The WWW Adventures in Bintan


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Student closes her eyes and jumps off the bamboo with great determination. Photograph by Ms. McDermott, 2014

“I didn’t trust my rope, until I jumped off!”

-Giang, Grade 9 student from SSIS

Do you have a fear of height? Ever wondered “When will I ever get over my fear?”. Well now is your chance, I had a fear of heights too. However I got over with one jump, you are tightly harnessed to the safety rope attached to a coconut tree(Which is very safe). When you reach the top, you feel like you can see a whole new world. Rather than, just an island with a lot of great food. When you go up, you walk on a strong bamboo stick and reach to the middle. You have to jump off, getting the mind set to jump off, is quite hard. It also felt very safe and not safe at the same time. You know you are harnessed, but you get the doubts.

The skywalk was a really fun activity, because I got to get rid of my phobia. Everyone was cheering for each other, It was a great experience.

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Two students are working hard in Community Service time, while one student waters the rocks the other shovels it. Photograph by Ms. McDermott, 2014

“It’s sure is tiring! But it’s worth it!”

-Ms. Alexander, Teacher from SSIS

Ever tried Community Service? For those of you who has, yeah not an easy work. But hey, it feels great to help other people. At first when I arrived, I was like “What? we are gonna work here?” However, something got me to work. It got me obsessed in working for the one in need. I felt very good after this experience, this got me closer to a few people. I also got to learn how toilets work, quite useful. It was a lot of fun being active and helping each other, It was never easy though. There was a lot of inspiration like how grateful I should be for what I have when other people don’t have. Every time I went there was a motive, that got me to really participate in the action.

Helping the people in need is the most blessed I have done so far. I never felt good this way, something was different in the joy I experienced. It was fun.


Students help each other out in drinking water. Photograph by Ms. Mcdermott

Khoi, student at SSIS

Looking for food, that is sanitary,delicious and nice? In bintan resort Loola, they serve great food! Chicken nuggets, fresh juice, milo and Indonesian traditional food. They also provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. How nice is this? Serving three meals a day and not just that, you get to experience the traditional Indonesian food. It has fried rice, fried noodles and curry. In my opinion,Everyday is a whole new menu, it’s too boring to eat the same thing every time you sit on a table to eat.

The trip itself is good, but plus the food? The best thing that I or you can ever experience. Guess what, the rice they have their contains no calories. Go to Bintan and enjoy the food there.

Two students are working hard in Community Service time, while one student waters the rocks the other shovels it.



  1. Intro
  2. Skywalk
    1. A whole new world.
    2. Jumping off of the bamboo was quite scary.
    3. had to tie a rope to the harness connected to the tree.
    4. It felt safe but not safe at the same time.
    5. conclusion



  1. Intro
  2. Food
    1. good food provided every breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    2. best food was chicken nugget
    3. also had fresh fruit juices, very delicious and had milo
    4. conclusion



  1. Intro
  2. Community Service
    1. It was a lot of fun being active and helping out the people that need it.
    2. A lot of inspiration like how grateful I should be for what I have when other people don’t have.
    3. Whenever we went there was a motive, that got me to really participate in the action.
    4. conclusion


Lucid Chart

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Carta a mis amigos de Japon- MK

Hola Shizuku:

¿Qué tal estás?


Me llamo MinKwan y tengo 14 años.  Mi cumpleaños es el 15 de septiembre.  Soy de Corea del Sur y vivo en Ho Chi Minh. Soy guapo. Tengo el pelo corto y moreno y los ojos negros.

Soy trabajador y deportista. A veces soy cabezota.


Tengo un hermano, mi hermano se llama John. Me gusta jugar al baloncesto y me encanta jugar a videojuegos. Me gusta jugar al baloncesto durante mi tiempo libre.  No me gusta estudiar. Tampoco me gusta leer. Me gusta ver películas. También me gusta jugar al fútbol. ¿Haces deporte? ¿Tocas instrumentos?


Estudio en Saigon South International School. Las clases empiezan a las ocho de la mañana y terminan a las tres de la tarde. Mi colegio es muy grande y bonito. Mi profesora de español es muy cómica, ¿cómo es tu profesora? ¿El fútbol es popular en Japón? En mi escuela jugamos al baloncesto. ¿Quién es tu cantante favorito? Mi cantante favorito es Eminem, ¿Cuál es tu película favorita? ¿Tienes facebook?


Yo nunca he estado en Japón, ¿Cómo es Japón? ¿Es un país bonito? ¿Te gusta leer manga? Leer manga es muy divertido. A mí me gusta mucho leer Manga.

Un saludo.


Project: Cuestionario -MK

¿Qué tal?

Muy mal

¿Cómo te llamas?

Me llamo MK

¿Cómo te apellidas?

Me apellido Stitch

¿Cómo se escribe tu nombre?

Se escribe: eme – ka

¿Cómo se escribe tu apellido?

Se escribe: ese – te – i – te – ce – hache

¿De dónde eres?

Soy de Corea del Sur

¿Cuántos años tienes?

Tengo trece años

¿Cómo se llama tu padre?

Mi madre se llama Stitch

¿Cómo se llama tu madre?

Mi madre se llama Stitcha

¿Cuántos años tiene tu madre?

