The Thinking Game

Fantastic contraption.

What was challenging about Fantastic Contraption (think of the first time you played it)

The most challenging thing was that you had to think the whole time and they do not give you any hints or what so ever. But it help you brain to think and figure out the ways to finish the level

What did you enjoy most about the game?

The most thing I enjoy about the game is that it’s unique. I played tons of games but there there is something different about Fantastic Contraption. It is creativity and ingenuity in it.That is the reason I like it alot.

What do you think you learned from playing this game (be specific what skills does it take to complete a level)

I learned from completing the levels is that you have to think outside the normal zone. It is cool to think differently from the way most people would do. The game has creativity for kids. It makes them think and think outside the normal zone. That is the part I like about the game the most.