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Reflection for Human Rights Showcase

In this project on Human Rights, we focused on learning about human trafficking. This was important  to learn because it was a really big help to the part of the project. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to practice speaking to the audience members. I had some trouble speaking until the showcase, but I think because of the help of practicing, I did a good job on speaking to my audiences.

How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

The collaboration with my classmates helped me focus my ideas by supporting when I was talking to the audiences. It helped me a lot because every time I paused for a long time, my teammates added on. So, we were helping each other all the time when we were stuck and forgot something to say and I think that was really helpful for each other.

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

While I was going around to look for other students work, It showed me that they had worked really hard to tell or share the information about their right and also the organization that they were helping with. In the showcase, there was really unexpected work which was really surprising to me.

How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue?

We could do three things to continue our involvement. First, we could post the poster that my teammate made and post it to markets, stores, restaurants, and etc… Secondly, we could also keep clicking the donate button on the website that they told us. Lastly, we could go to websites, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and etc…

This is a LINK to our Presentation

Our work

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Service Learning Reflections

While we were researching about human trafficking, we found a foundation that would give us a lot of information about human trafficking, so the community which was me, I had to send him an email that we would like to help. My group mates were making a poster about awareness and a presentation to help spread the Blue Dragon children’s foundation we were helping.

What are the most difficult or satisfying parts of your work? Why?

I would have to say that the most difficult thing was that I had to wait until Mr.Chris the director of the Blue Dragon would have to send the email to me as a community person. It took a long time to wait for Mr.Chris to answer but they were really helpful.

Did anything surprise you? If so, what?

I was surprised on how many children were trafficked in the website that they gave us in the email

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Team Secrets Comes back!

This is a video of what we did for PE 


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SS Library HW

Topic: Human Rights

Book Title:365 things you can do for yourself and your planet

Author:Julie Fisher-McGarry

Publication Date:

Fact 1: Dec 2: Do what you can do to help

We worry so much about terrorism in this country, yet AIDS is the most intimidating terrorist in the world. AIDS has currently orphaned 14 million children and could reach 40 million within the next few years.

Fact 2: Dec 9: Joining together to end violence

Today is Human Rights’ day. we tend to turn our heads and pretence all’s right with the world, but it isn’t. People in other countries, especially women, do not have the luxury of being in the land of the free.



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SJ’s Explain Everything for Writing: Theme Poem

I have done a Poem and did a video about what my poem was about, here is a picture of the poem. Credits to Explain Everything App. IF you want to look at the video, here is the video

SJ's Theme Poem

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Resume Reflection ELA

Link to Resume

What are your best professional qualities? 

I think that my best quality is how I think, the reason is because I have a lot of ideas when I’m doing an assessment. I’m like the Idea Bank and I think creativity so they help me a lot while working. If these creative ideas help me with every work, I would be really successful with the subjects at school.

What are your worse professional qualities? 

One of my problems that I have is that I have some struggles with sentence stems, vocabulary , and etc. I know what I’m doing but I just don’t know how to show that to the teachers of what I am thinking about. If I just show the teachers what i know what I’m doing, I wouldn’t need any trouble with any of my work.

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