Mi viaje a Barcelona (Assessment 4)

Luego en Barcelona International Aeropuerto a las tres de la noche en Sábado. Vamos a pasar cuatro días y se alojarse en Barcelona estadio hotel cerca el campo de fútbol, Camp Nou. Personas en el hotel es muy simpático y el servicio es muy bien. Al día siguiente después al desperté y ducharse. En ocho de la mañana fui comí desayuno. Un típico desayuno en Barcelona es mucho simple. Consisti panqueque, bacon y huevos con el jugo de naranja.

Después desayuno fui a la La Sagrada Familia inglés en centro de ciudad. Uniqo inglés en Europa porque es más alto son ciento setenta y dos metro. Además ingles aun no termino y esperamos terminar en díaz ano

Más adelante en el dia fui en el campo de fútbol vi el partido especial, Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Los forofos en el campo es muy interesante para alentador cuando Messi tocaste el balón. Pero Real Madrid puntuación la portería los forofos conseguimos enfadado. Suerte Barcelona ganaron partido con Lionel Messi puntuación tres goals y el partido fin 3-2.

Entonces fui cena en el hotel, Comi paella. En paella consistir camarón, calma y pescado acompañar con
especial salsa. Culturales en Barcelona enfoque baliar y uniqo edificio como La Sagrada Familia y Casa Milá. En ese tiempo escritura estoy disfrute en Barcelona.



El Classico 


Year Ending Writing for LS Screens

This years was one of those years that you would not forget. I overall had a great year, became vice president, made new friends. One of the last minute project that I did was the teens on screens essay for Learning Support. This was a pretty difficult essay to write but I some how pulled it off

1. One thing that you would improve on

One thing that I would improve on is that I have better analysis. I would always lose my main thought of the topic sentence and drift of to a topic similar to it. My teachers would always point it out and trying to fix it is a pain.

2. What was satisfying

What was satisfying was that I finished it on time. I was limited to time, due to the 2 to last week of school we had project due left and right.

Child Labor in West Africa

This year in Social Studies we studied about child labor in West Africa. This project was particularly difficult, cause I decided to make a video. With zero video making experience it was a challenge to create the video with limited time. What I like about this was the fact that there where so many ways to do it. What I didn’t like about it is that the grading was strict. When it was due day I was nervous because we didn’t fully finish and we had to work on it on the day it was due. However somehow we pulled of a miracle and turn it in on time. Our presentation was in a way was unique because we where the only group or one of the only group that did a video. I thought that we did a good job, but the teacher thought differently. If I was the teacher  I would say that my presentation was the best and give myself an automatic A. I would give myself an A because I work pretty hard on it and I lost a lot of sleep because of it.



C.S.I History

This is my C.S.I. A C.S.I is a color, symbol and image. I choose the color black and white because black and white where colors that where on the T.V in the old days and I just thought that history fits these 2 color. The word history and my symbol is  an book(I fail it so hard on it) because all the events in the past are recorded on books. My image is a clock because a clock represent time is passing.

History Word CSI

Me At A Glance

Who are you as a learner? I’m asking you this question, how do you learn are you a visual, auditory, kinesthetic? I’ve taken multiple tests based on who I am as a learner, and I’ve found out more than I expected. I’ve learned about my classmate and more about myself. In our LS8 we were assigned to do Me At a Glance project. This project is us, studying who we are as a learner. I’ve taken 3 tests and each of them was designed differently but all lead to 1 answer. This is Me At A Glance.

The goal of all of these test was to see what type of a learner I am.One of the test that I did was the is the learning style test. This test asked you questions about various preferences and then determined who you are as a learner. I got interpersonal which mean I work well with people and I’m a born leader. A few jobs that can apply to an interpersonal learner are manager, school principal, doctor, and travel agent. The second test that I did was the was the multiple intelligence test. In this test we tick of question that you agreed with. Again with no doubt I ended up as a interpersonal learner again. A few other terms that I saw in interpersonal were I learn better when I’m in a group and I’m a team player. The last test that I did was the color test. In this test you rate you how much a question fits you. If I gave it a 3 then that meant 100% you, but if you rated it 1 then it was not so much like you. This time interpersonal is not in the test. This time I came back as 2 colors. The colors were orange and green. In each color it would tell you bad day symptoms or what your daily day is. Well this was all of the data that I got from the test and I wish I was more all rounded because stuck to a specific aspect. For instance,visual and interpersonal, I would have like a different one like musical or something like that.

After all of these tests I have confirmed that these tests were reliable because it fit my profile. As a result I’m going to use some of these strengths and apply to my life.

The Encounter

A huge triangular object is in a field. I was curious and approached the unusual object, The bottom of the object open and outcomes a white shape human like form. As I came closer and closer to the this thing I spoke to it “Ummm who are you.” “I’m Jesus Christ and I’m here to change the religion, but over the years I’ve forgot what the religion is so can you explain to me what it is.” “Sure why not.” I took him to abandon farm and brought him some beer and some bread. He confronted me again and asked me to tell him the religion. Since I’m a young boy I didn’t know much. “I’ll tell you what I know. So back then the church was selling indulgence. Oh yeah if you don’t know what it is but it’s a piece of paper that would watch over family after their dead. It’s quite expensive it cost us 30 silver for 1 piece” “In genius making people, I mean please continue.” “Okay then So it all started when a monk called Martin Luther saw that selling these indulgence was wrong so he started protesting. He wrote the 95 these. Each one of the these protesting and throwing ideas out saying that it’s wrong to sell indulgence in 1516” “But why he say that. I thought it was good for the people. So why would he protest.” “Well if you think about it he said if you put a few coins into the churches chest. His Philosophy was that if you work hard in your life you would pay of your sin. So by living a good life you chance of going to heaven increase. Then he got summon to the Diet of Worm. Here high ranking people order him to stop his protest, they remove his church membership, and banish him. However he didn’t go anywhere, he went into hiding where he rewrote the bible from Latin to German. He did this because more common people can access the bible. After years of writing he finish his first bible. But how could he spread the word. At the time the printing press was out and making copy of book and paper.” “What is this printing press?” “Ohhhh the printing press is a machine made by a man called Gutenberg, this can make copies of books that 1 person write, going back on topic Martian Luther gave his bible to the printing press and they made loads of copies and released to the public. In a year there was about a million books were made about ⅓ of it was Martin Luther bible. Over years his bible was translated to all different language all over Europe. At the time this was the Reformation when the people had 2 ideas of religion 1 side is the Catholic and the other side was Protestant. My grandparents at the time still believe in the Catholic way. But my parents somehow got hand of Martin Luther bible and started disagreeing. But my family didn’t want to get into a confrontation with each other so their neutral.” “That’s all I need now I shall enslave my home planet.” In an instant the triangle object was gone was and I woke up in my bed realizing it was only a dream.