Mi madre tiene cuarenta años

¿Cuántos años tiene tu padre?

Mi padre tiene cuarenta años

¿Cuántos hermanos tienes?

Tengo un hermano

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños?

Mi cumpleaños es el quince de septiembre

¿Cómo eres?

Soy gordito pero muy guapo. Tengo el pelo corto y liso. No llevo gafas.

¿Cómo es tu padre?

Mi padre es muy alto. Tiene el pelo corto y lleva gafas

¿Cómo es tu madre?

Mi madre es delgada, tiene el pelo largo y lleva gafas

¿Cómo es Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo es muy muy feo, tiene el pelo corto y no lleva gafas

¿Cómo es Shakira?

Shakira es muy bonita, tiene el pelo largo y no lleva gafas

¿Cómo se llama tu mejor amigo o amiga?

Mi mejor amigo se llama Junhyeok

¿Cómo es tu mejor amigo o amiga?

Junhyeok es muy guapo y alto, tiene el pelo corto y no lleva gafas

5 proyecto en el Spanish 2

La Ropa Proyecto –

In this project Me and Annie Park went to a clothing store and filmed ourselves buying and selling. We might have gotten the store keeper angry but we still thanked them a lot. I thought that this project was difficult because, we needed to find a good schedule time to work on this project but it was very fun making it.

Interview project


image (1)

image (2)

For Spanish class we were assigned to choose an athlete and interview them in Spanish, it was difficult but fun at the same time. I thought that this was a great experience for me because now I can understand a little bit more in speaking in Spanish. I think that this was a little bit difficult because I had to know what to say and ask to my imaginary athlete.


Mk and Jonathan Sonnets- Hum A/E


Jonathan and MK                                   tatton4

stressed and non-stressed 

 Edited: Tommy and David Le

One day I walked around the famous park

What I saw made me happy to say “yes”

I saw a pretty velvet flower here

I grabbed my camera ready to shoot it.

and then a dog pounced on my shoulders, head

first in the flower crushing two of my

beloved needs. My camera buried in

the dirt, the one good flower was crushed too.

“why does this happen to my camera too?”

I turned around in pain and stared at the

dog. I walked over that annoying dog

I was aggressive towards strangers now

I slept through the night in pain thinking how

can I make my life better even now.


Photos Article of The Hunger Games


Video Article:

This movie is about a teenage girl named Katniss Everdeen, she has a sister and a mother. She is very skilled with shooting arrows, sometimes there is a Hunger Games where 2 people are always chosen from every district. However Katniss’ sister gets chosen but she decides to volunteer for her sister. And another person was named Peeta Mellark later in the game he survives with Katniss.


This picture is a picture of Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen.

This picture is about Katniss getting an interview by a man named caesar

This image is when Katniss volunteers for her sister and says her last words to her


this girl is the girl who were allies with Katniss in the Hunger Games


This part is when a girl named Rue died instead of Katniss, she takes a spear through her body instead of her ally Katniss.

This scene is when Peeta Mellark disguises himself into a rock to survive until the end of the Hunger Games.

In this picture Peeta Mellark is found my Katniss Everdeen which is his ally from the same district.

This scene is the final part of the Hunger Games, They both agree not to kill each other so they decide to commit suicide together.

This is the last scene when they are rescued from the makers of the HUnger Games before they could’ve committed suicide.


In my opinion, I feel that the movie was very boring. This movie had many fun scenes but there were not much special parts I could point out. I guess I could say is that the last scene was very disappointing. Because it wasn’t much of a twist in the end which I like about some movies. In this movie what happens is that Katniss volunteers for her sister and goes to the Hunger Games and fight to survive. Eventually Katniss and Peeta Mellark was supposed to kill each other of course, they didn’t. So they said let’s die together and the makers of the Hunger Games let them live. This was the most disappointing time for me when they both didn’t fight.

Slavery Journal Recording MinKwan Shin

Dear Isabel,

A long time a go there were laws held by the head of the country. Every state had a law, a lot of them included payments by the slaves and punishments. If a slave asked another slave to write a letter for him that person would get whipped a 100 times. Hold on, there are more surprising events. If this kind of thing happened again that person would get whipped 700 times, this could lead to death or heavy bleeding and infection. Isn’t this very brutal. Another punishment when you ran away was they put a very heavy and long collar on the Africans so he cannot run away. Another punishment is the owners put an “r” symbol to show that he has run away before. This shows that the slave should be ashamed of himself. And If a slave held his hand up to protect himself from getting hit he would be beaten up by a whip.There were many shocking events but the most shocking was that a slave was going to get whipped 700 times, I feel that long time ago Africans were treated as if they were toys and they were allowed to be beaten up or ripped apart. The other shocking thing I heard was that about 90% of the African slaves lived to be only 60 years old, how sad is this? very sad indeed. This makes feel as if I would want to fight against my owner and do whatever I could to be free, I wonder how the slaves endured the pain and restrained the eagerness to fight against the white men. If I was the slave I wouldn’t stay alive, I would just commit suicide. Just by listening and hearing about slavery this gets me to feel very sad and angry to the white men. I hope you good luck and the best wishes, bye.


MinKwan Shin