SS 6

There are a lot of things that I have learned this year but if I had to pick a few it would be the government unit we did, the ancient Egypt unit, and finally the NOP we did was a huge skill I learned. I learned I lot of things during the government unit such as what is a government, what does a government do, and finally what types of government are there. At the end of this unit we had a test. Ancient Egypt was also a big unit we did. We did a DBQ for this unit which the topic was how did the Nile river shape Egypt? We also learned a lot from this unit such as pharaohs, the social classes, temples, and more. A big skill we learned was NOP, it was very useful for me. The N stands for nature, the O stands for origin, and the P stands for purpose. It was very easy to learn and use but I wish that we could have learned it early because it was very useful.


There are strengths in me that I learned during social studies, a few of them are 2 column notes, blogging, and free writes. I think that the 2 column notes was my strengths because my notes were very clear and neat and it was very specific on the main ideas and supporting details. Honestly I have never been good at blogging whether it had to do with writing or editing pages, links, or generally anything. But when I came in to social studies my blogging skills changed. I learned so much more such as creating pages, using difficult stuff I have never knew that existed, and so much more. I believe that free write is one of my strengths because my word count and word choices improved this year a lot.


There are always areas to improve on, and one of my areas to improve on is my DBQ. I believe that my DBQ could be better in different ways, such as improving my main idea and supporting details. One other big area to improve on is my NOP skill. I think that I should be able to identify it faster. A goal for this semester will be to practice my writing skills, in general. The outline, word choices, and more.

These are some of the things I have learned, my strengths, and my areas to improve on.

These are some of the things we did this year:

Athens and Sparta Notes

Comparing and Contrasting Ancient Greek Governments

DBQ for Spartan Education


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