Ecodome Day 8 (Rebuild)

Ecodome: Fail


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Water 100 ml For the crickets to stay hydrated Made the ecodome very humid
8.3 tomatoes 8.3 g For crickets to eat Rotten
Cucumbers 2.3 g For crickets to eat Rotten
Crickets 2 Dead
Dirt (Black) Enough to cover the ground dirt and support plants To support plants and keep them alive Very moist and wet from the water
Plants 5 to provide oxygen for crickets Some dying, some died
Water (pond) 30 ml To keep crickets hydrated and keep atmosphere not dry Evaporated onto the sides and top of the container

Both crickets have died from too much water and sunlight. We realized that leaving the box on the to near the window will lead to direct sunlight/too much sunlight making the eco-dome too hot. We also had a lot of water making it very humid so that lead to the plants dying which lead to no oxygen for the crickets.

How to Care for Live Crickets, Keeping Your Crickets Alive

This website says that we will need a dry food for the crickets. Last time we had tomatoes which were relatively moist food. We now have changed the food to cabbage because it isn’t as wet and won’t rot as fast. But unfortunately, we have not put enough so next time we will need to put more food in for the crickets.

Changes made (2nd rebuild):

  • Changed position ecodome was placed
  • Using 2 types of dirt
  • Less plants
  • Less water
  • Added paper roll for crickets to crawl under

Things to improve (2nd rebuild):

    • Put less water
    • Make sure crickets will eat the food
    • Do not give the eco-dome4 too much sunlight

Picture 1: Humid container

Picture 2: Dead plants

Picture 3: Rotten food and dead cricket

Ecodome Day 6

Ecodome: Fail


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Water 101 ml For the crickets to stay hydrated Made the container very moist with evaporated water
Apples 6.2 g To eat molded and rotten
Carrots 4.4 To eat molded and rotten
Water (for plants) 100 ml Water the plants not in container anymore
Crickets 2 both dead because of starvation
Dirt (Black) 0.75 inch Enough to cover the bottom very moist from the water
Grass A few to leave on top of the dirt starting to grow mold
Plants 5-6 For oxygen  Good in the beginning but started to die because of crickets death

Both my crickets died due to starvation. One of them were missing which could be because the other cricket ate it. But after a few days that bigger cricket also died. When we opened it, it smelled really bad (like a sweet garbage smell).

We think that the crickets died due to starvation and it was also too humid inside. The was condensation on all sides of the box and also a lot on the lid. We had a total of 200 ml of water which is a little more than last time.

Changes made:

  • Changed the type of food

Crickets would eat rotten food

  • Less dirt
  • a little more water

It was an accident, we originally planned to put less water but we were afraid the plants would die.

Things to change for ecodome

  • Put less water
  • Put in food that crickets will actually eat
  • Put in a wet sponge instead of a pond
  • Put something so crickets can hide under (paper towel rolls)

In the website, it says that we should put in wet towels instead of standing water because crickets can drown very easily. We should also put something for the crickets to hide under so that the crickets can be comfortable and act naturally.

Picture 1: Unhealthy plants with one dead cricket in the corner

Picture 2: Plants starting to die

Picture 3: Rotten Food

Picture 4: Picture of entire eco-dome

Ecodome Day 1

  • Components of Ecodome 1
    • 5-6 plants
    • 200 ml of water
    • 6.1g of apples
    • 4.4g of potatoes
    • Soil/Dirt Enough to cover the bottom and reach a height of 0.75 in
    • Grass
    • Rock
    • 2 crickets

    The most important thing for us that class was to find enough plants so the crickets would be able to breathe and no suffocate in the air tight box.

    The next morning both crickets were still alive but by the afternoon only one of them were as it had eaten the other smaller one. But by the end of the day both of them died. We think that they both died because of starvation. Our problem was that the food was fresh and not rotten and there was also developing mold on the food making the crickets not eat the chopped food. Our next step is to experiment with how much water the ecodome will need and we also need to make the food rotten a little so that the crickets will eat it instead of eating each other.


Component Amount incl Units Reasoning Daily Observations
Water 101 ml For the crickets to stay hydrated Day 2-5 // Evaporated and is on the top of the edocome
Apples 6.2 g To eat Started to mold because of too much water
Carrots 4.4 To eat Started to mold because of too much water
Water (for plants) 100 ml Water the plants Water from container is all in the “atmosphere”
Crickets 2 One of them ate the other one
Dirt (Black) 0.75 inch Enough to cover the bottom Moist because of the water
Grass A few to leave on top of the dirt
Plants 5-6 For oxygen  Day 6 // Started dying to is growing mold on top

Problems of Ecodome:

  • Too much water // mold on food and plants and condensation on the top
  • Crickets starved to death
  • Cricket became carnivorous and ate other cricket

Questions to research:

  • How much water does the cricket actual need?
  • What foods do crickets eat?

