Art Chair Sculpture – Blog Post

What will be easy?
I think the vines will be easy to make but on the other hand I do not think that the head will be easy to make and put it on the sculpture. I think the flowers and leaves will also be easy to make.
What will be challenging?
I honestly don’t think it will be easy. I feel like I won’t have enough time, might fail sculpting parts of the sculpture. I do feel like I can complete this but I don’t think this will be an easy task.
What ideas do you have already?
I have a lot of ideas. I actually think I have to many. I have extra ideas as in adding details such as wings and a sun and more parts of the monster. I know I have a lot of ideas and I am worried about the possibility of not finishing them such as the dream catcher, the monster, the small details such as the castle and the trees.
Why do we use the design process and not just take our first idea?
Because the first design usually doesn’t show all of our drawings and I feel like the first design is the worst as it is probably the most simple and easy. I personally do not like my first design as it looks like I did not think outside of the box and I could have made it more creative and added more.
What are you looking forward to about this task?
I am looking forward to sculpting, presenting my sculpture, and also looking at the final design.
What topic are you thinking of? Why?
I have decided to choose the theme of a dream/nightmare. So I am going to have parts of good dreams and also add nightmare parts. I chose this theme as I really like fantasy and wanted to add happy fantasy dreams as well as part of nightmares to show the life isn’t always rainbows and cupcakes.
ADD a photo of your design and briefly explain how you think you’ll make it.
I am planning to make most of my sculpture using plaster and paper mache. Also I am going to use some clay for the small details.

Mandalas Art Reflection

In art we have been working and researching about mandalas. We collaborated with the local school to teach a technique we learned and practiced and learned a technique from the local school art students. The task of this unit was to learn different techniques of mandalas and chose one and do the final piece. (or a combination of techniques) I feel really proud now because I now know more about mandalas and different ways to create a mandala. I also feel confident since we taught the local school and they seemed to understand and had a lot of fun.

What are mandalas used for?

Mandalas are used in a lot of spiritual traditions all around the world.

What was the purpose of mandalas in the old days?

The purpose of mandalas in the old days were used as a basic symbol for concentration and meditation, personal maturity, and protection and healing.

What is the definition of mandalas? 

A geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. (Google)

Something that was challenging was trying to make in symmetrical since we had to draw the patterns by hand without being able to trace like technique 1. I feel like I did a pretty good job on my mandala and it was an amazing experience to mix with the students there and get to learn more about mandalas while learning more about the students and their school. They were good teachers but sometimes they hard a hard time trying to find a word. I think they were good teachers since I understood clearly how to do it and now I feel confident at this technique.

Visit to local school reflection in pic collage below.


The technique we used at the local school was technique 2. We drew 3 perfect circles like the ones in the picture above. And drew it as symmetrically as we could.


Picture of mandalas for technique 2 above.

When the local school came we taught them our way of creating a mandala, which was by folding it in 4 parts and created a pattern on 1/4 of the part and then folded it in half and used a tool to make the pencil marks to show on the other side which would be the outline to help you make it look more symmetrical. The mandala on the top, in the picture above, is the one I used to learn and the one below is the one I worked on with the local school to show them how to create it with the technique we used.

Pictures of visit to SSIS and visit to LST below.



Pictures of LST mandalas below.


I feel like I am going to use a combination of the 2nd and 3rd technique. Which the 2nd technique was the one we taught to the local school and the 3rd one was from watching a video. I feel like doing a combination of the 2nd and 3rd technique because I feel the most confident with those two and I feel like they make a good combination. I am looking forward to the final piece of my mandala and the theme. I highly want to meet again with the local school because it was cool teaching other students and getting to work with people from the other school.

Final picture of mandala below.

FullSizeRender 2

I learned several things while completing the final mandala. I have learned firstly how to color contrast. Something that I am proud of is my patterns. I think I did a good job in using a lot of patterns that has a connection to the city since our theme was the city. If I got to do this project again I think I would make it simpler since it is taking more time than I think it would’ve taken. I honestly think that the other school student’s would like the parts that include their drawing while our school student’s would like the detailed one since we spent a lot of time and is very different from the other’s. I would actually really want to see the local students combining and redesigning our work with theirs. I think that it would be really different and really interesting to see. An element I would use for my own mandala is the bridge.