Art Chair Sculpture – Blog Post

What will be easy?
I think the vines will be easy to make but on the other hand I do not think that the head will be easy to make and put it on the sculpture. I think the flowers and leaves will also be easy to make.
What will be challenging?
I honestly don’t think it will be easy. I feel like I won’t have enough time, might fail sculpting parts of the sculpture. I do feel like I can complete this but I don’t think this will be an easy task.
What ideas do you have already?
I have a lot of ideas. I actually think I have to many. I have extra ideas as in adding details such as wings and a sun and more parts of the monster. I know I have a lot of ideas and I am worried about the possibility of not finishing them such as the dream catcher, the monster, the small details such as the castle and the trees.
Why do we use the design process and not just take our first idea?
Because the first design usually doesn’t show all of our drawings and I feel like the first design is the worst as it is probably the most simple and easy. I personally do not like my first design as it looks like I did not think outside of the box and I could have made it more creative and added more.
What are you looking forward to about this task?
I am looking forward to sculpting, presenting my sculpture, and also looking at the final design.
What topic are you thinking of? Why?
I have decided to choose the theme of a dream/nightmare. So I am going to have parts of good dreams and also add nightmare parts. I chose this theme as I really like fantasy and wanted to add happy fantasy dreams as well as part of nightmares to show the life isn’t always rainbows and cupcakes.
ADD a photo of your design and briefly explain how you think you’ll make it.
I am planning to make most of my sculpture using plaster and paper mache. Also I am going to use some clay for the small details.