Original Plan for first ecodome:



Journalism Reflection

Writing the paper itself was not that challenging because I had enough research to just put it together but what I really found challenging was making our newspaper look like an actual newspaper. By directly copying a newspaper spread helped but we had to keep in mind that everyone’s writing had a different word count so sometimes it would be too little difficult because the paper would look a little off from the blank space. Because of this, we would have to rearrange everything to fill up the blank space.


I think one thing I did quite well in this project was put in good quotes and good information. For example, in my second paragraph, I had research what had happened to the environment in the last 20 years to give a background about the environment so that readers would understand what this paper was about. By adding quotes it makes the research more effective because it came from a person that you know. Having an interview is also essential to my journalism project because my topic was what the school was doing for the environment which means I need someone who works at the school to know what they are doing.


My goal for Quarter 2 is to have straight A’s which might be challenging because in Yearbook we don’t get much graded until our spread is due which is not soon. Right now 7 out of 8 of my grades are A’s which is good but my challenge is to change my yearbook grade. Another one of my grades is to get better at volleyball especially in hitting. I have noticed that if I warm up my arm swing I can hit harder and a little more accurate but I need to get stronger to have strong hits and I also need to work on my set which is really inaccurate.

Math Gapminder Video

  1. The video was very educational and I liked the video because of its examples and how the showed the things that had changed over time.
  2. Vietnam had struggled some bit with income while they still ha multiple babies per women and in America, they had kept going down in a steady way because of their income. I noticed that the less income someone has the more children the have.
  3. I don’t think this video impacted me that much other than knowing how the world has improved over time. Though I do know that there are still a lot of countries still struggling with money so maybe I’ll try to make donations for poverty.
  4. I don’t have that many unanswered questions.


Art Reflection


2. What did you personally achieve today?

Today I made a few tiny tables for our small shop which is part of our 3d Model. Ian and I were working on making the tables while Amber was gluing the small shop to our 3D Model. We also fixed a few of our lollipop trees because a few of them looked very sloppy.

3. The rest of my group was good. Our group doesn’t fight anymore like before during the first few classes when we first started our project.

4. Today we were reminded that we were behind and not very organized for our plan because we never really had a plan on what to do the next class or the class after that but now we are trying to be more organized and more planned out.

5. Our last steps are to make the trees, wait for the clay to dry so we can paint it and finally piece all of the small details to the large piece of our sculpture.

Hundertwasser 3D Model

Last class was kind of a normal class, we got a normal amount go things done. Plastering, painting, planning, and making our new windows. We finally decided on what form the building was going to be which is good but it’s completely different from what the actual building looks like. When we started plastering the cardboard we made it look like the building but now we decided that we would make it a small shopping area and a small apartment building.

My teammates and I did the same we did in every class. We were mostly just quite and talking about how to make the building look nicer. But unfortunately as always one of my teammates and I fought. It is not surprising ing because we usually fight ever class then just be quite to each other so that we don’t get each other more mad. I don’t like that we fight especially when its about small things like how to paint the windows or spray paint or sponging. I think that we really should solve this problem so that it doesn’t get in the way of our work.

Every class we get a few things done like painting and adding on new pieces to the structure. We have been quite consistent on our work so far and I think that if we keep this going we will be done soon.

Our group is planning to completely finish the project. But next class we are planning to put the 2 big pieces of plaster together so that we can start adding the small details to the 2 main pieces of plaster.


It was the rats and rat fleas that started it. The people were bitten by the fleas or other people breathed in droplets of the moisture that the victims coughed up. People who tried to help the victims ended up catching the disease themselves, so the best they could do was to comfort the dying. The plague was a disease that spread throughout rat and rat fleas.

Between 1347 and 1353, more than 30 million people in Europe died from the plague. The plague spread all across Europe and it killed about ⅓ of their entire population. The plague kills quickly and gives you a high fever and a terrible headache other that being extremely painful, it was extremely contagious. The healthy had to avoid being in contact with the sick because it could’ve gotten them sick.

“So many people died of the plague that there were not enough coffins. Bodies were buried together is pits.” The plague was a disease that spread throughout rat and rat fleas. Cats were wiped out due to the city’s suspicions so the city had made it a great place for the rats to live in because of the scraps of food and the filthy streets.There was no cure for the plague in the 1300s.


Plague. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 15 Feb 2017.