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Have you ever wanted to nice to a teacher and gain their trust with these simple step you can do that

This is how you can get a teacher trust, the first tip is to be super nice tos. Second tip always smile at them even if you don’t want to smile and always say hi. Third is complement them about something or ask them about their day. Do not do it more than once a day or they would suspect something.Last tip is to make I contact If you follow these step you could gain their trust like me.It would take a few months but it pay of because that One time a teacher ask me to deliver something important to someone. True story.

The first tip is to be super nice. Well there is different ways to be nice to a teacher but this is the way to be nice to a teacher. You always turn your work in every neatly than write something in it like from you favorite student or my favorite teacher. You should also never interrupt a teacher when he or she is saying something even if they are explain a topic you don’t like.

Next thing is to do is smile. Always smile that is the most basic way to make a bond with someone.  Then the teacher would notice you more often and talk with you more. But there is also some disadvantage but that depends.

The last one is to complement them. Say like nice hair cut or speech. Also ask about their day at the end of the day. You could say “What did you do today”( you can also guess about their day.

After all of this step you could offer your service to them. You could say what can I do for you or you can say can I do an errand for you. Then there is a 50% chance they would say yes and 50% that they would say no. But if they say yes you got their trust.

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