see little kids watching Discovery Channel or AX N or Animal Planet. They would watch something like Adventure Time. They could copy what the character is saying and since there are no swear words in there, no bad could be done to kids right? So even channel that try to be dumb is still educating people how not to be in real life. So everything show have an education value in it.So T.V does have value in it.

40 Challenge

Progress and Books I read 

My progress has been a little slow. It because I do not enjoy it. It forces you to read about something that you do not want to read.  It like you like Mystery and you have to read Fantasy you do not enjoy yourself. So yeah my pace has been really slow.I have read 16 books so I’m a little bit behind everyone. Everyone should have 20 books done.

What I think about the 40 Book Challenge 

I think the 40 book challenge is pretty dumb. It forces you to read genres that you do not like. I do not think it is right to force somebody to do something that they do not want to do. So I think they should change the 4o Book Challenge should be change. They should just let the students choose any book that they want but they have to no matter what they have finished 40 books that is a better way, and I know you would say everyone should read different things but the person who is reading it has to enjoy. You can’t force someone who like fantasy and read history that person would not like it at all.

I struggled 

In a way that I struggled is that I am a picky person. I only choose the type of book that I like. But other genes that I do not like I barely read any of them. So in a way I am struggled with the genres. Another part that I struggle with is how to get into a book. I like books that are my genres and if I pick up another book that is not the same genres and try to enjoy the book but I just don’t like them at all. Even when I know in my head is that I have to do this for the 40 Book Challenge but I just can’t enjoy the book.

The area that I need to improve in is that I have to pick up a genres that are different and read them or I’ll never fished this 40 book Challenge in time.

I done well is that I read all of the genres that I wanted and finished really quickly and most of the one free choice ones. Like the Alex Rider Series and I recorded most of the days that I read in.

I need to be less picky on the books I read. Because the 40 book Challenge is a pretty hard Challenge for people who is a picky reader. So I have to be less picky on the choice of books I read. If I do not stop this I would fall behind everyone and fail the Challenge. The Book Challenge is pretty hard but still I still have to finish it. But the Book Challenge has been alright I don’t hate it or anything but I think they should change the Book Challenge.