PE 6

What activities/sports did we do this year so far in PE?

This year in PE we did a lot of activities and sport, these are some of them: Pacers, target games, swimming (volleyball, water polo, and more), popcorn, Double 07, capture the flag, 7 minute challenge, basketball, Alaska (game), dodge ball, soccer, boccer (basketball+soccer), and we are currently working on volleyball.

What were your highlights?

I really liked capture the flag, 7 minute challenge and double 07. I liked capture the flag because it was really fun and it involved running. I didn’t┬álike the 7 minute challenge but it was definitely a highlight because I improved my running skills. I especially liked 007 because it was very interesting and epic. It involved a lot of running but that is why it was fun.

What were your biggest challenges/successes?

I biggest challenge was archery because I couldn’t get a bulls eye often. It was really hard for me to pull the string since it was so tight. My biggest success is the pacers because at the beginning of the year I only did 40 something but this time I got 57 so I think it was a big success.

Describe your attitude and effort in PE.

If I had to describe my attitude and effort in PE I would say that I always will try something before rating it. I learned a lot such as having fun and believing in yourself. Just because maybe some team is stronger than you doesn’t mean you have no chance of winning and having fun is the best part of PE.

Focus on one project to show your parents.

If I had to chose one project it would be my mystery bucket with Victoria.


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