Current event

Mitt Romney is promising or an America change. he is running against Obama for president. He said tonight is a change of Obama disappointment of the U.S. He is one of the highest place in the government and said he will lead the U.S to a new place. A lot of people voted for him and he is respected by the people though out the state. I think he might win the election.

Question I had

1 will U.S go to a new place

2 Will Mitt deliver on his promise

3 Will Obama win

Reading Respon

Today I’m writing about the book called Riding Freedom. She escape from the evil place and slept in the stable. Then the man that own the stable saw her. He heard the stable man talking to her about a girl that escape, her heart sank because if he finds out show was the girl he would turn her in to Mr Milshark again.So she lied and said she didn’t know anything about it.  So he said he need a crew for his team, he need someone that could drive a 6 horse. He ask her to try. She was ready to do it. At first she sort of lost control of the horse but she was not turning back. But some how she did made it over. Years past and she enjoy her job. One day she was caring people around until one day she saw from her list she saw Mr. Milshark. When he came he look not like him self. He was thin and tall. He wanted to sit next to her (the diver). She was frozen and lost control and it got stuck in the mud. she asked him to get in the mud and lift it. She even acted like he was strong and he help.

Question I had

1 Is Mr. Milshark going to help

2. Will Mr Milshark find out her

3. Will Mr Milshark and her be friend

Reading Respond

For the reading respond I will tell about the Book Riding Freedom. This book is about a girl that was Charlot. She lives in a place for children who do not have a home. Today there was a horse race that show the place she lives in was not a bad place but it was. She went to the stable to see her favorite horse was Freedom. When she came to the starting line a boy William was a enemy of her’s and said no  girls allowed . She didn’t listen to them and guest what she won. Then the horse was sick. She sat next to it. Then her best friend Hay came she told the horse was sick. Then the bell rang and it was for a kid was going away. Next day a bad news came, the horse died and was buried. Her friend Hay said he was going away but they have plans. She said she is going to run away. She said she has a plan and Hay has to help him.

Here are question I had

1.Will she escape

2.Will Hay help

3.Will they know she has a plan.

Reading Respon

On today I will tell about who was the Beatles. The Beatles where known as the Fab Four. They where all born in England Livepool. They all had a love for music. They where John, Paul, George, and Ringo. John, Paul, and George meat at a club while they where playing music. They form a band along with Stu and Pete. One day while they where performing a local club owner in Germany offered them a place to live a dressing room and a big place to sleep. Once they came there they found out it was a lie. Also another day a man anted to buy the band. He also wanted to kick Pete out to get another drummer that is better. So Pete get kick out and the manger brought another one is Ringo. In 1964 the band was John, Paul, George and Ringo.  The manger wanted them to make big. When their album came out The U.S heard it for the first time it was a hit. They came to U.S and did what they do. But now they where not in club there in places like Elvis Presley. They kept on doing the things they do in 1970 the band started to break up. So they walk their lives until John was killed at 1984.  That was not bad enough George died of cancer in 1999. Only Paul and Ringo live. But they sort of get back together to keep on playing music. Their album are still the top best.