Free Write 6

If I can discover something that no one had ever discover what would it be. I would discover another planet that would be habitable by humans. It was on a day that I was cursing around in space when I saw a planet that I never saw before. My team and I landed on the planet. We stepped outside with our space suit It was like earth but better, so much wood and animals there I thought what if human move here. But I didn’t know if the air was breathable. So I had to remove William’s space suit and use him as a test subject. He suffocated when we threw him outside. I decided to call the new planet called William because he was the first human to die on the planet. In 5 years 90% of the population would be on Planet William.



Free Write 5

T.V do show education value. Shows like Discover Channel that teach you what you do not know.Like Man vs. Wild that show teach you how to survived in the wild from places like the Sahara desert to the Amazon rain forest. He shows you how to get water and food. Not just that show there is Top 5 that tells you what the top five things are in the world. It educational value the people who say T.V is not educational should rethink it because that is educational.

Fine you want to know another channel AX N is a good channel it talks about the voice that is a singing completion and you can learn new songs on it. Or the Amazing Race, we learn new thing on that show it shows us new culture and other things. You can also learn where to go for a vacation or something. Or the CSI series that is about crimes and murder. That can teach you what not to do and how to solve crimes.I think that all shows are educational because what we see is what we learn.

All channel has an education for us, like a fishing channel, you might say “This is useless.” But if you think about it they show you how to put bait on the hook and casting. Or cartoon, you don’t see little kids watching Discovery Channel or AX N or Animal Planet. They would watch something like Adventure Time. They could copy what the character is saying and since there are no swear words in there, no bad could be done to kids right? So even channel that try to be dumb is still educating people how not to be in real life. So everything show have an education value in it.So T.V does have value in it.

40 Challenge

Progress and Books I read 

My progress has been a little slow. It because I do not enjoy it. It forces you to read about something that you do not want to read.  It like you like Mystery and you have to read Fantasy you do not enjoy yourself. So yeah my pace has been really slow.I have read 16 books so I’m a little bit behind everyone. Everyone should have 20 books done.

What I think about the 40 Book Challenge 

I think the 40 book challenge is pretty dumb. It forces you to read genres that you do not like. I do not think it is right to force somebody to do something that they do not want to do. So I think they should change the 4o Book Challenge should be change. They should just let the students choose any book that they want but they have to no matter what they have finished 40 books that is a better way, and I know you would say everyone should read different things but the person who is reading it has to enjoy. You can’t force someone who like fantasy and read history that person would not like it at all.

I struggled 

In a way that I struggled is that I am a picky person. I only choose the type of book that I like. But other genes that I do not like I barely read any of them. So in a way I am struggled with the genres. Another part that I struggle with is how to get into a book. I like books that are my genres and if I pick up another book that is not the same genres and try to enjoy the book but I just don’t like them at all. Even when I know in my head is that I have to do this for the 40 Book Challenge but I just can’t enjoy the book.

The area that I need to improve in is that I have to pick up a genres that are different and read them or I’ll never fished this 40 book Challenge in time.

I done well is that I read all of the genres that I wanted and finished really quickly and most of the one free choice ones. Like the Alex Rider Series and I recorded most of the days that I read in.

I need to be less picky on the books I read. Because the 40 book Challenge is a pretty hard Challenge for people who is a picky reader. So I have to be less picky on the choice of books I read. If I do not stop this I would fall behind everyone and fail the Challenge. The Book Challenge is pretty hard but still I still have to finish it. But the Book Challenge has been alright I don’t hate it or anything but I think they should change the Book Challenge.

The Cay Character (Timothy)

Timothy is a 70 or more years old Negro. He was one of the crew men on board the Hato when it was shot by a German U-boat. After escaping from the sinking ship he saw Phillip who got a crack on the head pulled him on board the raft. After a few days of drifting on the sea with a Kay and some biscuits, They floated to an island where they could survived.

Timothy is a gentle, giant and kind. He is much bigger than Phillip and weight more. However he give Phillip more food and water for Phillip then himself. He take care of Phillip after he became blind because he got hit in the head with a lose piece of timber. Catching food for Phillip like langosta and fish. He could also build huts and a rain catchment. He is not your average person, he would be kind sometimes and he would be not so nice. He could be mad at you at some point and then he would change into this super nice person. He is a unpredictable character. He is always prepare. Like when the storm hits the island he tied the matches and the water kay on the tree. But however when the storm hits the island he protects Phillip from the storm. Taking impact for more then 4 hours. Then when the storm died down he was still alive but blood was coming out from his back. Then he died and the year 1942 and was buried on that cay 

Free Write 2(Relive)

If you can relive any moment in your life would you do it, and if you would do it, why you would do it.

I would relive 2nd grade when there was one of my favorite teacher Mr. Campbell and T.V show I like. Mr. Campbell was not your average teacher. He would make you dance in the morning and there would be different kinds of dance. It was really embarrassing  because people would look at us like we are not normal. But there are some up side for being in his class. Every week we would get GOTCHA, it is like a ticket to win a prize like a pencil or other prizes. Not just that there is also a special. If we do good we would have a popcorn party where we have popcorn and watch a movie someone would bring in. Like when my friend Dan Dan brought in was Kungfu Panda.

Another reason I would relive 2nd grade is the T.V shows that I use to watch there were 5 different show that I like to watch. Like Martin Mystery, a T.V that solve crime. So after 3rd grade those T.V show disappeared, So I tried every single way to to watch it but failed. But in the World Cup, while I was awake at 1 am in the morning. One of the showed appear and I was so happy to watch it but only one of those shows air. So I usually sleep late because of that and I would relive that to catch all of those shows.

So those are my reason for going back to 2nd grade because there was one of my favourite teacher and some of my favourite T.V shows.


House League (Free Write 1)

When I first heard about house league I thought that it is going to be something very boring and that we have to sit in one place. But I was so wrong, it was way different. We where our house color it looked like we are going to a war or something. When we went into the gym and Mr. Myers said that we would have a rock paper and scissor tournament.
Honestly I didn’t expected it and the competition started. At first it was one on one but every victory I had the one that lost to me went behind me. Then it was Someone vs Me I felt so confident that I would win and Someone threw out rock and I did scissor. I was destroy and I join the line. Eventually Someone one the game. But yeah house league was not what I expected it to be. I wonder what would be installed for this year.