Mandarin 6

Describe one of your best successes in this class. What did you do to made it so successful?

I believe my good grades were one of my best successes in this class. I think studying for the tests and quizzes made it so successful.

Describe a challenge you faced in this class. What did you do to overcome that challenge?

One of the biggest challenge I have faced in this class was my skits. I think this because some of the people I have worked with did not live close to me so we did not have extra time for practicing. But I overcome that challenge by figuring out other ways to get with them such as hangouts and skype.

Chinese New Year Project

Lesson 1 Greeting, Pinyin, Stroke (Aug. 12- Aug. 15)

Lesson 2 Chinese Radicals, pinyin Rules and Numbers (Aug. 15 – Aug. 19)

Lesson 3 Greetings (Aug. 21-Aug. 29)

Lesson 4 Dates (Sep. 04 – Sep. 25)

Lesson 5 Personal Information (Sep. 29 -Oct. 22)

Lesson 6 Family and Relationship

Lesson 7 Family Information

Lesson 8 Time & Daily Routine

Lesson 9 Transportation

Lesson 10: Colors and Clothing

Mandarin Level 1 Vocabulary Book

Mandarin Level 1 Dialogue Book

Skit Lesson 9



Time and Daily Routine


Family Tree:

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